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Note: You’ll have a much easier time navigating this hub area if you activate the Johnny DC Map Point first.  Activating this point will show you the locations of all of the immediately available gold bricks, character quests, boss fights, and races!

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Metropolis is a grandiose city of adventure, exploration, science, and technology, located on the east coast of the United States.  All sorts of bustling economies and companies such as LexCorp, S.T.A.R. Labs, and The Daily Planet are located here.  Metropolis, however, is also the target of many an evil villain, such as Ares, Trigon, Mammoth, and the Golden Glider.  Thankfully, heroes like Booster Gold and Donna Troy are here to assist and protect this city against evil.  This guide will show you how to unlock these characters, along with the 18 Gold Bricks and 5 Vehicle Tokens scattered around this enlightening city.

Metropolis Map


Gold Bricks (18)


1. Comic Booster

Requirement: Already available.




First, unlock the shop by using a hero at the security booth to open the shutter.  This will also activate the “Popularity Booster” quest for Booster Gold.  Once inside the shop, activate the game at the button.  You’ll have to run around the shop collecting Booster Gold merchandise in the time limit.  Using a speedster will greatly help.  Getting 500 points will complete the game and unlock your gold brick.


2. Tabloid Takeover

Requirement: Already available.



You’ll have to first start off by building the pieces on the floor into a Poison Ivy mixing tank.  You’ll find the first flower inside the black vending machine near the elevator.  Whack it a few times to get the flower to come out.  For the second flower, graffiti open the wall on the right side of the room.  For the third flower, melt the Gold LEGO bookcase and build the pieces into a push lever.  Rotate the Perry White statue until it won’t move anymore, then jump on the pole on the statue’s back to shoot the laser at the phonograph.  This will eject the third flower.  Collect it, then mix up the flowers in the mixing tank.  Spray the poison inside the office, and Jimmy will run out and break the printing press.  You’ll need to move the pieces back into the press with a telekinesis character in the right order.  First move the piece in the middle, then the piece on the far right, then the piece on the left.  This will turn on the printing press, granting you the gold brick.


3. Exhibition Extraction

Requirement: Already available.



First, shatter the glass box with a sonar character, the build the resulting pieces into a goon pressure plate.  Recruit the four goons and get them to stand on the pressure plate to reveal the mammoth exhibition.  Build the pieces by the mammoth safe into some grapple points, then re-recruit the goons and pull open the safe.  The baby mammoth will walk out, running into the wall and dropping your gold brick!


4. Lexerciser 5000

Requirement: Already available.



Melt the gold LexCorp logo and build the resulting pieces into a charging unit.  Charge up the charging unit to open the cage on the lexerciser, and jump in to collect your gold brick!


5. Honey!  I’m a Lexperiment!

Requirement: Already available.

5-honey-im-a-lexperiment-1 5-honey-im-a-lexperiment-2



First, play the X-ray puzzle to open up the view to the shrunken employees.  Then, use mind control on the employee and destroy the miniature furniture, then build the resulting pieces into a pressure plate.  Standing on the pressure plate will open up the floor and vent by the LexCorp symbol.  Head through the vent and charge up the charging unit inside to reveal a button in the employee’s cage.  Use mind control again, press the button, then jump on the newly enlarged objects up to the vent to get into reception.

Now in reception, walk up the staircase of books on the left side and HIDE behind the books on the desk.  You will need to wait until the receptionist is looking away to press the button.  IF YOU PRESS THE BUTTON WHEN THE RECEPTIONIST IS LOOKING AT YOU, THE GAME WILL SOFTLOCK AND YOU WILL HAVE TO RESET.  Pressing the button will deactivate the shields, allowing the employees to escape and give you your gold brick.


6. Out of Reach, On the Beach

Requirement: Already available.



Activate the boomerang switch to lift the bars and open the chest, revealing the gold brick.


7. Savings and Safecracking

Requirement: Already available.



First, pull open the door to the prisoner’s cell.  Then, after the Lex-Bots blow up, build their remains into a boomerang pad.  Then, grapple off the covers by each of the windows (there are five).  Then, use the boomerang pad and aim to the boomerang target on your right, then after that’s bounced all around into the cell, aim to the one on your left to finish the job and get your gold brick.


8. Planetary Placement

Requirement: Already available.




