Planet Unikitty Guide & Walkthrough – The LEGO Movie 2 Video Game

The LEGO Movie 2 Video Game has 16 fun worlds to explore, each filled with Master Piece Purple Bricks, Chests, Relics and more! Below you will find a complete guide for this world, including a break down of missions, races, and points of interest!

Planet Unikitty Guide

Below you will find a break down of all the locations and points of interest you will find while playing in this world. Click any section to jump to that part of the page.

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Planet Unikitty Intro Quest

When you land in a new world not already explored in the main story, you will find a short introductory quest line that will take you around the world to meet some of the main characters. Below you will find a quick recap of the introductory quests for this world!

Let’s Get This Party Started

Planet Unikitty Party Planner


You just arrived on Planet Unikitty so it only makes sense you should visit Unikitty first.  Your mission is to retrieve her brother, Puppycorn, from Rainbow Lake.

Planet Unikitty Stolen beach Ball

When you find Puppycorn, he is upset because some monsters stole the beach ball he was planning to take to Unikitty’s party.  Defeat the monsters and get his ball back.


Head back to the castle to receive your next mission and a purple master brick.

Planet Unikitty - Every party needs a DJ

Unikitty is getting close to having her party but needs one more thing:  A DJ.  Head over to Glitter Groove Square to find a DJ to spin some tunes.

Planet Unikitty - Hey, I'm a DJ

The DJ is ready to go until they realize they do not have any music.  Find some records nearby and return them to the DJ.

Planet Unikitty - Let's dance

Escort the DJ back to Unikitty so they can start the party.  You will receive two more Master bricks and the plans for the Unikitty Temple super build.

Reward: Unikitty Temple


Planet Unikitty Master Piece Guide

Total Master Piece Bricks – 25

Intro Quest – 4 BRICKS

  1. Retrieve the ball from the monsters.
  2. Take Unikitty’s brother back to the party.
  3. Take the DJ back to Unikitty.
  4. Dance!

Mission Bricks x 4

  1. Robot Reunion
  2. Party Animal
  3. Fox-arazzi
  4. Smooth-ie sailing
  5. You’re a what?  – No reward

Race Bricks x 2

  1. Unicorn Race Part 1
  2. Unicorn Race Part 2

Hidden Bricks x 15

  1. In the Store – Buy the first brick from the store near Unikitty’s castle.
  2. In the river – Floating in the river near the castle
  3. On the Castle – Near the horn on top of the castle
  4. Piece of Cake – On top of the giant pink cake
  5. Purple Crayon – Behind the large purple crayon
  6. Lighthouse – On top of the Lighthouse at Rainbow Lake
  7. Dance Party Adjacent – On a lower ledge just to the right of Unikitty’s Dance Floor
  8. Mushroom Kingdom – On top of one of the three mushroom houses
  9. Plateau – On a small plateau to the right of the three mushroom houses
  10. Glitter Groove Square – On one of the walls to the square
  11. Underground Lake – In an deep trench in the lake by the unicorn races
  12. Under the bridge – Floating directly under a rainbow bridge across a river
  13. End of the river – In a small alcove at the end of the river.
  14. Rainbow Lake – At the bottom of Rainbow Lake
  15. Under another bridge – On the landing under a rainbow bridge across the river near Rainbow Lake

Hidden Bricks Gallery

Planet Unikitty Mission Guide

Every world in the LEGO Movie 2 Video Game has characters that need your help! These missions have different rewards ranging from a Master Piece to a rare or unique build. Here is the guide for the missions in this world:

Robot Reunion

Planet Unikitty - Robot Reunion

Blacktron Droid has traveled across the galaxy to be with his lady robot but landed in the wrong spot.  Find the lady robot and return her to the Blacktron Droid to receive your master brick.

Party Animal

Planet Unikitty - Party Animal

Talk to the Fox near Unikitty’s castle and she will ask you to dress like an animal with a really long neck and cool spots.


Planet Unikitty - Fox-arazzi

Once you dress up like a giraffe, she will ask you to take her picture.

Smooth-ie Sailing

Planet Unikitty - Purple Crayon

The purple crayon is missing ingredients for a smoothie.  Find the ingredients so she can make smoothies for Unikitty and Puppycorn.

You’re A What?

Planet Unikitty - Banana's Secret

Banana has a really big secret to tell you but he will only tell you if you get him a wedding ticket. We will let you in on secret, he doesn’t give you a reward.

Planet Unikitty Race Guide

Each world has a handful of races you can complete to unlock Master Piece bricks and other random collectibles. Here is a full break down of the races found in this world!

Unicorn Race part 1

Planet Unikitty - Unicorn Race Part 1

You can find the unicorn by an underground lake.  Complete the course in less than 44 seconds to win the first gold brick.

Unicorn Race part 2

Planet Unikitty - Unicorn Race Part 2

Complete the course in less than 39 seconds to win the second gold brick.

Planet Unikitty Chest Locations

Each world has several spots where chests will automatically generate. Each chest is full of studs and important Relics you must collect to unlock everything in the game. Below is a list of all the locations in this world where you can find a chest!

Planet Unikitty World Unlocks

Certain collectibles like characters, items and vehicles can only be unlocked in specific worlds by completing specific quests or from that world’s store. Below is a list of exclusives only found in this world!

  • Stolen Ball – Retrieved from the monsters for Puppycorn.
  • Unikitty Temple – Reward for completing the Intro Quest.
  • Wedding Bolt – Given by Blacktron Broid for the Robot Reunion mission

Planet Unikitty Secrets & Easter Eggs

Find any fun or interesting secrets or easter eggs in this world? Leave a comment below and let us know!

  • Easter Egg List Coming Soon!

Planet Unikitty Video Guide

Here is a 100% Complete walkthrough for this world provided by our good buddy JayShockBlast! Enjoy!

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