Old West Guide & Walkthrough – The LEGO Movie 2 Video Game

The LEGO Movie 2 Video Game has 16 fun worlds to explore, each filled with Master Piece Purple Bricks, Chests, Relics and more! Below you will find a complete guide for this world, including a break down of missions, races, and points of interest!

Old West Guide

Below you will find a break down of all the locations and points of interest you will find while playing in this world. Click any section to jump to that part of the page.

Table Of Contents

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Old West Intro Quest

When you land in a new world not already explored in the main story, you will find a short introductory quest line that will take you around the world to meet some of the main characters. Below you will find a quick recap of the introductory quests for this world!

A True Agent of the Law


Near the Sheriff’s Office, the deputy is being attacked by some robot deputrons!  Defeat them to finish the first quest.

Wiley Fusebot Roundup


Your first task as the newly appointed Sheriff is to arrest Wiley Fusebot.  Follow the objective marker and defeat the enemies there to arrest him, then take him to the jail.

Sheriff Not-A-Robot Takedown


Your second task as Sheriff is to now go and arrest Sheriff Not-A-Robot.  Head to the objective marker in the mines and defeat his goons to arrest him, then take him to the jail.

Calamity Drone Knockdown


Your third and final task as Sheriff is to arrest Calamity Drone.  You’ll find the robot madam by the train tracks, surrounded by her metal henchmen.  Defeat them and take her to the jail to lock her up and finish the story mission.

Reward: Sheriffs Office


Old West Master Piece Guide

Total Master Piece Bricks – 25

Intro Quest – 4 BRICKS

  1. Rescue the deputy from the deputrons attacking him.
  2. Arrest Wiley Fusebot.
  3. Arrest Sheriff Not-A-Robot.
  4. Arrest Calamity Drone.

Note: Your first time through this world in the story, you will get a mission from Ice Cream Cone.  He’ll give you some party invitations.  This mission will not give you a Master Piece for this world, so it is not counted in the total.  However, these invitations are used in various other Rex-Plorer planets to give you Master Pieces at those locations.

Mission Bricks x 5

  1. All Gold Canyon
  2. The Pony Express
  3. Light A Campfire In My Soul
  4. Farm Defense
  5. Ranch Roundup

Race Bricks x 2

  1. The Fastest Horse in the West – Qualifying
  2. The Fastest Horse in the West – Champion

Hidden Bricks x 14

Note: If you are confused by the location to some of these master pieces, check the mini-map in the screenshot.

  1. Up On the Pub – At the top of the Pub near the start of the level.
  2. Climbing the Water Tower – On top of a water tower in the town.
  3. On A Rock, I Guess – On top of one of cliffs overlooking the town.
  4. We’re At the End of the Track – Follow the track on one of the cliffs.  At the end you’ll find a Master Piece.
  5. Dip Your LEGO Toes In – At the end of the river near the All Gold Canyon mission.
  6. Rickety Tickety Tock – On a rickety wood plank bridge on one of the cliffs.
  7. Under A Rock, I Guess – Under the cliff in a cavern near the previous Master Piece.
  8. Why Did the Sheriff Cross the Road – On top of a building across the street from the Sheriff’s Office.
  9. Crawling In The Mines – When finding Sheriff Not-A-Robot for the main story quest, you’ll find a Master Piece in the area where you fight his goons.
  10. Arch-Nemesis – Under a pillar of rock arches just outside of town.
  11. Fists of LEGO Steel – At the end of the railroad track opposite to the teleporter, there will be a wall of LEGO rock.  Destroy it using the Dangerfists to reveal a Master Piece.
  12. Zipline to Tomorrow – On the zipline above the railroad to the teleporter. To get on the zipline, you will have to go to the cliff at the top of the rope.
  13. Stable Shop – In the barn near the Ranch Roundup mission, there will be a Master Piece inside.
  14. SHOP BRICK – As always, you can purchase a Master Piece in the store for 50,000 Studs.


Hidden Bricks Gallery

Old West Mission Guide

Every world in the LEGO Movie 2 Video Game has characters that need your help! These missions have different rewards ranging from a Master Piece to a rare or unique build. Here is the guide for the missions in this world:

All Gold Canyon


Down by the river, a prospector will be requesting some gold.  Head near the end of the river to find a lump of gold, and destroy it to get a Gold Nugget.  Return and give it to the prospector to finish the mission.

Reward: Master Piece and Old Mining Building

The Pony Express


Howdy there, partner!  This cowboy needs his letter delivered.  Head to town and give it to the character indicated by the objective marker to finish the mission.

Reward: Master Piece

Light A Campfire In My Soul


Up on the mountains it can get pretty cold.  Build a campfire for these cowboys in the indicated area to complete the mission.

Reward: Master Piece and Train Station 

Farm Defense


Outside of town, you’ll find a few barns with two quests nearby.  One of these fellows in need of help will ask you to defeat some monsters.  Upon doing so, you’ll complete the mission.

Reward: Master Piece and Frontier House

Ranch Roundup


Near the Farm Defense mission, a Cowgirl will need you to round up her horses.  These horses are not marked with an objective marker, but they are nearby.  We found the white horse just by the ranch pen and the brown horse just outside of the pen on the road.  Once you’ve rescued both horses you’ll complete the mission.

Reward: Master Piece

Old West Race Guide

Each world has a handful of races you can complete to unlock Master Piece bricks and other random collectibles. Here is a full break down of the races found in this world!

The Fastest Horse in the West


How about a good old-fashioned horse race?  Hop on this feller’s horse and run through the checkpoints before the clock runs out!

Qualifying Time – 1:40

Champion Time – 1:50

Reward: Two Master Pieces

Old West Chest Locations

Each world has several spots where chests will automatically generate. Each chest is full of studs and important Relics you must collect to unlock everything in the game.  There are dozens of chests in each level, so many that it’s hard to write them down!  You can see each chest’s exact location by looking at the minimap on each screenshot. Below is a list of all the locations in this world where you can find a chest!

Old West World Unlocks

Certain collectibles like characters, items and vehicles can only be unlocked in specific worlds by completing specific quests or from that world’s store. Below is a list of exclusives only found in this world!

Old West Secrets & Easter Eggs

Find any fun or interesting secrets or easter eggs in this world? Leave a comment below and let us know!

  • Easter Egg List Coming Soon!

Old West Video Guide

Here is a 100% Complete walkthrough for this world provided by our good buddy JayShockBlast! Enjoy!

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