LEGO The Incredibles Merida Unlock Guide Pixar Secret Character

LEGO The Incredibles has 13 hidden characters from some of the other great Pixar films! To unlock them you’ll first need to find one of the Pixar Family Builds hidden throughout the hub world. There is at least one Pixar Family build in each of the 10 areas.

Scroll down for info on how to unlock one of the Pixar secret characters in the game!


Merida Unlock Guide

LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough Merida Secret Unlock

Location: City Park (Urbem)

You’ll have to clear out the Bomb Voyage henchmen in the City Park district before unlocking this Pixar Family build pad. Once you do, you’ll need 5 Incredibricks to assemble it!

LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough Merida Secret Unlock

Pixar Family Build: The Witch’s Hut

You’ll build the Witch’s Hut inside the small grassy area near the center of City Park.

Once built you’ll need Merida to break open the door with an arrow shot. Inside there are three piles of wood that need to be destroyed to build a small fire, releasing the red brick.

LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough Merida Secret Unlock

Character Unlock: Merida

Merida is quick and has a wonderful ranged attack! Her voice acting is pretty fun with some great bits of dialogue. When she sits idly a wisp will appear and interact with her.

She has the following abilities:

  • Throw
  • Ranged Attack (Arrow)

LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough Merida Secret Unlock

Red Brick: x2 Stud Multiplier

Description: Multiplies Studs x2

Effect: Doubles all studs collected!

Merida Unlock Video


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