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Note: You’ll have a much easier time navigating this hub area if you activate the Johnny DC Map Point first.  Activating this point will show you the locations of all of the immediately available gold bricks, character quests, boss fights, and races!

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Arkham Forest is a dark, secluded woody section of Gotham City hidden away in the shadows.  What exists here is one of the deadliest places on the entire planet – Arkham Asylum.  This asylum is home to sixty of the planet’s most dangerous and evil individuals.  From the higher-ups of Two-Face and the Riddler to the lowlifes of Condiment King and Calendar Man, this medical facility is not a place you want to mess with.  Unfortunately, it also happens to be the least secure building in the entire world.  Many a patient such as Mr. Freeze, Eclipso, Silver Banshee, and Bizarro have escaped into the shaded branches of the forest.  Luckily, heroes such as Frankenstein and Green Arrow have leaped to the fray to protect the forest and the city just outside.  This guide will show you how to unlock those characters, along with the 9 Gold Bricks and 3 Vehicle Tokens in the area.

Arkham Forest Map



Gold Bricks (9)


1. Mansion Mystery

Requirement: Already available.




Blow up the wall with a graffiti character.  Then, use Detective Mode to point you to the roof.  Head to the roof and use Detective Mode again to point you to another part of the roof.  Then, use Detective Mode there and return to the flower bed.  Use the tracking spot there to locate the gold brick.


2. It’s Awake!

Requirement: Already available.



Head to the attic and charge up the charging unit up there.  Then, spin the valve next to the charging unit.  Head back to the bottom of the windmill, where you will find three switches.  Pull the first lever once, the second lever twice, and the third lever once.  What you want is for the picture on each lever to match its respective picture as the scribbles on the chalkboard.  The first lever should display a face, the second a bomb, and the third a skull and crossbones.


3. Who Guards the Guards

Requirement: Already available.

Arkham Forest Who Guards the Guards Arkham Forest Who Guards the Guards

Arkham Forest Who Guards the Guards Arkham Forest Who Guards the Guards

Arkham Forest Who Guards the Guards Arkham Forest Who Guards the Guards


First, destroy the green lump of bricks on the bottom floor and build it into a laser deflector pad.  Then, use chlorokinesis Joystick Left to open up the prison cell.  This will now allow the laser to pass through.  Use the laser deflector pad and aim the laser towards the laser receptor near the main computer.

Go back to the chlorokinesis spot and select the Joystick Right option to break upon the upper cage pop off the switch.  Use telekinesis to put the switch on the wall and then use chlorokinesis Joystick Left again to open the cell up on the upper floor.  Go inside the cell and use the charging unit inside to activate the second power cable.  This will also open up one of the prison cells on the bottom floor, releasing two goons.

For the third cable, recruit the two freshly released goons.  Use them to break open the cell to the right of the main computer and then use the speed force treadmill inside to build the power source that will activate the third cable.

For the fourth cable, jump on the bar switch on the cell to the right of the locked guard to open up the cell.  Use telekinesis on the balloon inside to generate some static electricity that will power up the fourth cable.

After powering up all four cables, head down to the main computer and use a technology character to open up the gate locking the guard.  Press button 1 first, then button 2, then button 3, then button 4, and then end with button 1 again to free the guard and get your gold brick.


4. Arkham Breakout #1098138

Requirement: Already available.



Use a character with mind control to guide the prisoner along the deadly rooftop of Arkham Asylum.  Along the way you’ll encounter guards and soldiers that you’ll need to fight as the main characters.  You’ll have to fight two sets of enemies, and then you can escape off the rooftop through a zip line.  After doing so, watch a short cutscene and then retrieve your gold brick.


5. Arkham Assets

Requirement: Already available.



Trigger the three spin switches with a boomerang character to unlock the gold brick chest.  Two are located in the pavilion where the gold brick is, and the third is located outside as shown in the picture.  Triggering all three switches will open up the chest, allowing access to your gold brick.


6. Big Jump Breakout

Requirement: Already available.



First fuel up the bike with the charging unit.  Then, use a telekinesis character and put the two wheels on the bike. Afterwards, destroy the crate near the ramp and build the resulting pieces onto the ramp.  After doing so, your character will automatically drive up the ramp and collect your gold brick!


