Breaking Baddies Challenge – LEGO The Incredibles

LEGO The Incredibles features many fun challenges for you to complete as you explore Municiberg. Once you complete each  challenge you will be given a Gold Brick and a special reward!


Breaking Baddies

Crime is running rampant in Municiberg and the Incredibles must stop it.  The challenge is to stop ten gangs throughout the city.  There are far more than ten in the game though.

The gangs will keep appearing even after you have completed the challenge. At least in the switch version of the game, you could defeat the same gang multiple times and it would still count towards the challenge total.  Another thing to note is the gang appearances are affected by the day / night cycle as well as some randomness.  With that in mind, we will forgo the usual location guild in favor of a strategy.


When traveling around the city, keep an eye on your map insert.  If you see three dots, you are close to one of the gangs and should go investigate.


Note: If you see one dot, that indicates a “Caught In The Act” robbery in progress.  You should probably stop that too!

Challenge Unlock:  Dehydra


Video Walkthrough:



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Written by: Paul Haan

Paul has been a self taught software engineer for almost 20 years. He started playing video games in the early 1980s on an Atari 800 and has had many gaming systems since. Creative games such as Disney Infinity and LEGO Worlds are among his favorites. Happily married since 1998, Paul and his wife are raising three wonderful, creative, young gamers.