LEGO DC Super Villains Justice League Dark Character Pack

If you pre-ordered LEGO DC Super Villains from any retailer or digital store, you would have gotten a code for early access to the Justice League Dark Character Pack.  This pack contains six awesome characters from the dark, magical, and mysterious side of the DC Universe.  In this page, we’ll break down who these characters are, and what their abilities are.



John Constanine is a racy booze-loving, cigar-smoking, cussing british magician.  He’s also a detective and master of the dark arts of magic.  He’s a notable member of the Justice League Dark, a team of supernatural heroes and antiheroes.  His abilities are Beam Deflect, Chlorokinesis, Earth Access, Heat, Heat Bolts, Illumination, Mind Control, Mirror Portal, Photo Mode, Security Access, Shield Mode, Stealth, Telekinesis, and Vent Travel.



Boston Brand was a former circus artist who performed as the character Deadman.  After being assassinated during one of his performances, his spirit was granted the ability to live on forever and possess other people.  He passes between bodies, searching for his killer and the truth behind his death.  His abilities are Acrobat, Electricity Protection, Fire Protection, Flight, Graffiti, Hyper Jump, Mind Control, Photo Mode, Security Access, Stealth, Teleportation, Toxic Gas Protection, Toxic Goo Protection, and Vent Travel.



Etrigan the Demon is a demon from Hell who is connected and bonded to Jason Blood, a former knight of King Arthur’s Round Table.  The two of them protect the world and assist those in danger through Etrigan’s body.  Their abilities are Boost Lift, Fire Protection, Heat, Hyper Jump, Photo Mode, Smash Walls, Super Strength, Toxic Gas Protection, and Toxic Goo Protection.



The Spectre is one of the most powerful beings in the entire universe.  He has control over time, space, matter, reality, and everything that exists, has existed, or will exist.  He cannot be killed, but he can be recalled and is bound by moral divine law.  This is reflected in his abilities, as he has Detective Mode, Electricity, Electricity Protection, Fire Protection, Flight, Hyper Jump, Photo Mode, Stealth, Telekinesis, Transform, Toxic Gas Protection, Toxic Goo Protection, and Vent Travel.

Swamp Thing


Alec Holland was caught in an explosion during his bio-transformation experiment.  He ran into the swamp near his facility, and was restored by the power of his experiment, transforming him into the Swamp Thing.  However, the Swamp Thing later figured out that Alec Holland was killed in the explosion, and that he tried to imitate Holland’s body structure and replicate him.  His abilities are Beam Deflect, Boost Lift, Chlorokinesis, Dig, Earth Access, Electricity Protection, Fire Protection, Hyper Jump, Illumination, Photo Mode, Smash Walls, Super Strength, Toxic Gas Protection, and Toxic Goo Protection.



Zatanna Zatara is a popular stage magician and magician of the dark arts.  She is well-known for her backwards incantations of phrases and flamboyant magic and uniform.  Her abilities are Acrobat, Beam Deflect, Chlorokinesis, Electricity, Flight, Illumination, Photo Mode, Security Access, Shield Mode, Telekinesis, and Vent Travel.




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Written by: Béla Kurzenhauser

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