Everyone’s Hero Challenge – LEGO The Incredibles

LEGO The Incredibles features many fun challenges for you to complete as you explore Municiberg and New Urbem. Once you complete each challenge you will be given a Gold Brick and a special reward!


Everyone’s Hero

There are citizens in trouble all over the city.  All of them are stuck under large items like cars, vending machines or boats.  Destroy ten objects trapping the citizens to complete the challenge. There are more than ten that need your help but the challenge is complete after the first ten.  This challenge is also affected by the day/night cycle so keep your eyes peeled.

Outer Municiberg

By the entrance to Camp Hero.


Directly across the street from the new Parr home


Near the red barn on the north side of the district.


Financial District

In an alley along with Payment Declined and Breaking Baddies challenges.


Residential District

There are at least in this district.  The first is in the front yard of a house on the northern most street in the district.


The second is on the roof of the Building just south of Edna Mode’s estate.


Industrial District

In the north east corner of the district there is a purple car across the street from the Screenslaver Denied monitors.


Tourist District

The first is in the alley behind the hotel with the pool.


Another is located against the north end of the stadium with a citizen stuck under a fallen vending machine (not present at time of screen shot).


Urbem Heights

Did you find one we haven’t?  Let us know!


Did you find one we haven’t?  Let us know!

City Park

Someone is stuck under a car…on the beach.


Just north of the park on the border of the Waterfront and Downtown districts.



A sailor is trapped under his boat between several shipping crates.



A citizen is trapped under a vending machine along the waterfront.


A purple car has a citizen pinned in a fenced in area across the street from the Clothing store.


Another vending machine has fallen on a citizen near the large boat ramp.


Challenge Unlock:  Thunderhead


Video Walkthrough:



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Written by: Paul Haan

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