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Note: We highly recommend you take a minute before exploring this hub area and activate the Map Console! You can find it on the map screen (should be one of the only icons that appears on the map in the area, will appear as a small computer icon).

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Hala Character Unlocks

You can unlock additional characters in this hub world by completing Boss Battles, Puzzles, Races & Missions as listed below. Here is a quick recap of all the characters you can unlock here, scroll down for more details!

  • Rawhide Kid (50,000 studs)
    • Mission: Rootin’ Totem Good Time
  • M.O.D.A.M. (500,000 studs)
    • Mission: Ready, A.I.M., Fire
  • A-Bomb (50,000 studs)
    • Mission: Short Fuse
    • Purchasing A-Bomb also unlocks Rick Jones.
  • Taskmaster (150,000 studs)
    • Mission: Askmaster
  • Spider-Woman (150,000 studs)
    • Race: Web-Slinger

Hala Boss Battle

There is no boss battle in Hala. I guess the Kree can’t pull themselves together enough to muster a big bad.

Hala Missions

Quests will appear on your map screen as small text bubble icons. Some missions may appear as locked icons, these are missions that require you to complete other missions in the hub area, or elsewhere in Chronopolis to unlock.

Rootin’ Totem Good Time

  • Unlocks: Rawhide Kid


The Rawhide Kid heard that the Living Totem has reappeared so he’s made the trip here to Hala. When you follow him to find the totem, you’ll discover its been claimed by a group of Kree soldiers. Defeat them only to discover… oh, wait, that’s not actually the totem after all. (NOTE: This quest is required to unlock Gwenpool Mission #5).

Ready A.I.M. Fire

  • Unlocks: M.O.D.A.M.


M.O.D.A.M. is tired of being a pawn of A.I.M. and has decided the best way to get back at her creator is to take her vengeance out on the nameless peons she comes across. Follow her through Hala, coming across A.I.M. soldiers and destroying them. This is a relatively easy mission because none of the tougher enemies show up – just waves of easily disposed soldiers.

Short Fuse

  • Unlocks: A-Bomb and Rick Jones


A-Bomb is angry about Kang’s invasion of the lands that make up Chronopolis. He wants to take that rage out on some of Kang’s goons to send a message to the boss. Follow him as he travels through Hala and Manhattan Noir, stopping to beat up groups of thugs along the way. Some of the later groups will include swordsmen and flame throwers, so you do have a few of the tougher enemies thrown in. At the end he realizes he needs to deal with his rage in a different way and sends you to Wonder Man to see if he has any suggestions, unlocking that mission in Manhattan. (NOTE: This quest is required to unlock Gwenpool Mission #7).


  • Unlocks: Taskmaster


Taskmaster boasts about having a photographic memory and wants to put yours to the test. He calls out a group of “volunteers” for you to observe, then, after they have gone away, he asks you a question about them. Repeat three times to finish the mission. Not exactly the mission I would have expected from the master criminal, but a challenging one nonetheless.

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Hala Puzzles

Puzzles will appear on your map as green puzzle pieces. These puzzles require a whole host of abilities or characters to solve, and usually unlock Gold Bricks! Here is a recap of this area’s puzzles:

Mighty Minigolf

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick


What else would heroes do to relax but play minigolf? This course has been set up in Hala and is a fun little diversion from the ongoing struggle against Kang. Play all three holes and win a gold brick (This also counts towards the Minigame Master challenge).

Fashion Disaster

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick


This fashion store is about to open but it isn’t completely ready. The owner needs mannequins set up that reflect the fashion posters. Using the posters as your guide, create the mannequins using the machine, then levitate each mannequin into place. Can a chicken hat really be considered fashion?

Busting the Half Pipe

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick


Flying through the pipes in Hala can be a good source of studs, but one is blocked off. Break the cap on the pipe to find a gold brick behind it.

