Gwenpool Mission #7: Hank-ger Management Walkthrough – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

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Mission Locations

Mission Prerequisite

Mission Walkthrough

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Mission Location



  • Avengers Mansion


Mission Prerequisite

Some Gwenpool missions require you to complete other tasks before getting access to them.


Short Fuse

Help A-Bomb deal with his anger by destroying groups of Kang’s troops. Realizing that’s not enough, he turns to Wonder Man for help.


Wonder Wear

Become Cuddle Friend, the mascot for Wonder Man’s anger management course.

Mission Walkthrough



pink-brick-gwenpool-7-lego-marvel-super-heroes-2On the left side of the room is a door that requires stealth to get into. Once you’ve snuck through, press the button to deactivate the camera and release a cart containing a silver brick container. Break the silver container and collect your pink brick!



shehulk-gwenpool-7-lego-marvel-super-heroes-2On the right side of the room you face a technology puzzle to unlock the door to the right generator. Before you solve the puzzle properly, you want to aim the electricity up at the second junction point, releasing the character card for Red She-Hulk.

You also unlock – YELLOWJACKET by completing this mission!



stan-lee-gwenpool-7-lego-marvel-super-heroes-2On the left side is a robotic arm that needs repairs. Repair the crane and it will reach down and collect a prison container with Stan Lee inside. You’ll need someone to break the silver prison to let him free.

TRUE BELIEVER – 50,000 Studs

Collect 50,000 Studs to earn the True Believer Gold Brick!

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Video Guide

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