Attilan Completion Guide – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

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Note: We highly recommend you take a minute before exploring this hub area and activate the Map Console! You can find it on the map screen (should be one of the only icons that appears on the map in the area, will appear as a small computer icon).

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Attilan Character Unlocks

You can unlock additional characters in this hub world by completing Boss Battles, Puzzles, Races & Missions as listed below. Here is a quick recap of all the characters you can unlock here, scroll down for more details!

  • Boss Battle
  • Puzzles
  • Missions
    • Falcon – Training Wings
    • Karnak – Oh, The Inhumanity
  • Races
    • Vulture – Free Fall Race
    • ? – Aerial Race
    • ? – Motorcycle Race

Attilan Boss Battle

Some of the many hub areas in Chronopolis feature a secret boss battle! To unlock the hidden boss, complete all the quests, races, puzzles, ect! Boss Battles will appear as a BOOM! icon on your map.


Attilan Missions

Quests will appear on your map screen as small text bubble icons. Some missions may appear as locked icons, these are missions that require you to complete other missions in the hub area, or elsewhere in Chronopolis to unlock.

Training Wings

  • Unlocks: Falcon (250,000)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Training Wings

Falcon needs your help with training.  Change into a flying character then chase Falcon around the sky.  Fight him three times in the air and he will admit defeat and unlock his character.

Oh, The Inhumanity

  • Unlocks: Karnak (150,000)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Oh The Inhumanity

Karnak needs help stopping an evil In-Human.  Find and talk to five characters in Attilan then report back to Karnak.  Follow Karnak to tower where you will meet “the Transformer” with the ability to turn into inanimate objects.  Chase the transformer around town and determine which object is him.  He will wiggle and give himself away.  After the third game of hide and seek, you will have a brief fight.  Defeating the Transformer will unlock Karnak.

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Attilan Puzzles

Puzzles will appear on your map as green puzzle pieces. These puzzles require a whole host of abilities or characters to solve, and usually unlock Gold Bricks! Here is a recap of this area’s puzzles:


  • Unlocks: Gold Brick

LEGO Marvel super Heroes 2 - Attilan - Ricochet

Find the puzzle on the map and locate a solid gold panel with an outline of a brick.  Use Iron Man to melt the gold to reveal a shield rebound point for Captain America.  On the other side of the courtyard, there is a large drum shaped object.  Use Doctor Strange to move the drum.  The drum will break and you can place the pieces in the outline on the wall (shown completed above). Once the wall panel is fully assembled, throw Captain America’s shield at the shield switch.  This will unlock the left half of the crate with the gold brick.  Familiarize yourself with the area because the next portion is timed. First, locate the Captain America shield rebound pad. Look around to find all of the rebound points.  Go around the corner and find the machine with the red button.  Pressing the button will open a set of panels on the opposite wall and start a twenty second timer.  Race back to the Shield Rebound pad and line up your shot.  The shield will ricochet until it hits a switch behind the open panels.  This will open the crate releasing the gold brick.

All Charged up

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - All Charged Up

There is a charging station next to a glowing machine.  Charge up the station using Thor to activate a button nearby.  Push the button to activate a cleaning machine.  The machine will break the initial charging station and drop pieces for a new charging station. Assemble the pieces then charge the station again. Press the button again and the machine will move across the charging station pad.  A new machine will activate on the other side of the platform.  Use Iron Man to melt the gold grid covering the charging station.  After the charging station rises from the ground, use Doctor Strange to move it to the original charging station position. Charge it one last time then press the button.  The cleaning machine will activate again and destroy the glowing machine to reveal the Gold Brick.

Laser Tag

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Laser Tag

Locate a large dome near a Rune Pad for Doctor Strange. When Doctor Strange Draws the Rune, the dome will disappear to reveal six statues. Use Black Bolt to destroy the glowing statue and assemble the pieces to form half of the floor panel.  Approach the sign on the other side of the platform and destroy it to create the other half of the floor panel which is actually a shield pad. Stand on it with a shield wielding character and deflect the lasers into the two distant ports to activate the crate and release the gold brick.

Grid Locked

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Grid Locked

On the lower level of Attilan, there are several large cubbies covered with a glowing mesh grid.  Use Black Panther on a tracking clue in the middle section.  Follow the clues around to the right to reveal a panel that requires Lockjaw.  Teleport behind one of the grids then use a strong character to open the box.  Assemble another teleport pad to get behind the next grid. Once again, use Black Panther to follow a path to another teleport pad.  Use Thor to teleport behind the final grid for the gold brick.

Tower of Power

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Tower Of Power

Head to the center tower of Attilan and find the ladders on either side of the tower. Near the base of the ladder on the right side of the tower is a grapple point.  Pull it open with a grappling character then play the mini game as Miss Marvel.  This will deactivate the shield on the right side of the tower.  Climb the ladder then smash the wall which reveals a lever to deactivate the shield on the left side of the tower. Climb the ladder on the left side of the tower then follow the pipes to a lever to deactivate the remaining electricity.  Drop down to grab the gold brick.

The Fire Down Below

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Fire Down Below

Locate a couple fires on the lower level of Attilan and douse them with Captain America’s shield.  Assemble the pieces into a machine that reveals a mini game for Iron Man.  Complete the mini game to claim the gold brick.

Invisibility Quest

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Invisiblity Quest

Use Black Widow (unlocked via a mission in Sakaar) to turn invisible and disarm the security cameras.  Before you start, look around the area to figure out where the four activation points are for the crate containing the gold Brick.  When you deactivate the camera, a timer will start and you will have a limited time to activate all four points to open the crate.  Use the poles (shown above) to activated two of the points by jumping to the top pole. The other two are activation points are pressure plates on the top of platforms near the crate.

Attilan Races

Races will appear on your map as a checkered flag icon. Some races require specific vehicles or abilities (like flight or web swing). Here is a full recap of this hubs races:

Free Falling

  • Unlocks: Vulture (150,000)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Free Falling Race

Jump off the edge of Attilan and free fall through the checkpoints.

Motorcycle Race

  • Unlocks: ?

Aerial Race

  • Unlocks: ?

Attilan Stan Lee Rescue

Stan Lee is in trouble and he needs your help! Find him on the map by locating the Stan Lee icon. You can typically hear him crying out for help when you are close by! Here’s how to save Stan in this Chronopolis Hub area:

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Attilan Stan Lee Rescue

Stan Lee is trapped behind a laser grid on the lower level of Attilan.  Use Iron man to destroy an object on the left side then build a new machine. Activate the mini game then hold up on the left stick to overheat the pipes. Destroy the silver pipes that are revealed to open the left side of the lock.  There is another object to destroy as Iron Man on the right side of the puzzle. Destroy the object then assemble the pieces to form a new machine.  This time, hold the stick down to freeze the pipes, unlocking the right side to release Stan Lee.

Attilan Challenge Items

Chronopolis is packed with fun challenges that allow you to unlock vehicles. These challenges can be very difficult to complete! Here’s a list of all the Challenge items we’ve found in this Chronopolis hub:

  • Billboard: On the upper level on the side closest to Kang’s Citadel.
  • People’s Hero: Defeat four goons on the lower level.
  • Stunt Hunt: On the Edge of Attilan near the start of the Karnak mission.
  • Tiddles: On the main level between two tall towers.
  • Vistas Not To Be Missed: On the Edge of Attilan near the start of the Karnak mission.
  • Gold Brick Statue – Spend some gold bricks to build a statue of the InhumansLEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Attilan Inhumans Statue

Secrets & Easter Eggs

  • Coming soon!

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