High Rise Switch

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick


On top of the tallest building in Hala is a switch panel and container. Use the panel to open the switch by matching the arrow pattern it gives you.

Stealthy Switch

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick


On this unsuspecting corner you’ll find a two-level building that requires stealth to approach. Enter stealth and go to the lower level, where there is a switch to activate one side of the lock on the lower level and deactivate the cameras. Then head up to the upper level. The camera there didn’t deactivate and now shoots a heat ray at any interlopers. Use the beam deflection platform to shoot that beam back at the wall, first breaking a shield and then at the target. This deactivates the second half of the lock, giving you access to your prize.

Kree the Skies!

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick


The Kree offer you the chance to test out their latest anti-aircraft cannons. Take a seat and shoot down as many targets as you can. Go for the gold (brick) by shooting down 25 within the allotted time (This also counts towards the Minigame Master challenge).

Cosmic Cubic-periment

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick


This Kree scientist is trying to recreate the power of the cosmic cube (because that’s always such a good idea). Help her with her experiment. First, destroy all the crates and debris around the workshop. This will reveal a switch along the back wall that will properly align the tubes there, as well as blocks to build in the rest of the pushing platform. The platform restored, push the chemicals into place. Using levitate, harvest the plants and send them up the tubes. Finally, give the experiment a charge of electricity at the revealed charge panel.

Statue Repairs

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick


One of the guardian statues has fallen out of the space above Hala and needs some repairs. Repair the hover portion and then bust open the shed to the right by melting the gold. Between the stuff in the shed and the containers nearby, you have parts to fix the head… albeit with a little creative license. It won’t be long until this guardian is flying high with the others.

Under the Bridge

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick


Under the streets of Hala is a dig site. Clearly someone else has already found it since it’s clearly indicated by markers, but that doesn’t mean one of our digging heroes can’t take a peek, right? Dig up the earth to reveal a sarcophagus. Break that open and you’ll find a gold brick. Oops. Someone else probably wanted that, right? But we got to it first.

Hala Races

Races will appear on your map as a checkered flag icon. Some races require specific vehicles or abilities (like flight or web swing). Here is a full recap of this hubs races:

Web-Slinger Race

  • Unlocks: Spider-Woman


When the race informed me I needed a web-slinger, I got a little nervous. As much as Spider-Man is my favorite hero, the wall-crawlers aren’t always easy to manipulate in this game. Thankfully, it wasn’t an issue and the only reason I can guess they require a web-slinger is because Spider-Woman is the reward. The whole race is in open skies with very little variation on altitude. Just keep swinging for the targets. You have 2:10 to hit all 26 in order to get the gold.

Hala Gwenpool Mission

Some areas of Chronopolis have Gwenpool Missions hidden away that require you to beat main missions in other hubs. Here’s a recap for this hub’s Gwenpool missions:

While unlocking A-Bomb through his mission leads to Gwenpool Mission #7, there is no specific Gwenpool Mission that takes place in Hala.

Hala Stan Lee Rescue

Stan Lee is in trouble and he needs your help! Find him on the map by locating the Stan Lee icon. You can typically hear him crying out for help when you are close by! Here’s how to save Stan in this Chronopolis Hub area:


Looks like Stan has gotten himself stuck in a concrete mixer (we’ve just stopped asking how at this point). You need to deactivate the generator so he can get out, but it’s encased in silver blocks. Destroy the silver blocks, then grab the rope pulls on either side of the machine to pull it apart. The mixer stops, Stan gets out, and we get some studs for our trouble.

Hala Challenge Items

Chronopolis is packed with fun challenges that allow you to unlock vehicles. These challenges can be very difficult to complete! Here’s a list of all the Challenge items we’ve found in this Chronopolis hub:

  • Billboard: On the central domed building
  • Minigame Master: Cannon Training and Miniature Golf
  • Tiddles: The cat is located on the top of the taller domed building

Secrets & Easter Eggs

  • Coming soon!

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