Ninjago City Beach Collectible Walkthrough- LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game


Gold Bricks – 24

Ninjago City Beach has 24 Gold Bricks that you can collect through various missions, races, and more! Here’s a quick guide on how to find all 24!

  • At the start of the level climb up
  • Climb the Debris
  • Inside of a Storage Container in the marina
  • Tornado of Creation: Create Pier
  • Tornado of Creation: Create Bridge
  • Take Control of Haunted Van Near the Beach (Ghost Ability Required)
  • On the Beach Use Your Creation Spinjitzu to Build a Sand Castle (Compass Quest)
  • Talk to Police Officer, Take Out 3 Groups of Shark Army Thugs (Compass Quest)
  • Free Citizen Trapped In Sand On the Beach (Compass Quest)
  • Win Race In Under 55 Seconds
  • Destroy Cave Wall Using Earth Spinjitzu On the Beach
  • In Lobster Trap In the Marina (Under Water Ability Required)
  • Find and Open 5 Treasure Chests In the Marina (Under Water Ability Required)
  • Win Race In Under 35 Seconds (Use Nearby Jet Ski)
  • Destroy 6 Barnacles Attached To the Boat Nearest the Race Starting Line (Under Water Ability Required)
  • Complete Challenge Dojo “The Secret Factory”
  • Tornado of Creation: Create Ninja Statue
  • Tornado of Creation: Create Mr. Yeti’s Snow Cone Van
  • Win Race In Under 2 Minutes
  • In the Marina Wall Climb Up Building Then Hop On Pole To Reach Brick Across the Way
  • Just Outside the Marina, Near the Broken Pier, Use Spinjitzu To Open Little Shop’s Shudders
  • Find A Pretzel, Hotdog, and Pie For Mr. Yeti’s Snow Cone Van (Compass Quest)
  • Inside the Secret Hideout Use Computer Access Ability To Open the Giant Door, Then Use the Other Computer to Match 3 Gold Bricks Onscreen
  • Inside the Secret Hideout Melt the Gold Door Using Fire Spinjitzu

Character Unlock Packs –7

There are 7 Ninjago Minifigure Blind Bags throughout Ninjago City Beach for you to find and unlock characters! Here’s a quick review on how to find all 7!


Across the way from the haunted van, near the beach.

Fish Bowl



In the marina, towards the ocean, and next to the beach there will be a crane. Activate the crane to bring up a diver’s shark cage from the ocean. Inside the cage there will be a Character Unlock Pack, to snag it just hit the target with a projectile.

Nya (High School)



Atop one of the buildings you will come across an air conditioning unit, open it with the Spear Ability to snag yet another Character Unlock Pack!




Inside the secret hideout for this area use the Spear Ability to open the blue shipping container and snag the Character Unlock Pack inside!




Inside the secret hideout in this area jump on the stacked boxes to reach an opening overlooking the ground floor of the hideout. Once you’ve reached this outlook snag that Character Unlock Pack!



Inside the secret hide out for this area use Stealth Ability to get passed the security camera. Next use Sword Ability to cut through the barrier and snag the Character Unlock Pack on the other side!

General Cryptor


Complete The Secret Factory Challenge Dojo with a score of 180,000



Complete The Secret Factory Challenge Dojo with a score of 100,000

Ancient Scroll – Master of Summoning


The ancient scroll for this area gives players the ability to pick up studs within a much larger radius without having to get to close to them. To reach the ancient scroll you must first wall climb up this particular building until you can reach the yellow ledge that wraps around the building. Once you have shimmied your way to the far end of the building you will see wall grips that will let you climb further up the building until you reach some spinning bars. Jump onto the first bar, spin, and jump to the next. Once at the end of the spinning bars you will then need to jump to the ancient scroll which is resting on a billboard.

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