First, destroy the rubble by the charging unit, then charge it up.  This will launch the rocket and crash it to the ground.  Build the resulting pieces into a push lever and start turning the planetary system.  You’ll want to turn it until one of the buttons on the ground turns blue.  If it turns blue and turns off, then you’ll need to rotate the system just a little bit to get the button to permanently turn on.  Turning on all the buttons will power up the spaceship, launching it, and crashing it to the ground with your gold brick.


9. Trying Triangles

Requirement: Already available.



Step on the pressure plates to rotate each triangle so that touching corners are the same color.  Replicate the orientation in the image above to win your gold brick.


10. Bad Science

Requirement: Already available.

10-bad-science-1 10-bad-science-2

10-bad-science-3 10-bad-science-4


First, use the speed force treadmill to build a heat laser that will crack open the geode, completing the crystal objective.  Then, on the upper left floor use a character with stealth and technology to activate the technology panel, disabling the lasers and allowing you to collect the block objective.  Finally, on the right side, use a telekinesis character to topple the ladder, completing the bucket objective.

After doing all this, head to the button by in the middle back of the room to submit the pieces.  Once the scientist has run over to her chamber, head over there and mind control the assistant inside.  Pull the lever inside to bring the gold brick to where you are, then destroy the red chest that shows up to collect the gold brick.


11. Artifact Annihilation

Requirement: Already available.




On the right upper side of the Hall of Justice, grapple the wall open to reveal a timed lever.  You’ll need to pull the lever when the little hand/notch is on the green part of the circle.  Pulling the lever will power on the laser, revealing a pile of bricks on the floor.  Build these into a reflector on Batman’s chest.

On the left upper side of the Hall of Justice, graffiti the wall open to reveal a charging unit.  Charge this up to activate the second laser, which will also reveal a pile of bricks on the floor.  Build these into a reflector on Wonder Woman’s chest.

After doing both of these builds, Superman’s eyes will glow and he will shoot two lasers at the artifact in the center, cracking it open and revealing a gold brick.


12. Vacuums Suck

Requirement: Already available.

12-vacuums-suck-1 12-vacuums-suck-2

12-vacuums-suck-3 12-vacuums-suck-4


In this, you’ll need to collect three power cells. The first is found by charging up a charging unit on the far left side of the hangar.  Charging it up will release the power cell.

The second power cell is found by first using mind control on the scientist in the back middle of the hangar bay.  Activate the technology panel inside his lab to power up the magnet, pulling one of the storage containers up and dropping it on the ground, revealing the second power cell and a vent access spot.

After collecting the second power cell, go through the new vent access spot, then activate the fuse box inside to reveal a forklift on the hangar bay with the third power cell on its lift.

After collecting all three power cells, use a technology character to activate the technology panel.  You’ll want to match up similarly colored spots to form connections.  After completing it, watch the cutscene and go collect your gold brick.


13. Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice

Requirement: Already available.

13-meanwhile-at-the-hall-of-justice-1 13-meanwhile-at-the-hall-of-justice-2

13-meanwhile-at-the-hall-of-justice-3 13-meanwhile-at-the-hall-of-justice-4



In this, you’ll have to trigger five boomerang switches.  The first two are on the same level as the upper floor of the monorail station, one to the left outside of the station hidden behind a fast food cart, and one to the right outside of the station hidden behind some air vents.

The second two are further out on the left and right “towers” near the top.  However, they’re locked at the bottom.  The one on the left, you’ll have to dig up a dig pile nearby to make a lantern construct pad that you can use to pull open the door, then step on the pressure plate inside to unlock the boomerang switch above.  The one on the right, you’ll have to break open with a super strength character, then stand on the pressure plate inside to unlock the boomerang switch above.

The final one is locked behind a pressure plate that is on the monorail tracks just outside the station.  Stand on the pressure plate to unlock the boomerang switch, then activate it.  After activating all five switches, head up to the top of the Hall of Justice where your gold brick will be waiting for you.


14. Escargold

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #4 “Lexerciser 5000”

14-escargold-1 14-escargold-2



First, acrobat up the twirl poles or simply just fly to the top of the roof of the restaurant, then send Joker’s drone through the drone access hatch.  Blow up the stove to ignite it, then switch to Batman and use his drone.  Fly Batman’s drone to the back of the restaurant and blow up the fish tank with the sonar explosion.  This will open the doors to the restaurant as unhappy customers flee.  Melt the ice snail statue with a heat laser to collect the gold brick frozen inside.


15. Gold Brick Here

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #5 “Honey!



