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The open hub world of LEGO DC Super Villains has 15 unique challenges for you to complete. Some challenges expand across the entire hub world, while others are focused entirely on one area. To access these challenges head to the MAP MENU and tab over to the left twice to the Trophy Icon.


LEGO DC Super Villains has changed the game on challenges, providing you with unique clues for each of the collectibles you’re hunting for. Some of these clues are vague, while others are extremely detailed. Below we will provide you with the clues & the corresponding location / solution.

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File Finder Challenge


Challenge Description:

A number of case files from Arkham and Belle Reve have been, uh…’misplaced’ in unsecure briefcases around Earth and (somehow) around Apokolips.  There are thirty briefcases to find in total.

Challenge Map:









Challenge Clues & Locations:


1. Clock King


  • Did I leave the evidence at the Gotham Clock Tower again?

2. Toyman


  • I wanna go play with the new toy on display at Schott’s Toys store!

3. Hawkgirl


  • I hope Mr Luthor doesn’t mind if I leave my equipment up here while I skydive off his tower.

4. Monsieur Mallah


  • The view was beautiful from inside the Lady Justice statue! My view of Wayne Tech was a little obstructed though…

5. Mister Mxyptlk



  • That diner daytime disco sure was funky earlier! Just wish I had remembered to pick up my case…

6. Adam Strange


  • I hear they hauled something out of the mines earlier! They seem to be storing it over night before they move it on!

7. Black Canary


  • That briefcase opposite the Gotham Bank…Got to be filled with stacks of money! Now if only I could find a way past the fence…

8. General Zod


  • Leave the package by the fountain in the park. We shall retrieve it later. Destroy this message after reading.

9. Trickster


  • Step right up! Gather round my red and yellow stall to be blown away as I show you my next trick!

10. Doctor Fate


  • What kind of hotel has a model of the solar system in the penthouse!? I’m not going back there again. Not even to get that old suitcase I forgot about.

11. Doctor Poison


  • Oh, I don’t feel so good after standing at the top of those giant vats at Ace Chemical. Next time, I decide the meeting spot!

12. Ravager


  • Argh! Just arrived at the airport and I’ve only gone and left my suitcase back at my apartment in town!

13. Red Robin


  • Special delivery instructions to Wayne Island… Cross the bridge, turn right at the cave entrance, leave the delivery down by the edge…

14. Red Tornado


  • I have finished my inspection around the Fire Pit Processing Energy Plant. I have left my report findings for you in the green control room.

15. Firestorm


  • Hope Granny Goodness not mind me being up here. Should come here and enjoy view. Make her less crabby…

16. Atrocitus


  • That was a super menacing throne. Strange to have the delivery drop-off point right above it though. (Inside Darkseid’s Throne Room)


17. Lois Lane

File Finder Guide LEGO DC Super Villains Supply Room File Finder Guide LEGO DC Super Villains Supply Room File Finder Guide LEGO DC Super Villains Supply Room File Finder Guide LEGO DC Super Villains Supply Room File Finder Guide LEGO DC Super Villains Supply Room File Finder Guide LEGO DC Super Villains Supply Room

  • I wonder if Jimmy is still locked inside the supply room…? I left my notes in there for a new story! (Inside the Daily Planet Building.)

NOTE: This file is tremendously more complicated to retrieve than the others.  If the pictures above aren’t enough, then here’s a video from the excellent JayShockblast.

18. Lady Shiva


  • Darn inmates breaking our glass panes! How else am I to keep my files secure if they keep breaking the glass?! (Inside Belle Reve Prison)

19. Detective Chimp


  • I’ll just leave my notes near these two large tubes. See a whole lot of inmates transforming inside those lately… (inside Stryker’s Prison at the Character Customizer)

20. Jessica Cruz


  • I’ll never attempt a door to door sale in that forest again! That house was too spooky!

21. Doctor Light


  • That guy screaming his head off at the lighthouse made me drop my case!

22. Blue Beetle


  • That Swamp fella sure was cheery considering the state of his digs…

23. John Stewart


  • Please leave all items and belongings to the side before proceeding into the Watchtower hangar. Thank you. (Inside the Watchtower.  Use the teleporter at the Hall of Justice to access.)

24. Plastic Man


  • Does Wayne Tech have a lost and found? I left my case there last month. (Inside Wayne Tower)

25. Dex-Starr


  • Nice kitty! Good Kitty! No! Don’t drink from my milk! Waiter!

26. Star Sapphire


  • *Sigh* Another night shift done at Ace Chemical…Wait… Oh no! Did I leave my spare clothes at the office again?!

27. Terra


  • BASE jumping from the top of the Arkham Asylum shouldn’t be that scary! I’ll just need to avoid landing in the spookier parts of the forest.

28. Bane


  • A wrestling show at the Botanical Garden? Well, that is a strange venue for such an event. Who would even organise that?

29. Starfire


  • The GCPD will never ever think to look in their own backyard for this! I am such a genius!

30. Martian Manhunter


  • Darren – please stop putting pictures of aliens on the rotating planet on the roof. It’s bad for the mechanism and it’s not even that funny. Kind regards.

Video Guide:

Video guide provided by the wonderfully talented friend of Bricks to Life:  JayShockBlast

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