Gwenpool Mission #8: Oscorp Escapade Walkthrough – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

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Mission Prerequisite

Mission Walkthrough

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Mission Location



Start this mission just outside the Oscorp building in Manhattan!

Mission Prerequisite


Some Gwenpool missions require you to complete other tasks before getting access to them. Here’s how you unlock Gwenpool Mission #8:


Spot Agent Venom on top of the Alchemax Building in Nueva York (he will appear as a mission on your map) and complete the quest of questioning the Nueva Yorker to narrow down the location of the symbiote.

After you finish the mission, Gwenpool will drop in to let you know her Bonus mission has been unlocked!

Mission Walkthrough


Gwenpool 8 Oscorp Escape LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

In the second portion of the map you will encounter a large flame thrower that will require you to bypass behind some laser guarded cells. After you destroy the first cell wall with SUPER STRENGTH, you will come upon a SMALL ACCESS panel.

Gwenpool 8 Oscorp Escape LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Enter the SMALL ACCESS panel, then switch to Doctor Strange and CHANGE TIME to the point where the wall is destroyed.

Gwenpool 8 Oscorp Escape LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Use the same character you entered with and shrink with SMALL ACCESS to a tiny size, hop through the wall and snag the Pink Brick!

Character Card – The Lizard

Gwenpool 8 Oscorp Escape LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Destroy the Oscorp wall signs using a character with SILVER LEGO DESTROY. There are five signs in total. Two in the first jail cell area, two in the rear disguise room, and a final one in the laser hallway.

Destroy all five to collect The Lizard character card!

You also unlock – Venom and Carnage by completing this mission!

Stan Lee Rescue


In the second area of the map where you are turning on the disguise machine, head to the far right where you will find a pool of toxic ooze. Using a character with TOXIC PROTECTION wade into the pool and destroy the object to release bricks.

Build the bricks into an ELECTRICITY TERMINAL and power it up. This will trigger the fan, releasing Stan & saving him!

True Believer – Collect X Studs

You need to collect X total studs to unlock this level’s gold brick!

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