Syspocalypstar Guide & Walkthrough – The LEGO Movie 2 Video Game

The LEGO Movie 2 Video Game has 16 fun worlds to explore, each filled with Master Piece Purple Bricks, Chests, Relics and more! Below you will find a complete guide for this world, including a break down of missions, races, and points of interest!

Syspocalypstar Guide

Below you will find a break down of all the locations and points of interest you will find while playing in this world. Click any section to jump to that part of the page.

Table Of Contents

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Syspocalypstar – Main Story Level 2

When you land in a new world not already explored in the main story, you will find a short introductory quest line that will take you around the world to meet some of the main characters. Below you will find a quick recap of the introductory quests for this world!

A Master Of Super Building

lego movie 2 video game walkthrough

Once you’ve landed on Syspocalypstar, you can head up to the center of the map to help clear the grassy are to help Tempo rebuild his shop. Once you’ve learned Super Builds, you will have the ability to place a large Shop building, that will proceed to unlock a Shop on every world through the rest of the game.


After you learn about Relics and Super Builds, you’re off this world pretty quickly and onto the Astroid Belt.

There is no point continuing to adventure here, you will not be able to do much in this world until you’ve beat the game.


Syspocalypstar Master Piece Guide

Total Master Piece Bricks – 40

Intro Quest – 3 BRICKS

  1. During your first visit, Tempo will reward you with a Brick after you clear the grass.
  2. After you purchase Emmet’s House from the Shop, Tempo will unlock along with a brick.
  3. Build Emmet’s House to collect another brick.

Hidden Bricks x 2

  1. Snag this single hidden brick in the middle of the water fall coming down into the lake.
  2. Like almost every other world, you can always buy one Master Piece at the shop!

Mission Bricks x 35

  • STOP! See below’s Mission Guide. This world is best left til absolute last. 

Syspocalypstar Mission Guide

Every world in the LEGO Movie 2 Video Game has characters that need your help! These missions have different rewards ranging from a Master Piece to a rare or unique build. Here is the guide for the missions in this world:

Building A New World

Syspocalyspeburg is a very unique world compared to all the other places you will go and adventure in this game. Instead of questing and exploring in a themed land, this world is nothing but open sandbox for you to build in. This is the only planet that you are able to use the Super Builds you collect while completing random missions in each world.

**In order to complete this world, you will need 35 different Super Builds!**

The builds come from every world in the game, so it’s best to leave this til you’re closer to completing the game vs. trying to tackle it early on. There is literally nothing to do here until you start unlocking those builds.

Part 1 – The First 20 Bricks


The first part of this world is fairly straight forward. Hanging around the map are 15 different characters, each requesting that you build them a very specific structure found back on their home world. It’s a good idea to place these builds as tight to to the walls or water as you can, because for Part 2 you will need a LOT of space.

Syspocalypseburg Walkthrough Guide LEGO Movie 2 Video Game Secrets

Here are the 15 Super Builds you will need to fill the area and satisfy all the quest givers:

  1. Apocalypse Apartments (Found In: Apocalypseburg)
  2. Harmony Cafe (Found In: Harmony City)
  3. Ice Cream Parlor (Found In: Classic Bricksburg)
  4. Taco Shack (Found In: Classic Bricksburg)
  5. Crashed UFO (Found In: Asteroid Field)
  6. Luxury Apartments (Found In: Classic Bricksburg)
  7. Coffee Shop (Found In: Classic Bricksburg)
  8. Benny’s Garage (Found In: Asteroid Field)
  9. Harmony City Apartments Orange (Found In: Harmony City)
  10. Barn (Found In: Old West)
  11. Cat Statue (Found In: Systarian Jungle)
  12. School Bus Stack (Found In: Apocalypseburg)
  13. Zombie Tomb (Found In: Planet Sparkles)
  14. Middle Zealand House (Found In: Middle Zealand)
  15. Robot Tower (Found In: Planet Unikitty)

Just keep making laps around the world until you find all 15 quest givers, build their buildings (if you have them) and move on to the next.

Combined with the first three Master Pieces you got during the story mode, the one random one floating in water, and the one you can buy at the shop… that leaves you with 20 out of 40 purple bricks.


But now there is no one left to interact with, talk to, do quests for, etc. How do you get those last 20 Master Pieces? This drove me & friend of the site JayShockBlast insanely crazy until we were tipped off to something interesting…

Part 2 – The Missing 20 Bricks

After you’ve attended to the 15 minifigure refugees, it’s up to you to find the last 20 missing Master Pieces.  To do that, you’ll need to build one Special Super Build for each of the missing 20 purple bricks in the remaining space left in the world. Each of these 20 Special Super Builds allow you to construct a new building ACCOMPANIED by a quest giving character.


How do you find these special Super Brick Builds? Simple! Head to your super build menu and look for any brick set box that has a Master Piece in the upper left hand corner, accompanied by a character on the lower right.

These are Quest Super Builds.

By using these Quest Super Builds, you are litterally making your own mission givers to award you the remaining 20 bricks. Pretty tricky!

YOU DON’T NEED TO WAIT TO START ADDING THESE. You can start adding them as soon as you start collecting them, but I did it all at once to make it a bit easier on keeping track of what I did and didn’t do.

Here is a full list of the 20 Quest Super Builds you will need & what world to find them in!

(For more detailed instructions on where to get these Quest Super Builds, visit our main guide page and visit each of the different world walkthroughs.)

  • Apocalypseburg
    • The Bat Cave
    • Coffee Unchained
  • Asteroid Field
    • Mission Control
  • Harmony City
    • Harmony City Tower
    • Harmony City House (Yellow)
  • Planet Unikitty
    • The Statue Of Liberty
    • Unikitty Temple
    • Queen’s Palace
  • Classic Bricksburg
    • Police Station
    • Town Hall
    • Zoo
  • Old West
    • Sheriff’s Office
    • Train Station
  • Middle Zealand
    • King’s Castle
    • Ye Old Tavern
    • Blacksmith
  • Systarian Jungle
    • Pyramid
    • Cleopatra’s Temple
  • The Ceremony
    • Sea Cow
  • Planet Sparkles 
    • Spooky House

Drop each of these buildings in Syspocalypstar, then complete the missions that accompany each. Some may require you to back track to other worlds to buy up stuff from the shops, so come prepared!

Full detailed walkthrough of these twenty missions coming soon!

Syspocalypstar Race Guide

Each world has a handful of races you can complete to unlock Master Piece bricks and other random collectibles. Here is a full break down of the races found in this world!


Syspocalypstar Chest Locations

Each world has several spots where chests will automatically generate. Each chest is full of studs and important Relics you must collect to unlock everything in the game. Below is a list of all the locations in this world where you can find a chest!


Syspocalypstar World Unlocks

Certain collectibles like characters, items and vehicles can only be unlocked in specific worlds by completing specific quests or from that world’s store. Below is a list of exclusives only found in this world!

  • Shop – Building Plans for Tempo’s shop.
  • Emmet’s House – Building plans for Emmet’s House
  • Tempo – LEGO Friends Character

Syspocalypstar Secrets & Easter Eggs

Find any fun or interesting secrets or easter eggs in this world? Leave a comment below and let us know!

  • Easter Egg List Coming Soon!

Syspocalypstar Video Guide

Here is a 100% Complete walkthrough for this world provided by our good buddy JayShockBlast! Enjoy!


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