LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough Level 2 – Hover Train Hijinx Minikit, True Super, Secrets & Boss Guide


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Level Synopsis

Elastigirl has received her first mission as an official Devtech Super but will she be able to stop a runaway train with minimal collateral damage!?!

Boss Battle Guide

Unless you count stopping the runaway train as the ultimate boss, this level does not have one.

Boss: NONE

Tips & Tricks: N/A

Character Unlocks

Each level has four different characters you can unlock as rewards. You will get them as minifigure polybags to be opened in the hub world. Here are the character’s you’ll unlock in this level:

Level Completion Character:

  • Elastigirl (Devtech)
  • Helectrix
  • Ambassador Agent (Blind Bag)
  • Municiberg Mayor (Blind Bag)

True Super Character:

  • Edna Mode (Juniors) (Blind Bag)

Minikit Characters:

  • Bob Parr
  • Down Burst

Vehicle Unlock

Every level has a bonus vehicle you can unlock by collecting all the minikits! Collect all 10 minikits in this level to unlock this vehicle:

Micro Train Of Thought


Scroll down to find our minikit collection guide for this level!

Ability Requirements

Each level requires a certain set of abilities to 100%. Here’s the full list of all the abilities you will need for this level. Plan your team accordingly:

Minikit Abilities Required:

  • Crawl Hatch, Elastic, Electricity, Grapple, Hacker, Laser, Remote Control, Repair, and Teleport.

Minikit Locations

Each level has 10 minikits hidden in various ways. Some are super easy to find while others are incredibly tricky to spot. Here is a complete list of all the minikits in this level:

Location: Runaway Train – Minikits 5



The first minikit is located at the beginning of the level, just make the jump at the end of the ramp to get it.

Drone Strike


The second minikit is obtained by destroying all 4 Screen Drones.

Jump Again!


The third minikit is obtained by making this second jump!

The Roof Is On Tire


The fourth minikit is located on the buildings rooftop next to the train overpass.

Jump Again! Again!


The Fifth minikit is obtained by making this final jump!

Location: Boarding Parr-ss – Minikits x 5

Training Day


Towards the rear area of the train use the Hatch Crawl Ability to gain access to the cockpit and collect this minikit.

Mission Incredible


This minikit can be obtained by making your way outside of the train shimmying on the side until you reach it!

Out Of Order


Use the Repair Ability to fix the vending machine and collect the minikit that appears.



The restroom is locked from the outside, use the Remote Control Ability to open the door and collect the minikit locked inside.

Train Your Mind


The final minikit is located inside the train cockpit, you will need to use the Teleport Ability to access it!


True Super Amount

While playing through this level you will collect studs, slowly filling the yellow bar at the top of the screen. Collect enough studs and you will unlock the True Super gold brick for that level. Here’s the True Super amount of studs you’ll need for this level:

True Super Stud Amount: 130,000

Secrets & Easter Eggs

The levels of LEGO The Incredibles are packed with fun Pixar Easter Eggs and secrets! Here are some you can find in this level:

Coming Soon

Video Walkthrough

Written guides simply not your thing? Don’t worry! Here is a video guide to help you through this level:

Coming Soon

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