7. A Grave Mistake

Requirement: Already available.



Use a character with mind control to help the ghost travel around the tombstones.  Step on the buttons on the ground to move the tombstones and help get access to her body.  After navigating through the maze, she’ll toss you your gold brick.


8. Cleaning Out the Sewers

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #1 “Mansion Mystery”



Destroy the log shown in the picture and build the boomerang pad with the resulting pieces.  Use both the left and right boomerang bumpers to increase the water level in the sewers.  After using both bumpers, the gold brick will float out of the sewers where you can collect it.


9. Handsome Feller

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #6 “Big Jump Breakout”



Melt the gold chain connected to the tree branch with a heat laser character.  Then, build the resulting pieces into a latern construct pad.  Use the pad to make an axe that will cut down the tree, where you will find your gold brick inside.


Character File Quests (6)


1. Hitting the Mark (Green Arrow)

Requirement: Already available.



Hop on the machine bow and shoot the white targets.  Hitting red targets will decrease your score, so be careful!  Getting 300 points will complete the quest.


2. Mr. Defrosty (Mr. Freeze)

Requirement: Already available.



Follow Mr. Freeze to the cave, then use a technology character and activate the panel to access the cave.  Then, charge up the charging unit inside the thaw the Talon assassins and complete the quest.


3. Diamonds Aren’t Forever (Eclipso)

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #2 “It’s Awake!”



First, destroy the boulder next to the laser deflector pad and build the resulting pieces into a laser receptor on Eclipso’s cage.  Then, charge up the charging unit next to the laser to power it on.  Use the laser deflector pad to deflect the laser into the Eclipso’s cage to break it open and complete the quest.


4. Frankenstein Fisticuffs (Frankenstein)

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #2 “It’s Awake!”



Boss Fight time!  Frankenstein is a big fig, so I would suggest using another big fig to fight him to make movement and combat easier.  He has the standard bigfig combat set (the same as Killer Croc and Doomsday), so just avoid his attacks and attack him immediately after he attacks or when he’s stunned.`


5. Lost Lore (Silver Banshee)

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #7 “A Grave Mistake”




This quest is a standard information quest.  You’ll need to visit the five spots on the map/radar indicated by a yellow & black minifigure mark and talk to the NPCs there to seek information about the location of Silver Banshee’s book.  Upon returning to her, give her the information she seeks (“There is an unreadable book by a tree”) and follow her to the location to finish the quest.


6. Do Blame It On the Sunshine (Bizarro)

Requirement: This character quest requires multiple gold bricks and character quests throughout the entire open world.  You’ll need to complete Gold Brick #2 “Octangent” in Smallville and Character File Quest #1 “Humpty Doomty” in The Swamp.  Completing all three of these gold bricks/quests will make this quest available to you.



As you can see in the note above, the unlock requirement for this quest is quite advanced.  You’ll have to complete a few various gold bricks and character quests scattered around the open world.  Note that this list of requirements is not completely confirmed.

This quest is a simple fetch quest.  You’ll have to go all around the entire open world, into the areas of Central Gotham, Smallville, Ace Chemicals, Amusement Mile, Metropolis, Arkham, and Wayne Island to find ten different tubes of sunscreen.  You can use the map/radar to find them or just simply follow the objective marker to each successive spot.  After finding all ten tubes, return to Bizarro to finish the quest.


Vehicle Tokens (3)


1. Riding Out of the Dark (Harley Quinn’s Bike)

Requirement: Requires Character File Quest #2 “Mr. Defrosty”



This is a simple driving race that takes you through Arkham and into Metropolis.  There are some tight corners to watch out for, and areas that you can easily clip that will halt your movement.


2. Gliding Through the Forest (The Riddler’s Dragster)

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #4 “Arkham Breakout #1098138”



This is one of the easier gliding races in the game.  Be aware though that the very last goal post is right near the ground so your character can disable their glide.  Make sure to have a flying character on hand that you can quickly swap to to finish out the quest.


3. Driving to the Theme Park (Catwoman’s Bike)

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #6 “Big Jump Breakout”



This race is just like the first one in Arkham, except now you’re driving from Arkham Asylum all the way to Amusement Mile.  Watch out for tricky corners you can clip, and boost whenever you can!


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