25 Days Of Giveaways From Bricks To Life & Disney Dan!

It’s Time To Win Some Cool Stuff!

For those of you who don’t know, The Disney Dan Youtube channel is another one of our projects that we keep running along side Bricks To Life. So this year for our crazy big giveaway we thought we would combine the best of both worlds.

Over the next 25 days you will see prizes that cover the full spectrum of LEGO & Disney swag. All sorts of cool things will be given away including games, toys, artwork, Dimensions Packs, and much, much more!

Check our full list of prizes and our SUPER AWESOME 25 day advent calendar featuring our favorite Disney LEGO minifigures are place holders for each of the 25 great prizes!



If you won, feel free to give us a shout on our Contact page with your info or hang tight and we will be emailing you in a few days for your info! 

The Winners For 25 Days Of Giveaways 2017 are:

Prize Day Winner From


Kelsey Ciemny Medina, NY


David Eble Oklahoma City, OK


Caleb Fankhauser Denver, CO


John Earl Smith Hummelstown, PA


Cale Goodwin Saint Paul, MN


Ty Seline Saint Paul, MN


Eva Dorman Bryan, TX


Sebastien H. Pella, IA


Josiah Skiles Silver Spring, MD


Hannah Butt Dunedin, OTA, New Zeland


Jeremy Rowland McKinney, TX


Andrew Benedict New Hartford, NY


Nick Barrett Elk River, MN


Eduardo Tena Mexico City, CMX, Mexico


Edwin Eichelberger Ottawa, IL


Sherry Caywood Burlingame, CA


Lisa Jorgensen Petersen Salt Lake City, UT


William Coles Lake Zurich, IL


Aaron Wester Seattle, WA


Jessica Gorman Sutton, MA


Shane Clester Jacksonville, FL


Benjamin D. Concord, MA


Don Muller Fishkill, NY


Johnny Archibold Denver, CO


Corey Leigh Wilmington, DE
26 (Bonus) Krissy Belden Titusville, FL

How To Enter!

Using our specialize Giveaway tool from Gleam! You can enter using any number of your social media accounts!

Check back DAILY for more ways to enter! Scroll down to check out a list of all the awesome prizes!

Bricks To Life & Disney Dan’s 25 Days Of Giveaways!

The 25 Days Of Giveaways Prizes!

Here’s our very cool LEGO & Disney Advent Calendar! Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram to keep up to date with all the prizes!

Hidden behind each of the 25 characters is an awesome prize! Make sure you check back every day and click each character to reveal the latest prize!

  • Day 1 – Beauty & The Beast Brick Headz!
    • day-1-25-days
  • Day 2 – Green Arrow & Mystery Dimensions Pack!
    • day-2-25-days-of-giveaways
  • Day 3 – Disney Crossy Road Prize Machine
    • day-3-25-days
  • Day 4 – Green Arrow & Mystery Pack
    • day-4-25-days
  • Day 5 – Kingdom Hearts Tron Funko 3 Pack
    • day-5-25-days
  • Day 6 – Copy Of LEGO Worlds (choice of console) From JayShockBlast
    • day-6-25-days
  • Day 7 – The Joker Balloon Escape Set
    • day-7-25-days
  • Day 8 – Zelda Breath Of The Wild Bundle (Thanks To Yesterworld!)
    • day-8-25-days
  • Day 9 – Ninjago Movie Jelly Sub Set
    • day-9-25-days
  • Day 10 – Collectible $10 Disney Dollars From TPM Vids
    • day-10-25-days
  • Day 11 – The Art Of The Last Jedi Book From RobPlays
    • day-11-25-days
  • Day 12 – Defunctland Season 1 T-Shirt From Defunctland
    • day-12-25-days
  • Day 13 – LEGO Burger Christmas Ornament From Chris McVeigh
    • day-13-25-days
  • Day 14 – D23 Animation Panel Exclusive Coco Poster!
    • day-14-25-days
  • Day 15 – The Last Jedi LEGO Resistance Pod Set Thanks to Inside LEGO Podcast
    • day-15-25-days
  • Day 16 – LEGO Batman Movie Bane Set from Talk Bricks!
    • day-16-25-days
  • Day 17 – LEGO Ninjago Movie Ice Tank Mech From JayShockBlast
    • day-17-25-days
  • Day 18 – Star Wars Holiday Special DVD Bundle (Thanks To Yesterworld!)
    • day-18-25-days
  • Day 19 – LEGO Batman Movie Riddler Racer Set
    • day-19-25-days
  • Day 20 – Disney Park Poster Art Book From RobPlays
    • day-20-25-days
  • Day 21 – LEGO Batman Movie Joker Lowrider Set from Talk Bricks!
    • day-21-25-days
  • Day 22 – LEGO Ninjago Movie Fire Mech From JayShockBlast
    • day-22-25-days
  • Day 23 – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 From PackAttack04082!
    • day-23-25-days
  • Day 24 – LEGOland Park Ticket! (Single Day – Any LEGOland of Choice!)
    • day-24-25-days
  • Day 25 – Disney Park Ticket! (Single Day – Any park of choice!)
    • day-25-25-days

Note: The character shown on the calendar doesn’t represent the prize hidden behind the door. 

The 25 Winners!

Check back here on January 1st for a full list of all 25 winners!

The Rules

  1. Must be 13 or older to enter or have parent’s consent.
  2. Contest is opened world wide! Feel free to enter from where ever you are!
  3. Entering under duplicate or dummy “giveaway” social media account may disqualify your entry.
  4. Contest ends at 11:59 PM EST on December 31st. 2017
  5. Winners will be drawn on Jan 1st, 2018 and posted on BricksToLife.com
  6. Winners will have one week to contact us with their shipping address and information or they may forfeit their prize.
  7. Physical prizes may take up to 4 weeks to ship, unless otherwise noted.
  8. Dimensions Packs, LEGO sets, or figures MAY be unboxed / missing original packaging. All packs will all ship complete, safe and playable.
  9. Prizes with a value of over $50 will include tracking and insurance.
  10. Entering the contest with your email address will also subscribe you to periodic emails about our giveaways and best deals.


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Written by: Daniel Becker

Daniel is the owner of BricksToLife.com & ThemeParkTube.com - He's also a full time dad and husband. You can also find him on YouTube as Disney Dan!