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Note: You’ll have a much easier time navigating this hub area if you activate the Johnny DC Map Point first.  Activating this point will show you the locations of all of the immediately available gold bricks, character quests, boss fights, and races!

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Apokolips.  Home to a new world order, one of New Gods and Old Men.  The sister planet to New Genesis, this lava-encrusted battleground is ruled by Darkseid, and is home to the New Gods.  Dastardly dangerous foes such as the genetically-modified killing machine Doomsday, the stealthy Bronze Tiger, and the adventurous and slick space bounty hunter Lobo.  Thankfully, the new gods are here to help!  Big Barda, Mister Miracle, and Orion will help protect Apokolips from the throes of danger that may pose a threat.  This guide will show you how to unlock these characters, along with the 17 Gold Bricks and 3 Vehicle Tokens protected deep within the lava-filled craters of this warzone.

Apokolips Map



Gold Bricks (17)


1. Horticulture Horrors

Requirement: Already available.



First, blow up the silver LEGO pieces on the three flowers around the area.  Then, illuminate the darkened area and blow up the silver statue inside.  Build the pieces into a boomerang pad, and then use it to hit the flower in its weak spot and get your gold brick.


2. Steppenwolf’s Dirty Lava Laundry

Requirement: Already available.



In order to complete this gold brick, you’re going to need to step on the red button whenever the white light and the green light are aligned as shown in the picture.  This will happen five times, and will progressively get harder each time.  If you mess up three times, you’ll have to start.  I would advise using a character with Super Speed to decrease the time to step on the button, making your reactions more precise.


3. Quick Time Event

Requirement: Already available.



Pull the lever in the room.  You’ll have to race over to where the gold brick is in five seconds.  In order to do this, you’ll have to use a speedster to grab the gold brick in the short period of time.


4. Bust Bust

Requirement: Already available.




First, destroy the red tube and build the pieces into a lantern pad.  Then, use a lantern construct character to create a hammer and chip away at the face to complete the first step.  Then, melt the gold pieces on the face to complete the second step.  Finally, grow the plants on both sides of Granny Goodness’ face to create her hair and unlock the gold brick.


5. Fatherbox Fussing

Requirement: Already available.



First, blow up the four silver LEGO pieces on the front of the fatherbox.  Build the resulting pieces into a technology panel.  Use the panel and play the electricity puzzle inside.  You’ll need to switch the +/- bar so that it is always opposite to whatever sign is on its line.  This will open a charging unit, which you can now charge up to power up the fatherbox and collect your gold brick.


6. Lasers and ‘Lectrics

Requirement: Already available.




First, power up the charging unit on the steps near the coliseum to charge up the laser.  Then, use the boomerang pad to rotate the crystal so that it’s reflecting the laser into the brazier, where the wood inside will ignite and explode, revealing a gold brick.


7. Heated Hallway

Requirement: Already available.

LEGO DC Super Villains Heated Hallway 7-heated-hallway-2

7-heated-hallway-3 7-heated-hallway-4


First, charge up the charging unit by the lava pool to reveal access to the vent, where you will spray your fear toxin.  Then, swing on the acrobat poles to open up the Parademon hallway lair, where you will find your first toxin piece.  Your second piece will be found in the other hallway opposite to the Parademon lair, and the third will be found near one of the staircases.  Mix up your toxin and spray it into the vent to open up the other door and access your gold brick!


8. Krypto-Might Need Some Help

Requirement: Already available.



First, crack open the roof and hop down inside.  Pull open the wall locking totally-not-Jimmy-Olsen inside his prison.  Wait for him to disable the green lasers, then destroy the glass wall with a sonar character.  Once you get into the teleporter room, he’ll hack the computer and hop into the teleporter. Pull one of the switches to teleport him to Earth.  It doesn’t matter which one you switch, each will still teleport him to Earth and get you your gold brick.

Note: If you head back to Metropolis, you’ll find fake Jimmy Olsen near the elevator at the bottom of the Daily Planet building!


9. Cryptic Calculator

Requirement: Already available.



This gold brick is very confusing, as you’ll have to do some tricky computations to figure out the answers to three math problems on a calculator.  Luckily, we’ve done the math for you!  First, you’ll need a technology character to solve the problems.  Press the respective button for each answer and then press the red enter button to give your answer.  The answer to the first problem is the bomb button, the answer to the second problem is the weird uppercase Ξ (xi) symbol, and the answer to the third problem is the bomb button again.


10. In the Darkness

Requirement: Already available.



Illuminate the darkened area to reveal the gold brick.


11. It Didn’t Come From Krypton

Requirement: Already available.



Note: when I say “block 2,” “block 3,” etc. in the solution below, I am referencing the blocks labeled 2 and 3 in the picture above.

Activate the X-Ray puzzle.  First, move block 2 to disable the first lock.  Then, pull blocks 1 & 4 to disable the second lock.  Then, move blocks 2, 3, and 4 to disable the third lock.  Finally, move blocks 1 and 4 to disable the fourth and final lock.  This will open up the containment chamber, revealing Doomsday, who will super jump away, dropping your gold brick.