Start by blowing up the silver LEGO crates and building the resulting pieces into a boomerang pad.  Then, shoot a boomerang at the upper right boomerang bouncer to disable the first generator.  Use a stealth character to pull the lever by the camera to adjust the bouncers, then shoot a boomerang at the upper left boomerang bouncer to disable the second generator.  This will disable the lasers, allowing Psycho Pirate to escape, leaving you with his gold brick.


16. Sea King’s Stolen Stash

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #8 “Planetary Placement”



First, attack the tentacle to let the pirate pass.  Then, when she gets throne into the oil barrels, build the resulting pieces into some super strength handles, then throw the oil container at the tentacle.  After the pirate gets knocked into the bridge, build the broken planks into a new bridge across the trees, then freeze the water coming up from the hole into some steps for the pirate to jump up to.  Make your way over the tentacle and crack open the chest to get your gold brick.


17. Park Pest

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #9 “Trying Triangles”



Hop on the Lex-Bot Tree Cutter and cut down the trees by the gopher. You will need to cut down all four trees to prevent the gopher from coming back. You will get your gold brick after cutting down the four trees.


18. The Metropolis Job

Requirement: Requires Character File Quest #6 “Big Mammoth’s House”



First, use the elevator at the bottom of the museum. Then, activate the technology panel next to the gold brick to lower the bars, allowing access to the gold brick.


Character File Quests (6)


1. Popularity Booster (Booster Gold)

Requirement: Requires opening the security shutter at the comics shop in the first step of Gold Brick #1 “Comics Booster.”  Note that you do not actually have to complete the gold brick, you only need to open the security shutter with a hero character.



Follow Booster Gold around and take pictures of him and his fans.  Make sure to get both Booster Gold and his fans in the frame!  There will be a green box around both of them as shown in the picture above.


2. Ares-on to Get Annoyed (Ares)

Requirement: Already available.



Talk to the five NPCs located around Metropolis located on the map/radar by a yellow minifigure icon to seek information about what is “hip.”  Return to Ares and tell him that “A clueless Amazon think she’s famous after getting 13 likes on PhotoBrag,” and that “Some hipster wants everyone to know they liked Kite-Man before it was cool” to complete the quest.


3. Revitalizing Relics (Trigon)

Requirement: Already available.




To start, you will need to use the elevator at the bottom of the clock tower to get up to Trigon’s location.  Then, accept the quest and visit the objective markers on the map/radar.  Destroy the objects at each objective marker to get the relics you need, then return to Trigon.


4. Golden Glider: Flash Finder (Golden Glider)

Requirement: Already available.



Head to the five spots marked on the map/radar by the yellow minifigure icon and speak to the NPCs located there to seek information on where Flash is. Return to Golden Glider and tell her that “Flash has been seen at the comic book store” and that “Flash has been seen signing comic books at a nearby store” to complete the quest.


5. Why the Long Face? (Donna Troy)

Requirement: Already available.



Go to the locations marked on the map/radar in Smallville and collect the apples and carrots there.  After collecting all the snacks, return to Donna Troy to complete the quest.


6. Big Mammoth’s House (Mammoth)

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #3 “Exhibition Extraction”`



Follow Mammoth through the hordes of guards to the museum.  Once you get to the security camera, use a stealth character to bypass the camera and turn it off using the lever.  Once Mammoth gets inside the museum, you will finish the quest.


Vehicle Tokens (5)


1. Lex Go Fly a Kite (Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet)

Requirement: Already available.



This race is a simple flying race around Metropolis.  Make sure to boost while flying to make it within the time limit.


2. Super Drift Around Stryker’s (T-Jet)

Requirement: Already available.



In this race, you’ll have to drive the forklift around the Stryker’s Parking Lot.  You have a decent amount of time for the race, so don’t rush it.  The turning on the forklift is not good and you’ll have a hard time if you try to go too fast.


3. Highway to the Batcave (Cyborg Copter)

Requirement: Already available.



This is a really cool speedster race that goes from Metropolis to the Batcave.  At one point you’ll have to go over a stretch of water to get to the batcave, so remember that you can actually swim very fast as a speedster!


4. Superfast Sidewalks (Flashmobile)

Requirement: Already available.



This race is a simple speedster race through Metropolis on the sidewalks.  Watch out for various obstacles in your way such as bus stops and phone booths!


5. Meander Through Metropolis (Scarecrow’s Harvester of Fear)

Requirement: Already available.



For this race, you can either use a land vehicle or a speedster.  I’d suggest using a speedster as it gets you more control over the tight corners in the tunnels of Metropolis.


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