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Note: We highly recommend you take a minute before exploring this hub area and activate the Map Console! You can find it on the map screen (should be one of the only icons that appears on the map in the area, will appear as a small computer icon).

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Old West Character Unlocks

You can unlock additional characters in this hub world by completing Boss Battles, Puzzles, Races & Missions as listed below. Here is a quick recap of all the characters you can unlock here, scroll down for more details!

  • Boss Battle
  • Puzzles
  • Arizona Girl (150,000 studs)
    • Mission: Horsin’ Around
  • Phantom Rider (150,000 studs)
    • Mission: Speedy Specter
  • Two-Gun Kid (150,000 studs)
    • Mission: One-Gun Kid
  • Red Wolf (50,000 studs)
    • Mission: One Upon a Totem in the West
  • Iron Man (Old West) (250,000 studs)
    • Race: Horsepower, Not Horses

Old West Boss Battle

Some of the many hub areas in Chronopolis feature a secret boss battle! To unlock the hidden boss, complete all the quests, races, puzzles, ect! Boss Battles will appear as a BOOM! icon on your map.


Bullseye (Old West)

Create enough chaos in the Old West and the big boss will be ready to face you. In this case it’s an Old West version of Bullseye. He occasionally summons an army of troops to slow you down, and they do an excellent job of that since some of them are wearing silver vests, and others are flame throwers. I found a combination of Iron Man (the regular, not the Old West version) and Captain America were best for this as they could stun or destroy the enemy countermeasures. Then it’s just a matter of dodging Bullseye’s projectiles and getting close enough to wail on him – he tends to deflect projectiles, so you’ll need to get close enough for melee combat. It’s a challenging fight thanks to the troops, but not unbeatable.

Old West Missions

Quests will appear on your map screen as small text bubble icons. Some missions may appear as locked icons, these are missions that require you to complete other missions in the hub area, or elsewhere in Chronopolis to unlock.

Horsin’ Around

  • Unlocks: Arizona Girl


Arizona Girl (aka Arizona Annie) wants your help rounding up a herd of wild horses that were spooked off by a starship. Roam around to find the five horses, then ride them back to Annie. Once you’ve gotten all of them together, you’ve earned her trust.

Speedy Specter

  • Unlocks: Phantom Rider


The Phantom Rider sees the addition of all the elements of Chronopolis as source of new contenders to race. He challenges you to ride against him and his horse, Banshee, in a race around the Old West zone, using a horse that he provides. The mission ends up being a straight race, and not a very challenging one at that.

One-Gun Kid

  • Unlocks: Two-Gun Kid


Someone has stolen the Two-Gun Kid’s second gun. Rather than go for a name change, he enlists your help in tracking down his missing sidearm. He’ll lead the way as you take on several waves of enemies (HINT: This is also a good time to do this area’s Billboard Day challenge, as his course takes you right past it. Eventually you come upon the Pistol Pincher. Defeat him and the enemies he spawns as he moves into invulnerable mode and you’ll return Two-Gun Kid to his missing splendor.

Once Upon a Totem in the West

  • Unlocks: Red Wolf


(NOTE: This mission is initially locked until you complete Mission: Rootin’ Totem Good Time in Hala). Red Wolf wants to help you and Rawhide Kid find the Living Totem. He charges you with asking people around town about anything suspicious they’ve seen. Bring the answers back to Red Wolf and he’ll deduce where your search should go next, leading you to Gwenpool Mission #5. 

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Old West Puzzles

Puzzles will appear on your map as green puzzle pieces. These puzzles require a whole host of abilities or characters to solve, and usually unlock Gold Bricks! Here is a recap of this area’s puzzles:

Inventing the Tumble Cart

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick


One of the cowpokes fancies himself an inventor, although he needs your help to make his invention, the Tumblecart, happen. Use the terminal to unlock the tile puzzle next to it. Once you’ve solved the puzzle, you’ll activate the nearby crane, dropping a chest that needs its rope handles pulled open to release the pieces for the tumblecart. Build the gyrospheric device, then use it on the nearby switch (or use Groot or Marvel Girl) to open the chest next to it for your gold brick reward.

Somebody’s Poisonin’ the Water Hole

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick


One of the trickier puzzles to find, as the indicator puts it up on a hilltop when it’s really hidden in the river underneath the road. Finding it is the difficult part, as all you need to do once you’ve found it is cut down the vines at the rear of the waterway in order to collect the gold brick behind them.

Under the Chi…er, Sea

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick


Another puzzle that is trickier to find, as the indicator puts it on a mountain top. In reality it’s under the water. You’ll find the water and the tunnel near the mine track. Follow it to the end and under the water is a Chi Dragon. Empower it to open a chest and collect your gold brick.

Soothing the Savage Beast

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick


An alien beast has wandered into the hills of the Old West and the aliens surrounding him need help calming him down. It’s the old west, so what better way to tame him than to break him like a bucking bronco. Ride that beast, hitting the right button as quickly as you can to earn the best time and earn your reward (Note: This puzzle counts towards the Minigame Master challenge).

