Gwenpool Mission #5: Toe-to-Totem Walkthrough – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

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Mission Locations

Mission Prerequisite

Mission Walkthrough

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Mission Location


The Old West

  • Saloon

Mission Prerequisite

Some Gwenpool missions require you to complete other tasks before getting access to them.


Rootin’ Totem Good Time

The Rawhide Kid’s mission in Hala will introduce you to the idea of the Living Totem and lead you to Red Wolf for more information.


Once Upon a Totem in the West

Red Wolf’s Old West mission has you seeking information from the local townspeople on the whereabouts of the Living Totem, leading you to the portal for this Gwenpool mission.

Mission Walkthrough



When you (accidentally) destroy the scaffolding to try to get up to the left balcony, it can be rebuilt into a shooting gallery. Play the shooting gallery game, hitting ten targets, to unlock the pink brick for the level.



Under the right balcony is a wagon taking up space. Use magic to shake up the bottle on top of the wagon, which will end up destroying most of the vehicle. Finish it off to reveal a wall safe behind it. Melt the gold handle on the safe to get your character card!

You also unlock LIVING TOTEM by completing this mission!


stan-lee-gwenpool-5-old-west-lego-marvel-super-heroes-2Somehow Stan Lee has gotten himself trapped in the piano, which has now caught on fire. You can either put out the fire with a shield-carrying character, or put it out with the water cannon before you knock the Living Totem down. After you put out the fire, build a handle on the piano to help “The Man” out of his predicament.

TRUE BELIEVER – 25,000 Studs

Collect 25,000 Studs to earn the True Believer Gold Brick!

Video Guide


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