LEGO The Incredibles Woody & Bullseye Unlock Guide Pixar Secret Character

LEGO The Incredibles has 13 hidden characters from some of the other great Pixar films! To unlock them you’ll first need to find one of the Pixar Family Builds hidden throughout the hub world. There is at least one Pixar Family build in each of the 10 areas.

Scroll down for info on how to unlock one of the Pixar secret characters in the game!


Woody & Bullseye Unlock Guide

lego the incredibles secret characters

Location: Tourist

After clearing the criminals from the Tourist location of the map, a build pad will appear in the large vacant parking lot.

lego the incredibles secret characters

Pixar Family Build: Pizza Planet

Once you’ve built Pizza Planet, head outside to the rocket ship and GRAPPLE off the small yellow valve. Head back inside and put the handle on the crane game to free the Red Brick from those Little Green Men!

lego the incredibles secret characters

Character Unlock: Woody

Woody has the following abilities:

  • Summons Bullseye his trusty horse!
  • Grapple

lego the incredibles secret characters

Red Brick: Stud Magnet

Description: Draws studs toward you.

Effect: Any stud without a certain radius of you will automatically get collected!

Woody & Bullseye Unlock Video


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