Gwenpool Mission #4: Defying Conventions Walkthrough – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

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Mission Locations

Mission Prerequisite

Mission Walkthrough

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Mission Location



  • Timely Comics HQ

Mission Prerequisite

Some Gwenpool missions require you to complete other tasks before getting access to them. Here are the missions you need to complete to get access to this bonus Gwenpool mission:


Get-Rich-Quack Sceme

Find Howard the Duck inside one of the storefronts in Manhattan. Help him find financing for his video game idea.


Cock-A-Doodle Doom

Just inside Man-Thing’s Swamp, you’ll find Howard’s partner in his video game endeavor: Forbush Man. Don a chicken costume and fight some bad guys to convince Howard the chicken boss should be in the game. With that problem resolved, the duo are ready to take their game to Chrono-Con, and there the Gwenpool mission begins!

Mission Walkthrough



Unfortunately you can’t get the pink brick the first time through, as it requires Doctor Strange’s mysticism. While Howard the Duck has an amazing array of abilities, magic isn’t one of them. Use Doctor Strange’s powers to rearrange the slide puzzle to the left of the stage into an awe-inspiring image of Gwenpool.



There are two rope handle pull points on the stage behind Shocker (who is strangely unphased by all of this disaster). Pull on those to reveal a small room behind them on the stage, where your character card is waiting inside a protective cone. Hit the shield switch on the back wall to release it from its collector’s case and nab Electro.



Is it really Stan Lee or just a lifelike animatronic at the con? It doesn’t matter either way since he still needs help. Use your Iron Duck outfit to get up to the upper left landing, the switch back to regular Howard to access his sonic attack and free Stan Lee.

TRUE BELIEVER – 65,000 Studs

Collect 65,000 Studs to earn the True Believer Gold Brick!

Video Guide


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