LEGO DC Super Villains Walkthrough! Level Guides, Secrets & More!

The world needs saving and our only hope is… BAD GUYS? LEGO DC Super Villains puts you in control of your own custom villainous anti-hero as you team up with Earth’s mightiest bad guys to take down an even larger threat!

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LEGO DC Super Villains Walkthrough

Below you will find guides to every level in LEGO DC Super Villains, with helpful hints on thing like boss fights. Each guide will also provide you with a full list of collectibles including:

  • True Villain Stud Collection
  • Minikit Locations (5 Per Level)
  • Graffiti Spray Can Location
  • Character Unlocks
  • Red Brick Location

Level Guides

Bonus Level Guides

Unlock this alternate story after you complete the main one.

DLC Level Packs

Guides for the DLC Level Packs Coming Soon! 

LEGO DC Super Villains Walkthrough Guide Code Secret Unlock

LEGO DC Super Villains Season Pass

The LEGO DC Super Villain Season Pass will help bring some of your favorite DC films and TV shows into the game with six different level packs and four different character packs. The level packs will slowly be released over several months, while some of the character packs are available immediately with select pre-order bonuses.

Season Pass Character Pack DLC

Season Pass Level Pack DLC

LEGO DC Super Villains Walkthrough Guide Code Secret Unlock

Character & Vehicle Unlock Guide

LEGO DC Super Villains is PACKED with hundreds of playable characters, vehicles and more! To unlock them all you’re probably going to need help!

Character Cheat Code Guide

Head over to Amusement Mile and enter these codes into the giant Joker face!

Character Unlock Guide

A full list of the playable characters in the game! (Details on how to unlock them all coming very soon!)

Vehicle Unlock Guide

Unlock tons of great vehicles by racing against the clock around the hub!

DLC Character Packs

DLC Level Packs

Achievement / Trophy List

Check out our full list of the game’s achievements and trophies to help you work towards Platinum!

lego dc super villains

Secret Codes & Red Brick Guides

Unlock Codes

Every LEGO game has a handful of secret codes you can use to unlock various characters, bonus studs, and gameplay modes. Click below to check out all the secret codes for LEGO DC Super Villains!

LEGO DC Super Villains Secret Codes

Red Bricks

Each level contains a Red Brick you can find and then purchase, unlocking a special ability or game mode. Click below for the full list of Red Bricks and where to find them!

LEGO DC Super Villain Red Brick Guide

lego dc super villains walkthrough

Hub Location Guides

lego dc super villains walkthrough

Hub Challenges

As you adventure around the Hub you will encounter special challenges with hidden rewards. These challenges are tough to spot and keep track of, so use our handy guides to help you 100% the game!

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