Heightened Senses Challenge – LEGO The Incredibles

LEGO The Incredibles features many fun challenges for you to complete as you explore Municiberg and New Urbem. Once you complete each challenge you will be given a Gold Brick and a special reward!


Heightened Senses

There are five drones hovering around the district of Urbem Heights.  Track down and destroy the drones to unlock a new character.

Drone #1

In the north east corner of the district there is a large structure near the hover train tracks.  The drone is floating above a couple large spools.


Drone #2

The next drone is floating high above the road near the bridge on the north end of the district.


Drone #3

The third drone is located in the fenced in area close to south west corner of the district.


Drone #4

The fourth drone is floating above the bank directly across from the docks.incredibles_heightened_senses_bank

Drone #5

The final drone is located in the south west corner of the district below the bridge.


Challenge Unlock: Nomanisan Island Guard (Casual)


Video Walkthrough:



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Written by: Paul Haan

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