12. Superman Sluggers

Requirement: Already available.



Hit the Superman dummy as many times as you can in the time limit.  Hit him enough times to get your gold brick.  Characters with faster attacks like Reverse Flash can be useful for this challenge.


13. How I Met Your Parademon Mother

Requirement: Already available.



First, use detective mode and grapple to pull down the hidden statue.  Go through the resulting vent.  Blow up the silver chains on the valves. Then, spin the red valve once, the yellow valve three times, and then use an invincibility character like Superman to spin the purple valve three times.


14. Hot, Hot, Hot Tub!

Requirement: Already available.




First, rotate the hot tub using the lever on top.  Then, go to the drone access vent and use Joker’s drone.  You’re going to have to find the right vent out of the three vents that DOESN’T drop you right into the lava.  Head to the end of the bridge in the hot tub and blow up the parademon there.  Head back to the top of the hot tub, rotate the bridge again, and repeat.  On the final parademon, he’ll drop you your gold brick on the bridge.


15. Fire and Fury

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #6 “Lasers and ‘Lectrics”



Shoot down 25 Parademons in one minute to achieve this gold brick.


16. #PhotoBrag

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #7 “Heated Hallway”




First, ride the speed force treadmill top power up the like-o-meter.  Then, build the pieces from the box the lady throws at you into a fuse box.  Overriding the fuse box with a character like Clayface will power up the green screen.  Take a picture of the lady.  Then, build the exercise equipment from the piles of pieces on the ground and take a picture of the lady on the exercising equipment.  Finally, find and mind control two parademons from around the area and bring them into the area with the lady so you can take a picture of all three to power up the like-o-meter and get your gold brick.


17. Matrimony and Magma

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #16 “#PhotoBrag”



First, use a telekinesis character to move the two platforms on the lava.  Then, look over to the right from the platform and destroy the plant/rock the goon is hanging on.  Then, navigate throughout the platforms with a character that has goon command and acrobats like Riddler, and recruit the four goons.  Once the four goons are on the platform, press B/Circle to turn them into a trampoline.  Wait for them to boost up the lady so she can unlock the chest for your gold brick.


Character Tokens (6)


1. Stompa Stomper (Bronze Tiger)

Requirement: Already available.



Speak to the five parademons around Apokolips marked on the map/radar by the yellow minifigure icon.  Return to Bronze Tiger and give him two pieces of info.  Tell him “Stompa shakes the ground. Who knew?” and “Stompa seems to use special anti-matter boots” to finish the quest.


2. Baddie Issues (Orion)

Requirement: Already available.



Follow Orion around and defeat the hordes of parademons and female furies.  Some of the enemies will have gold chest pieces that you will need to destroy with a heat laser in order to defeat them.


3. Fury-Ous Fisticuffs (Big Barda)

Requirement: Already available.



Defeat all 20 of Barda’s Protofuries to complete the quest.  You can do this very quickly if you use a character with super speed and mash the jump button to dash attack and defeat multiple enemies in the span of a few seconds.


4. Relationship Repair (Mister Miracle)

Requirement: Already available.



Follow Mister Miracle to the orphanage, then use a character with Detective Vision and Boomerang like Nightwing to open up the door.  Destroy the objects inside to collect three items (a rubber chicken, a photo, and a teddy bear) to complete the quest.


5. Doomsday Disagreement (Doomsday)

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #15 “Fire and Fury”



Boss fight time!  Just like the other two big-fig boss fights, it’s useful to use another fellow big-fig in this fight, especially one with a ranged attack like Monsieur Mallah or Frankenstein.  Doomsday has the standard boss fight attacks, such as a jump attack, charge attack, and slam attack, so make sure to roll or jump out of the way and attack immediately after he’s attacked.


6. Over-Throne (Lobo)

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #9 “Cryptic Calculator”



Enter Darkseid’s Throne Room with Lobo.  Fight the enemies there, and once you get up to the throne, take 3 pictures of Lobo on the throne to complete the quest.


Vehicle Tokens (3)


1. Springboard Palace Showdown (Darkseid’s Hover Destroyer)

Requirement: Already available.



This race is a parkour foot race around Darkseid’s palace.  Use a character that has acrobatics as to allow more maneuverability through the course.  Alternatively, you can just use a flying character and carefully fly through the entire course.


2. Pretty Bad Racer (Lobo’s Space Hog)

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #9 “Cryptic Calculator”



It can be “pretty hard” to get to the end of this course without dying near the end.  As you get near the finish line at the island Mister Miracle spawns on, it can be very easy to fall into the lava.  However, if you are falling into the lava, DO NOT JUMP OFF.  You will simply respawn right before the boost ramp on your vehicle, where you can try again.


3. Tour De Apokolips (Steppenwolf’s Hover Bike)

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #14 “Hot, Hot, Hot Tub!”



This race is a simple flying race throughout Apokolips.  In some sections you’ll have to fly close to solid areas, so make sure you don’t get so low to the ground your flying deactivates.


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