LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough Level 10 – Return To Nomanisan Island Minikit, True Super, Secrets & Boss Guide


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Level Synopsis

Mr. Incredible has been invited back to Nomanisan Island but as he soon finds out it’s not to celebrate!

Boss Battle Guide

This level does not have a boss battle, just progress though it to continue the story along.

Boss: NONE

Tips & Tricks: N/A

Character Unlocks

Each level has four different characters you can unlock as rewards. You will get them as minifigure polybags to be opened in the hub world. Here are the character’s you’ll unlock in this level:

Level Completion Character:

  • Gazerbeam
  • Helen Parr (Blind Bag)

True Super Character:

  • Nomanisan Island Guard (Blue) (Blind Bag)

Minikit Characters: 

  • Dynaguy (Blind Bag)
  • Dash Parr (Blind Bag)

Vehicle Unlock

Every level has a bonus vehicle you can unlock by collecting all the minikits! Collect all 10 minikits in this level to unlock this vehicle:

Micro Syndrome


Scroll down to find our minikit collection guide for this level!

Ability Requirements

Each level requires a certain set of abilities to 100%. Here’s the full list of all the abilities you will need for this level. Plan your team accordingly:

Minikit Abilities Required:


Minikit Locations

Each level has 10 minikits hidden in various ways. Some are super easy to find while others are incredibly tricky to spot. Here is a complete list of all the minikits in this level:


Location: Entering The Secret Base – Minikits – 5

Poster Syndrome 

There are 5 Syndrome posters hanging around this level, destroy them all to earn a minikit.


The first poster is located straight ahead above some red barrels.


The second poster is located near the laser grid.


The third poster is located on the second story of the facility to the far left.


The fourth poster is located on the side of the building and can be blasted by standing on the platform near the Sonic Ability build.


The fifth poster is located above the elevator entrance.

Window Shopping


Use the Hatch Crawl Ability to access the minikit that can be seen through the window.

Mind Control Panel


Use the Mind Control Ability to take over the Nomanisan Guard and activate the control panel.

In Case Of Emergency


Use the Sonic Ability to break the glass and collect the minikit inside!

I Lava Minikits

Build 4 lava lamps using bricks from builds you break around the lair.

Location: Goo Cannon Escape – Minikits – 5


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True Super Amount

While playing through this level you will collect studs, slowly filling the yellow bar at the top of the screen. Collect enough studs and you will unlock the True Super gold brick for that level. Here’s the True Super amount of studs you’ll need for this level:

True Super Stud Amount: 110,000

Secrets & Easter Eggs

The levels of LEGO The Incredibles are packed with fun Pixar Easter Eggs and secrets! Here are some you can find in this level:


lego the incredibles easter eggs

After clearing the train pod puzzle early in the level, look up and to the right to spot everyone’s favorite welding robot BURN-E waving hello before zipping back into one of the tunnels.

Check out more Pixar Easter Eggs here!

Video Walkthrough

Written guides simply not your thing? Don’t worry! Here is a video guide to help you through this level:

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