Gwenpool Mission #9: Dance Off, Bro Walkthrough – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

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Mission Locations

Mission Prerequisite

Mission Walkthrough

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Mission Location


  • Nova Corps HQ 
    • Roof

Mission Prerequisite

Some Gwenpool missions require you to complete other tasks before getting access to them.



At the front of Nova Corps HQ, you’ll find Nova Prime, who needs aid in getting together the refreshments for the party for the Guardians of the Galaxy. What party? This party, silly! And there’s no party like a Gwenpool party!

Mission Walkthrough

PINK BRICK – Character Token Detector

pink-brick-9-gwenpool-lego-marvel-super-heroes-2Throughout the Milano are three electrical charge stations. In Free Play, use the proper character to charge these stations – but you must make sure you do it in the right order. First the one to the rear of the ship, then the one on the lower deck, finally the one to the right of the band setup area (they are conveniently numbered as well). Charging all three will release the pink brick for the level to the left side of the band setup area.



Destroy the gifts on the bunk on the left side of the hall and you’ll have something to be levitated – it’s a cassette tape! Clearly this belongs in Star Lord’s cassette player, so levitate it over there. The character card that was in the tape player gets ejected and you can easily pick it up now.



Stan finds himself in his most precarious situation yet – trapped on the outside of the Milano. There’s a drone on the floor near the window where you can see Stan, but it takes someone skilled in repair to fix it. Repair it on Free Play and it will fly out and rescue Stan from his potential horrible doom.

TRUE BELIEVER – 90,000 Studs

Collect 90,000 Studs to earn the True Believer Gold Brick!

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Video Guide

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