Ninjago City Docks Collectible Walkthrough- LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game


Gold Bricks – 24

Ninjago City Docks has 23 Gold Bricks that you can collect through various missions, races, and more! Here’s a quick guide on how to find all 24!

  • Inside Water Tower; Use Water Spinjitzu
  • Atop Steel Beams Near Shipping Containers
  • Win Race in Under 1:15
  • Use Dig Ability Near Big Tree
  • On Boat Under Water; Under Water Ability Required
  • Tornado of Creation: Create Wu Statue
  • Across Piers On Structure’s Second Level
  • Across Piers On Structure’s Third Level; Explosion  Ability Required To Open Gate
  • Acquire 3 Bones for Skeleton NPC; Under Water Ability Required To Access Mission In Structure as Above Gold Bricks (Compass Quest)
  • Complete Stormy Docks Challenge Dojo
  • Tornado Of Creation: Create Shrimp Sign
  • Near Water Front Activate Crane With Staff Ability and Use Fire Spinjitzu to Melt Golden Chest Pulled From Water
  • Win Race in Under 1:00
  • Melt Golden Fish Statue Atop Building With Fire Spinjitzu
  • Tornado of Creation: Create Ice Cream Factory Sign
  • On Wall Outside Parking Garage
  • Rescue 3 Groups of Citizens From Thugs
  • Inside Parking Garage Use Computer Terminal Ability to Open Vault Door
  • Find All 3 Members of the Green Fan Five (Compass Quest)

Character Unlock Packs –7

There are 7 Ninjago Minifigure Blind Bags throughout Ninjago City Docks for you to find and unlock characters! Here’s a quick review on how to find all 7!



Near your starting location you can access a body of water, if you swim into and explore under this body of water you will come across a clam. Strike the clam to jolt it open and snag the Character Unlock Pack!

Hot Dog Man


On the water front you will come across  boat with some crates on board. Destroy the crates and build a cannon out of the pieces; the cannon automatically fires and blows a hole into a shrine exposing a Character Unlock Pack!

Great White Shark


Atop one of the buildings toward the center of the city you will come across a billboard that can be interacted with using Ghost Ability, use this ability to take control of the crab on the billboard and snap a cable holding up a flag on the side of the building. Once the flag pole has tumbled down you can snag the Character Unlock Pack by jumping from the pole to the ground below!

Jay (Classic)


On the second floor of the parking garage you will come across a pile of debris next to a pick up truck, destroy the debris and build a switch with the pieces. Once the switch is built activate it with the double sword ability. Once activated a Character Unlock Pack will appear from the truck’s bed!

Lloyd (High School)


To access the area this Character Unlock Pack is located you will need Garmadon’s wall break ability to get there. Once the wall is broken climb up the building and make your way to a rooftop with a large old television set on it. Now using Lloyd’s Creation Spinjitzu use the television pieces to create a flat screen T.V. that breaks and exposes a Character Unlock Pack inside!


Complete The Stormy Docks Challenge Dojo with a score of 170,000


Complete The Stormy Docks Challenge Dojo with a score of 90,000

Soul Archer

Complete The Stormy Docks Challenge Dojo with a score of 40,000

Ancient Scroll – Master of Speed



The ancient scroll for this area gives players the ability to fast build and speed up a characters world interactions. Across from the Fighting Dojo  you will see a cage built out of red laser beams, in order to open the laser cage you will need a character with the double blade ability such as Kai to open it.

True Ninja

Collect enough studs to earn the True Ninja Gold Brick for this area!

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