Middle Zealand Guide & Walkthrough – The LEGO Movie 2 Video Game

The LEGO Movie 2 Video Game has 16 fun worlds to explore, each filled with Master Piece Purple Bricks, Chests, Relics and more! Below you will find a complete guide for this world, including a break down of missions, races, and points of interest!

Middle Zealand Guide

Below you will find a break down of all the locations and points of interest you will find while playing in this world. Click any section to jump to that part of the page.

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Middle Zealand Intro Quest

When you land in a new world not already explored in the main story, you will find a short introductory quest line that will take you around the world to meet some of the main characters. Below you will find a quick recap of the introductory quests for this world!

Protect The Realm

LEGO Movie 2 Video Game - Middle Zealand - Protect the realm

When you enter Middle Zealand, you will find the king in his castle on the hill.  He will send you on a series of quests to help protect his kingdom. First, you must retrieve a sword from its resting place at the bottom of the moat. Follow the yellow arrow and swim through the tunnel until you discover the sword.  Return it to the king for your next quest.

LEGO Movie 2 Video Game - Middle Zealand - Thing of Power

Now equipped with a sword, the king will send you to retrieve a “Thing of Power” with his trusted knight, Sir Stack-A-Brick. Make your way to the Ruined city to battle the Night Lord.  The Night Lord has locked himself in a deep, dark dungeon so you will need to use the Scanner Binoculars to unlock a catapult.  Place the catapult to open the door.

LEGO Movie 2 Video Game - Middle Zealand - Night Lord

After opening the door, make your way through the dungeon to face down the Night Lord.  After beating the Night Lord, he will drop a mysterious bag you need to return to Sir Stack-A-Brick.

Sir Stack-A-brick will send you back to the king…who will send you to Majisto…who will want to see the king.  Defeat a few orcs to protect the king and he will grant you knighthood and bestow you with a superbuild.

LEGO Movie 2 Video Game - Middle Zealand - Kings Castle

Reward: Kings Castle


Middle Zealand Master Piece Guide

Total Master Piece Bricks – 25

Intro Quest – 4 BRICKS

  1. Retrieve the sword from the moat.
  2. Journey into the Ruined City With Sir Stack-A-Brick.
  3. Return the “Thing of Power” to the king.
  4. Bring Majisto back to the king to destroy the gem.

Mission Bricks x 4

  1. Trouble Over Bridged Water
  2. Becoming Human
  3. A Knight In Need
  4. Dark Roots

Race Bricks x 2

  1. Personal Best
  2. All Time Best

Hidden Bricks x 15

  1. Castle entrance – Floating above the entrance to the throne room.
  2. In the moat – In the moat on the left side of the castle.
  3. Village wall – Among the houses on the hill in the village below the castle.
  4. Blacksmith shop – In the well by the Blacksmith shop in the village below the castle.
  5. Outside the castle wall – Floating above a mushroom just outside the wall to the throne room.
  6. In the river – Floating in the river under a bridge.
  7. DO go chasing waterfalls – Behind the waterfall near the end of the river.
  8. Tree top – On top of the tree from the “Dark Roots” mission
  9. Cutting Corners – To the left of the ruined village, there is a small section of a building near a bon fire.
  10. Ruined City – There are two master bricks in the Ruined City.  One is on the wall in front of the city and the other is on a tower at the back of the city.
  11. Deep In the forest – Beyond the magic portal in the forest where you rescue the knight in “A Knight In Need.”
  12. Another Brick On A Wall – On a ledge on the circular wall that encloses Middle Zealand.  It is on the right side of the castle.
  13. Grok’s House – On a small ledge behind Grok’s house from the “Becoming Human” mission.
  14. In the Store – Buy the brick from the store (not pictured).

Hidden Bricks Gallery

Middle Zealand Mission Guide

Every world in the LEGO Movie 2 Video Game has characters that need your help! These missions have different rewards ranging from a Master Piece to a rare or unique build. Here is the guide for the missions in this world:

Trouble Over Bridged Water

LEGO Movie 2 Video Game - Middle Zealand - Orcs

The Blacksmith wants you to defeat the Orcs at the bridge outside of town.  They are preventing citizens from returning. Defeat the Orcs and the Blacksmith with give you a master brick and a super build.

Reward:  Blacksmith shop

 Becoming Human

LEGO Movie 2 Video Game - Middle Zealand - Grok

Head across the bridge where you just defeated the orcs for the blacksmith.  A little further down the path, you will find a building with an orc named Grok.  Grok dreams of being a knight.  Speak with him while playing as a knight.  If you haven’t unlocked Sir Stack-A-Brick yet, you can buy him at the shop in the village.

A Knight In Need

LEGO Movie 2 Video Game - Middle Zealand - A Knight In Need

Deep in the forest, behind the magic portal, you will find a knight being attacked by Orcs and Skeletons.  Defeat them all to earn a master brick from the knight.

Dark Roots

LEGO Movie 2 Video Game - Middle Zealand - Dark Roots

Follow the river until it ends just after a waterfall.  Speak with the lady near the base of the very large tree and she will tell you how it is cursed.  Destroy all of the vines in and around the tree to receive your master brick.

Middle Zealand Race Guide

Each world has a handful of races you can complete to unlock Master Piece bricks and other random collectibles. Here is a full break down of the races found in this world!

Personal Best

LEGO Movie 2 Video Game - Middle Zealand - Personal Best

Head down to the stables and talk to the lady by the fence.  First, she will challenge you to beat her personal record.

All Time Best

LEGO Movie 2 Video Game - Middle Zealand - Course Record

After beating her personal record, she challenges you to beat the all time course record that has stood for over 500 years.  Beating this record will earn you a master brick and a super build.

Reward: Ye Olde Tavern

Middle Zealand Chest Locations

Each world has several spots where chests will automatically generate. Each chest is full of studs and important Relics you must collect to unlock everything in the game. Below is a list of all the locations in this world where you can find a chest!

Middle Zealand World Unlocks

Certain collectibles like characters, items and vehicles can only be unlocked in specific worlds by completing specific quests or from that world’s store. Below is a list of exclusives only found in this world!

  • Kings Castle – Unlocked by completing the Intro Quest
  • Blacksmith Shop – Unlocked by completing the mission for the blacksmith
  • Ye Olde Tavern – Unlocked by finishing both races under the time limit.

Middle Zealand Secrets & Easter Eggs

Find any fun or interesting secrets or easter eggs in this world? Leave a comment below and let us know!

  • Easter Egg List Coming Soon!

Middle Zealand Video Guide

Here is a 100% Complete walkthrough for this world provided by our good buddy JayShockBlast! Enjoy!

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