LEGO The Incredibles Flik Unlock Guide Pixar Secret Character

LEGO The Incredibles has 13 hidden characters from some of the other great Pixar films! To unlock them you’ll first need to find one of the Pixar Family Builds hidden throughout the hub world. There is at least one Pixar Family build in each of the 10 areas.

Scroll down for info on how to unlock one of the Pixar secret characters in the game!


Flik Unlock Guide

lego the incredibles secret characters

Location: Urbem Heights

Clear out the Urbem Heights crime wave to reveal a brick build in the center of the vacant lot.

lego the incredibles secret characters

Pixar Family Build: P.T. Flea Circus

Once the Circus has come to town, walk around and use DIG to clear the piles of dirt away. Assemble the two lights on top of the box to open the rear door. Inside turn the lever to open the Chinese food box releasing the red brick!

lego the incredibles secret characters

Character Unlock: Flik

Flik has the following abilities:

  • Dig
  • Tunneling
  • Ranged
  • Thrown

lego the incredibles secret characters

Red Brick: Pickup Detector

Description: Find hidden collectibles!

Effect: Use this to help find minikits & gold bricks in the hub worlds and levels.

Flik Unlock Video


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