Downtown District Guide – LEGO The Incredibles

LEGO The Incredibles features ten districts full of secrets and challenges as you explore Municiberg and New Urbem. Your exploration will be rewarded with Gold Bricks, Incredibricks and special builds.  To get all of the Gold Bricks, you will need to explore extensively, race quickly and fight crime all over the city.


Gold Bricks: 7x

Gold Brick #1:

On the roof of the prison.

LEGO The Incredibles - Downtown - Prison Roof

Gold Brick #2:

On the roof of a large building in front of two decorative doors.

LEGO The Incredibles - Downtown - Fancy Double Doors

Gold Brick #3:

Shoot the four targets under the letters G O L D on the side of a building.

LEGO The Incredibles - Downtown - Gold Letters

Gold Brick #4:

On the ledge of the building next to the M Media building.

LEGO The Incredibles - Downtown - Roof Ledge

Gold Brick #5:

On a balcony on the top floor of New Urbem Hospital.


Gold Brick #6:

Fly to the roof of the Clothes building. Step on the button to open the grate to release the Gold Brick.

LEGO The Incredibles - Downtown - Rooftop Trap

Gold Brick #7:

Go to the Ambulance bay at New Urbem Hospital and open the back of the truck using a character with super strength.  Assemble the pieces into an electricity portal.  Charge the portal to open the garage door to claim the Gold Brick.

LEGO The Incredibles - Downtown - Ambulance Bay

Races: 2x

Complete races in the air, on the ground and even underwater to earn Gold Bricks in each district.  Some races are a lot harder than others.

Ground Race:

The ground race starts next to the Clothes store directly across from the Tt Incredibuild.

LEGO The Incredibles - Downtown - Ground Race

Flying Race:

The flying race starts on the roof of New Urbem Hospital.

LEGO The Incredibles - Downtown - Flying Race

District Challenge

Each district has a specific challenge to earn a Gold Brick and a unlock a new playable character.

Crime Wave: 2x

Completing the Crime Wave in each districts will reward you with several gold bricks and a new playable character.

Family Builds:

Each district has a lot of Incredibricks so you can complete the Family Builds and the Pixar Family Builds. All districts contain at least one Pixar Family build but they do not all contain a regular Family Build.


Family Builds:

Pixar Family Build:

Video Guide

For the videos of the rest of the challenges, head over to the Open World Challenges Playlist on our YouTube channel.


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