LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough Level 11 – Above Parr Minikit, True Super, Secrets & Boss Guide


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Level Synopsis

The Parr family crash lands on the mysterious island in search of Bob. They must battle their way through the dense forests into the secret lair in hopes of bringing the family back together again!

Boss Battle Guide

Unless you count the Jungle as the ultimate boss, this level is just a progression of the story and doesn’t feature a major Boss Battle.

Boss: NONE

Tips & Tricks: N/A

Character Unlocks

Each level has four different characters you can unlock as rewards. You will get them as minifigure polybags to be opened in the hub world. Here are the character’s you’ll unlock in this level:

Level Completion Character:

  • X

True Super Character:

  • X

Minikit Characters: 

  • Icebreaker
  • Cliffhanger

Vehicle Unlock

Every level has a bonus vehicle you can unlock by collecting all the minikits! Collect all 10 minikits in this level to unlock this vehicle:


Scroll down to find our minikit collection guide for this level!

Ability Requirements

Each level requires a certain set of abilities to 100%. Here’s the full list of all the abilities you will need for this level. Plan your team accordingly:

Minikit Abilities Required:


Minikit Locations

Each level has 10 minikits hidden in various ways. Some are super easy to find while others are incredibly tricky to spot. Here is a complete list of all the minikits in this level:

Location: Plane Wreckage – Minikits x 3

Row Your Boat

Find and destroy four small crates that release bricks to build a small boat. Assemble all four boats around the area to unlock a minikit.

  • Small platform where Elastigirl must pull open the crate.
  • Platform where you build the rolling switch that powers the turbine.
  • Inside the rear of the plane near the seats.
  • Lower corner of the plane section with two levels.


The Safe Is Safe

The portion of plane with two levels has a small SILVER LEGO DESTROY safe in the rear corner that hides a minikit!

lego the incredibles

Treasure Diving

In the under water section of the map, destroy the small portion of the plane in the top right corner to reveal a minikit just waiting to be snagged.

Location: Island Arrival – Minikits x 7

lego the incredibles

One Unlucky Box

Use SILVER LEGO DESTROY to bomb the large silver crate with a four leaf clover on it, that’s washed up on the shore.

lego the incredibles

Beach Tracking

Use the tracking location found near the edge of the beach to slowly follow the trail of a burried minikit nearby.


Rocks That Roll

On the far left side of the beach’s edge you will find a pile of rocks that require MAGIC to lift and move. Clear the rocks out of the way to reveal a minikit just hanging out.

LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough Minikit

What’s Yours Is Mine

Head underwater in the small river area to find a floating mine. Hit the mine to release it, allowing it to destroy a collapsed cave wall revealing a minikit!

LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough Minikit

Just A Dash Will Do

On the beach front, locate the booby trapped minikit sitting out in the open. Use a character with super speed to quickly snatch the kit before the trap slaps shut.

LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough Minikit

Mom The Gap

When crossing the bridge in front of the water fall in the later part of the level, keep an eye out for the target on the stone wall which hides a minikit. Destory the rock wall then jump over to snag the minikit floating in a small cove behind the water. Just jump over from the stretched bridge to snag it.


Track & Seek

In the final area of the level, use TRACKING on the magnifier spot to the left of the round area. Track it across the ground to dig up the last minikit.


True Super Amount

While playing through this level you will collect studs, slowly filling the yellow bar at the top of the screen. Collect enough studs and you will unlock the True Super gold brick for that level. Here’s the True Super amount of studs you’ll need for this level:

True Super Stud Amount:

Secrets & Easter Eggs

The levels of LEGO The Incredibles are packed with fun Pixar Easter Eggs and secrets! Here are some you can find in this level:

The Seagulls


At several spots in this level you will hear the iconic call of the Seagulls from Finding Nemo… their MINE! MINE! MINE! is hard to miss!

Red’s Dream

LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough Easter Egg

When Elastigirl stretches her way into the henchmen’s break room, keep a close eye out for a TV playing a short clip of a LEGO unicycle bouncing a ball.


This is a super deep cut Pixar Easter Egg referencing “Red’s Dream” the second animated short ever made by Pixar. Check out the clip with some great commentary below:

Video Walkthrough

Written guides simply not your thing? Don’t worry! Here is a video guide to help you through this level:

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