Kang’s Citadel Completion Guide – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

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Note: We highly recommend you take a minute before exploring this hub area and activate the Map Console! You can find it on the map screen (should be one of the only icons that appears on the map in the area, will appear as a small computer icon).

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Kang’s Citadel Puzzles

Puzzles will appear on your map as green puzzle pieces. These puzzles require a whole host of abilities or characters to solve, and usually unlock Gold Bricks! Here is a recap of this area’s puzzles:

The Cubes Are Stacked Against Us

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Kang's Citadel - Stacked Cubes

While walking along the interior of the Citadel, there is a large stack of cubes and springs.  Start by using Iron Man to destroy the two Silver Objects. At the top of the stack, use a grappling character to pull the cube on the left side into the opening.  Finally, use StarLord to throw a Gravity Bomb against the booster and pull in the last cube.  This will line up all the cubes and open the door protecting the gold brick.

Open Circuitry

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Kang's Citadel - Puzzle 2

Once you get to the puzzle location on the map, walk around the pillar to the left.  Use Miss Marvel to jump into the Circuit Board mini game.  Finishing the game will send a signal to the treasure chest and present you with a gold brick.

Underwater Rune

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick


In the water below Kang’s Citadel you’ll find a rune tracing platform near a container. Trace the  rune to release the gold brick. Easy Peasy, Lemon… wait, that’s not a spell, is it?

Kang’s Citadel Stan Lee Rescue

Stan Lee is in trouble and he needs your help! Find him on the map by locating the Stan Lee icon. You can typically hear him crying out for help when you are close by! Here’s how to save Stan in this Chronopolis Hub area:

Stan is one of Kang’s featured prisoners in the Citadel.  He is behind two layers of Security.  The first is a glass display case that can be destroyed using Black Bolt.  Stan can’t go anywhere quite yet though since the laser grid is still up.  There is a panel of three buttons on the front wall with a symbol over each.  The announcement says the password can be found in the area.  With only three buttons, it took under a minute to guess without searching.  The order is Star, Circle, Square.

Entering the code will open a hidden panel in the rear wall.  Use Black Bolt again to destroy the objects in the area.  This clears the area for Miss Marvel to enter the circuit.  Finishing the circuit mini game will disable the lasers, setting Stan Lee free.

Kang’s Citadel Challenge Items

Chronopolis is packed with fun challenges that allow you to unlock vehicles. These challenges can be very difficult to complete! Here’s a list of all the Challenge items we’ve found in this Chronopolis hub:

  • Tiddles – Found in the shallow walkway near ground level.

Secrets & Easter Eggs

  • Coming soon!

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