LEGO The Incredibles Bing Bong Unlock Guide Pixar Secret Character

LEGO The Incredibles has 13 hidden characters from some of the other great Pixar films! To unlock them you’ll first need to find one of the Pixar Family Builds hidden throughout the hub world. There is at least one Pixar Family build in each of the 10 areas.

Scroll down for info on how to unlock one of the Pixar secret characters in the game!


Bing Bong Unlock Guide

lego the incredibles secret characters

Location: Residential

Clear out the crime wave in the Residential district to reveal a build pad next to the playground!

lego the incredibles secret characters

Pixar Family Build: Imaginationland

Once you’ve built Imaginationland, it’s time to use your imagination! The sand pit is now lava and you must carefully hop around to hit the far switch releasing the center button. Trigger it and then head over to the chess board to build the queen and finish the game unlocking the red brick!

lego the incredibles secret characters

Character Unlock: Bing Bong

Bing Bong has the following abilities:

  • Summon’s Rainbow Wagon
  • Illuminate

lego the incredibles secret characters

Red Brick: Fast Interact

Description: Makes building much faster.

Effect: All your brick builds or other various puzzles can now be completed a lot quicker.

Bing Bong Unlock Video


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