Fight At The Museum – LEGO DC Super Villains Walkthrough Level 8

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Story & Location 



The villains head to the museum to resurrect an old powerful god.

Boss Encounter

Here’s a quick recap of the Boss encounters you faced during this level:


lego dc super villains walkthrough


lego dc super villains walkthrough

Ability Requirements

Here are the Abilities you will need to 100% this level:

Minikit Ability Requirements

  • Telekinesis, Laser, Ice, Silver LEGO Destroy

 Other Collectible Ability Requirements

  • Mirror Master, Plant Grow

Minikit Locations

You will need to collect 5 hidden minikits in this level to earn the Gold Brick for this mission! Here’s where you find them:

Museum – Minikit x 5

lego dc super villains walkthrough

Out Of This World

In the gift shop area, destroy a few displays then using TELEKINESIS assemble the solar system above using the miscellaneous pieces.

lego dc super villains walkthrough

First Flight

Above the main entrance area is a model plane with a golden propellor, use LASER to melt the propeller and reveal a minikit.

lego dc super villains walkthrough

Displaying Destruction

Find and destroy the six museum information display cards around the front and back areas.

lego dc super villains walkthrough

Icy Ruins

After you clear the first area, double back up the stairs to find a hidden area with some frozen relics. Melt the ice with LASER, then assemble the piece. Finally refreeze the the ICE below to lift the piece up, triggering the mini kit.
lego dc super villains walkthrough

Great Pyramids

In the final hall, find and melt the two golden pyramids on both sides of the Shazam picture.

Red Brick Location

Each level contains a hidden red brick waiting for you to find it! After you collect the red brick here, head back to the hub to purchase it, allowing you to use it’s special ability!

lego dc super villains walkthrough

Studs x 2

In the back upper level of the rear room you will find a glass wall which you can shatter with SONAR. Behind it is a MIRROR portal. Trigger it, then head down the hall to find a switch and another mirror portal. Trigger the MIRROR portal first, then hit the switch, moving it to the next area with the red brick. Head back to the first mirror and jump in.

Character Unlock

Each level has one hidden Character Card for you to find and unlock! Plus you will unlock every character you play as (and possibly encounter) during the story mode for use during free play!

lego dc super villains walkthrough

Secret Character – Felix Faust

In the rear museum area, head to the upper left hand side to find a plant GROW spot. Use the plants to pull a crate out from the display, then smash it to collect.

lego dc super villains walkthrough

Story Mode Character Unlocks:

  • Black Adam
  • Shazam
  • Mazahs

Graffiti Tag Spot

Location: Museum Rear Room

lego dc super villains walkthrough

This is likely the easier portrait to spot in the entire game, located behind the obelisk in the rear part of the level.

True Villain – 100,000

You will need to collect 100,000 studs to unlock the True Villain gold brick for this level!

Video Guide

Video guides provided by the wonderfully talented friends of Bricks to Life: PackAttack04082 & JayShockBlast

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