Panning for Gold

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick


This prospector has his eyes on more than gold – he wants parts of an alien spacecraft that crashed into the water. Dive down and free the parts. One will require vine cutting and digging, the other will require silver block destruction. Use telekinesis to move both parts onto the crane platform only to discover the crane was broken earlier that day. Using tracking, find some digging piles and pull out parts to repair the platform and crane. Without some rope you’ll have to use a gravity mine to pull the parts together, and then a rope pull to move the platform out from over the water onto safe land. Whew. Are we sure this wasn’t a mission with all of those steps?


  • Unlocks: Gold Brick


The area outside of town has a mole infestation. Whack those moles as fast as you can. You have 45 seconds to beat 15 of them, which is a bit more challenging than you’d think. Make sure to pick a character with a ranged attack that you have better control over (something like Iron Man’s missiles rather than Thor’s hammer). Make those varmints pay!

Rescue at the Old Mill

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick


(NOTE: This puzzle is initially locked and only becomes unlocked by completing other puzzles in the area) A family is trapped in the Old Mill. Defeat the bad guys blocking the entrance, then open a portal using Magic, first by completing the rune and then by opening the actual portal. This takes you to the trapped couple who aren’t too keen about going back through the portal. Instead, shrink into the fuse box and solve the puzzle there in order to open the upper door and free the couple.

Showtime at the Saloon

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick


(NOTE: This puzzle is initially locked and only becomes unlocked by completing other puzzles in the area) The saloon has found new entertainment in the form of robotic players. Unfortunately, they aren’t quite working yet due to generator problems. Repair the piano in the saloon and build the other instruments for them out of a crate, then head to the rooftop for the challenging part. In order to charge the generator, you have to lift a laser up to the roof, open the gate on the generator, then use Beam Deflection to aim the laser beam into the generator. The problem is the laser only stays up for a limited amount of time, and switching characters to raise the laser doesn’t help because the AI on the second character just comes down to meet you. It may take a couple of tries, but you’ll get it. Then head back into the saloon to press the button and start the music.

Rescue at the Old Mine

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick


(NOTE: This puzzle is initially locked and only becomes unlocked by completing other puzzles in the area) The mine owner’s kid has been nabbed and hidden in the mine. Make your way past the “fancy guns” (read: laser) to find the crook holed away. Use telekinesis to float the key over and open the cell, then take him out. Redirect the power lines within the cell in order to stop the laser, then charge the power stations. Further in the mine you’ll find the boy. A quick charge to a power station will open his cell and release him.

Old West Races

Races will appear on your map as a checkered flag icon. Some races require specific vehicles or abilities (like flight or web swing). Here is a full recap of this hubs races:

Horsepower, Not Horses

  • Unlocks: Iron Man (Old West)


You would think a race set in the Old West would require horses, but no such luck. This one requires a car. Follow the winding track leading down below the town, then make your way back up. Be careful though: the terrain is tight in a few places and the traffic is surprisingly thick on the way down. Navigate carefully and you’ll earn the gold and an Old West rendition of Iron Man.

Old West Gwenpool Mission

Some areas of Chronopolis have Gwenpool Missions hidden away that require you to beat main missions in other hubs. Here’s a recap for this hub’s Gwenpool missions:


Toe to Totem

After you’ve completed the proper quests, the Gwenpool mission “Toe to Totem” will unlock at the Saloon. Head over to our guide for more information on Gwenpool Mission #5.

Old West Stan Lee Rescue

Stan Lee is in trouble and he needs your help! Find him on the map by locating the Stan Lee icon. You can typically hear him crying out for help when you are close by! Here’s how to save Stan in this Chronopolis Hub area:


Stan is lost in the hills above the town in the Old West. Even worse, he’s been cornered by a buffalo. Destroy items around their location (including a barrel of items kept behind some vines) to create a decoy buffalo to draw the aggressive beast away from Stan. You’ve saved the day again!

Old West Challenge Items

Chronopolis is packed with fun challenges that allow you to unlock vehicles. These challenges can be very difficult to complete! Here’s a list of all the Challenge items we’ve found in this Chronopolis hub:

  • Aerial Avenger: Circle of birds above the race starting point.
  • Billboard: Overlooking the town from a higher ridge.
  • Minigame Master: Riding the savage beast for one of the puzzles counts towards this achievement.
  • Wanted: Anonymity
    • In town on the end of a building
    • Up above the town on the mine entrance
    • On the upper level of the restaurant
    • On the backside of the resaurant (near the Tumble Cart puzzle)

Secrets & Easter Eggs

  • One of the random pieces of banter around the town is a woman declaring “There’s a snake in my boot!” Clearly, this is a nod to Cowboy Woody’s catchphrase from the Toy Story movies.

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