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The Ultimate Ultimate Weapon has been discovered, but there’s still the small matter of defeating Garmadon and freeing Ninjago city from the terror of Meowthra. Time to head back to the heart of Ninjago City!

Dojo Battle – The Scorched Tomb


Use Lloyd and Lady Iron Dragon to take on General Kozu and the terracotta warriors of The Scorched Tomb.

Gold Bricks – 23

Ninjago City Downtown has 23 Gold Bricks that you can collect through various missions, races, and more! Here’s a quick guide on how to find all 23!

Completing the story chapter “Epilogue – Return to Ninjago City” gets you your easiest gold brick.

Create the Beach Club (200,000 studs)

Near where you build the Beach Club there is a patio area with a narrow spot for wall running. Run up the wall, find a gold brick.

Also along the beach you’ll find four places to build sand castles. Your reward for building them is another gold brick.

Find the five burning noodle carts and use Nya’s Water ability to extinguish them.the-lego-ninjago-movie-video-game_20170927095037

Completing the dojo battle “The Scorched Tomb” with a high enough score will earn you a gold brick (doesn’t count towards total)

Down a side hall in the first section of the city is a computer terminal that will require a computer character to open. Inside are the ninja’s vehicles (not to be confused with their mechs) as well as a gold brick.

Rebuild the downtown bridge (100,000 studs) in order to get a gold brick and to provide a nicer, faster way to cross from one side of the city to the other.

Coffee Shop Owner Quest: Tidy up the mess left in the coffee shop by the shark customers – defeat one wave of shark enemies, rebuild parts of the coffee shop, and then fight another wave of five enemies. That gold brick is yours!

Race: Get a gold medal and get the gold brick.

In the first monorail room, climb the ladder to the platform above. Behind some glass is another gold brick. You have to pivot the camera up to see that you need Jay’s Lightning Spinjitsu to get the door to open. Of course, you also set half the room on fire in the process, but most likely nobody will notice with the rest of the city in shambles.

swordsAlong the monorail line, you’ll encounter a locked door that requires 85 bricks to open. Once you open that door the first puzzle you’ll encounter is a sword switch. Use Kai to open the gate and your other character can retrieve the gold brick there (fans of the Ninjago cartoon will recognize this as Nya’s workshop, complete with Samurai X armor and mech).

Continuing into Nya’s workshop, along the right side will be a wall run and then ghosts hanging out in front of her mech. Use a ghost ability to create a platform. Jumping up on the platform and pressing the button will earn you another gold brick.

Happy Woman Quest: Now that the sharks are gone, this woman wants to party. While she doesn’t acknowledge that you had anything to do with defeating the sharks, she does offer you a mission to go get party supplies. What she really means is, take the elevator to the nice patio area and set up the sound system. Even though she’s happy with your work, she panics over not having sent any invitations out (apparently the heroes of the city aren’t enough of a draw). Thankfully, her lack of planning isn’t your problem and she rewards you with a gold brick.

While you’re at the top patio area, you’ll find a puzzle that makes use of serpentine tunneling abilities to navigate an underground maze. Break all of the items and earn a gold brick. As a bonus, there’s a spinjago locked door nearby with a color-changing brick for a stud bonus!

Instead of taking the elevator back down, use the height to drop down onto the roof of the lower building. This will allow you to make your way over to the actual train rail where there’s a gold brick. This is one of the trickier ones to get as the sides of the rail are sloped. Miss-time your jump from the wall run and you’ll be back on ground level, having to repeat the entire process again.

the-lego-ninjago-movie-video-game_20170925203441In the area where you are climbing the scaffolding to save the firefighters you have two choices for wall running. On the right side is a wall that takes you to the top, but on the left side is a small gap with runnable walls on both sides. Use both of these to climb to the middle of the scaffolds. At the top you’ll find a gold brick!

Head down into the lower area near the scaffolds and you’ll find a shop on the right with a gold brick in it. You just need Nya to pry the door open with her spear and it’s all yours.

Create Dog Park (150,000 studs): Help the regretful dogwalker by making her a place to walk her dog and she rewards you with a gold brick. Once you’ve helped her, use Zane to freeze the pool of water into a spiral staircase that leads up to another hidden brick.

Instead of going up the scaffolding, jump up on the debris and then to the building to the right of it. This will lead you to a switch that requires Master Wu’s staff. Turning it lowers a window cleaner platform and another gold brick.

Scaffolding Area Race: Get the gold and you get a gold brick. Warning: this one requires a lot of wall running and jumping and such. If you aren’t skilled with hitting the right button at the right time, you may have to try this one a few times.

truck-hangThere’s a gold brick just sitting among the debris of a damaged road, but you’ll have to use the precariously hanging trucks to get over to it. Other than a few well timed jumps, this is an easy one to get.


Character Unlock Packs – 8

There are 8 Ninjago Minifigure Blind Bags throughout Ninjago City Downtown for you to find and unlock characters! Here’s a quick review on how to find all 8!

General Kozu – Earned through “The Scorched Tomb” dojo battle (doesn’t count towards total)

Stone Warrior – Earned through “The Scorched Tomb dojo battle (doesn’t count towards total)

Gravis – If you head down to the beach area, this character pack is sitting in the sand just around the corner.

Chamille – Out in the water (so you need a swimmer to get to it) is a chest with a character pack in it with this Elemental Master.

Dareth – On the beach you might notice the targets the Serpentine destroy, but no access hatch. You have to destroy one of the items, which builds a metal detector, which reveals the access hatch. Then use your serpentine to destroy the targets in the underground maze and unlock Dareth.

? – Towards the far end of the beach is a locked gate that requires 220 gold bricks before you can open it. Hidden inside is what will probably be the last character pack you get.


Hey, is that a character pack I see in there?

Ed– At the far end of the beach, away from the city, is a building where you can see a character pack through the glass windows. Use your ninja skills to make your way around the corner of the building, and then use Cole’s Earth Spinjitsu to knock a hole in the building (hey, isn’t another character worth a little breaking and entering?).

I.T. Bat Nerd – Possibly my favorite of the obscure background characters, unlock I.T. Bat Nerd by jumping onto the roof of the showroom you stole the car from earlier (playing through the story level). Use Zane’s bow to shoot down a battery, which you’ll kick along a track into a terminal. Once the power is there, so is the Bat Nerd.

Nya (Classic) – Down the locked door hallway you’ll encounter a need for Wu’s staff to turn a switch. In that same area, you’ll bust up some bricks in a few piles that will assemble into a plane that flies away, leaving a character pack behind. Grab it and add the classic cartoon appearance for Nya to your collection.

Edna – Next to the Happy Woman quest giver is a shop with a character pack in it. However, the door is locked and requires explosives to enter. Blow the door and unlock Edna.

Ancient Scroll – Master of Fortune

ancient The ancient scroll for this area is hidden near the finish line of the scaffold race section. You’ll see a couple of large pipes that, when you get close, you are prompted to hit your athletic button and will slide under. On other side is the chest holding the Master of Fortune Ancient Scroll, which gives you x2 studs – an important feature for hitting true ninja!

True Ninja

Collect enough studs to earn the True Ninja Gold Brick for this area!

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