Planet Sparkles Guide & Walkthrough – The LEGO Movie 2 Video Game

The LEGO Movie 2 Video Game has 16 fun worlds to explore, each filled with Master Piece Purple Bricks, Chests, Relics and more! Below you will find a complete guide for this world, including a break down of missions, races, and points of interest!

Planet Sparkles Guide

Below you will find a break down of all the locations and points of interest you will find while playing in this world. Click any section to jump to that part of the page.

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Planet Sparkles Intro Quest

When you land in a new world not already explored in the main story, you will find a short introductory quest line that will take you around the world to meet some of the main characters. Below you will find a quick recap of the introductory quests for this world!

Spa Treatments For Heroes

lego movie 2 video game walkthrough planet sparkles

When you first arrive to Planet Sparkles you will be greeted by Balthazar who needs help opening up the doors to the Spa. Once inside you are instructed to take Wonder Woman to the cafe for a Tea, where you will meet another random Vampire who wants you to investigate some odd noises across the hall.

lego movie 2 video game walkthrough planet sparkles

There you will find Superman who is surrounded by Green Crystals and needs help clearing them out. Your next assignment will be to deliver some hot towels to the hot tub room where you’ll find Aquaman who needs help opening the hot tub.

lego movie 2 video game walkthrough planet sparkles

After all your chores are done, Balthazar will return to you and reward you with a Super Build.


Planet Sparkles Master Piece Guide

Total Master Piece Bricks – 25

Intro Quest – 5 BRICKS

  1. Open the gates using TRACTOR BEAM for Balthazar.
  2. Deliver Wonder Woman to the Cafe for tea.
  3. Clear the Green Crystals for Superman.
  4. Open the Hot Tub for Aquaman.
  5. Return to Balthazar after all the heroes are attended to.

Mission Bricks x 5

  1. Flash Dance
  2. Lantern Lighter
  3. Cyborg Sticker Fan
  4. Royal Paparazzi
  5. Ice Cream Permits

Race Bricks x 2

  1. Last Minute Sweep – Pt. 1
  2. Last Minute Sweep – Pt. 2

Hidden Bricks x 13

  1. Relaxing Labyrinth – Found at the entrance platform to the basement directly under the entrance doors.
  2. Long Halls – Floating behind one of the Danger Fist walls in the basement hallways.
  3. Ledge Jumping – The left side of the rear patio has climbing ledges, at the top, find this brick.
  4. Side Stairs – The right side of the rear patio has ledges that lead you to a small corridor with a brick.
  5. Going Up – The third floor has a small balcony looking out over the ship and portal where you can find a brick .
  6. Going Up Again – The opposite side of the area has a similar balcony as above with another brick.
  7. Under Stairs – Check under the stair platform on the third level in the side hallway.
  8. Pool Hall – Under water in the main pool area in the large spa hall.
  9. Basement Backdoor – Found in the rear entrance to basement maze by going down the rear steps.
  10. Smash & Grab – In basement found behind a danger fist wall in a dead end.
  11. Endless Halls – In the basement hallway behind a danger fist wall.
  12. Lap Pool – In the hot tub room, underwater in the lap pool.
  13. SHOP BRICK – Can be purchased in the store for 50,000 Studs.

Hidden Bricks Gallery

Planet Sparkles Mission Guide

Every world in the LEGO Movie 2 Video Game has characters that need your help! These missions have different rewards ranging from a Master Piece to a rare or unique build. Here is the guide for the missions in this world:

Flash Dance

lego movie 2 video game walkthrough planet sparkles


The Flash is dancing the night away and needs to keep his energy up. Deliver the chocolate bar from one of the spa Vampires found in the main hall.

Reward – Master Piece 

Lantern Lighter

lego movie 2 video game walkthrough planet sparkles

The Green Lantern is having a hard time relaxing in the dark room and needs your help to lighten up the place.

Reward: Queen’s Palace Super Build & Master Piece

Cyborg Sticker Fan

lego movie 2 video game walkthrough planet sparkles

The walls in the Cyborg Spa room are a little bare, so he needs you to spruce up the place with a few choice sticker placements.

Reward: Master Piece

Royal Paparazzi

lego movie 2 video game walkthrough planet sparkles

The Queen is super excited about getting that full luxury treatment and wants a photo!

Reward: Statue of Liberty Super Build & Master Piece

Ice Cream Permits

lego movie 2 video game walkthrough planet sparkles

Apparently one lazy ice cream cone hasn’t been keeping up on his royal duties, and you’ve got to step in and help.

Reward: Harmony City Tower & Master Piece

Planet Sparkles Race Guide

Each world has a handful of races you can complete to unlock Master Piece bricks and other random collectibles. Here is a full break down of the races found in this world!

Last Minute Sweep


Help this pink haired Spa Vampire sweep the Spa at the end of her shift in this obstacle running race. Both races will require you to jump, swing, and climb your way through the entire spa in a full loop.

Qualifying: 1:20

Champion: 1:50

Reward: Pyramid Super Build & Master Piece x 2

Planet Sparkles Chest Locations

Each world has several spots where chests will automatically generate. Each chest is full of studs and important Relics you must collect to unlock everything in the game. Below is a list of all the locations in this world where you can find a chest!

Planet Sparkles World Unlocks

Certain collectibles like characters, items and vehicles can only be unlocked in specific worlds by completing specific quests or from that world’s store. Below is a list of exclusives only found in this world!

  • Harmony City Tower Super Build
  • Queen’s Palace Super Build
  • Pyramid Super Build

Planet Sparkles Secrets & Easter Eggs

Find any fun or interesting secrets or easter eggs in this world? Leave a comment below and let us know!

  • Easter Egg List Coming Soon!

Planet Sparkles Video Guide

Here is a 100% Complete walkthrough for this world provided by our good buddy JayShockBlast! Enjoy!

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