Painting the Town Black – DC World

Level Locations

Jump into the world of DC Comics and save Metropolis from the invasion of Sauron and his army of Orcs!

  • City Streets
  • Atlantis

Boss Encounters

Painting the Town Black Two Face


  1. Defeat the enemies that come out to attack you. There is a counter at the top of the screen for how many are remaining.
  2. When your character gets put into the magic beam, move that character to a different location on the pad.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
  4. A truck will be kicked out from the elephant. Use a character with Grapple to pull off the front of the truck. This will knock out an Elemental Keystone.
  5. Use the fire element to destroy the objects and enemies in front of the elephant. Then switch to electricity to charge both electrical panels at the feet of the elephant.
  6. Use a character with Relic Detection under the elephant to reveal a Boomerang Switch. Use a character with Boomerang to activate the switch.
  7. Use a character with Magic to disassemble the passenger carrier on top of the elephant, defeating Two-Face.

Painting the Town Black Sauron Lego Dimensions


  1. Use a character with Magic to repair an Accelerator Switch. Use a vehicle to activate the pad.
  2. Go around the room, repeating step 1, two more times, as you go around.
  3. Activate all 3 lamps around the room. This will activate a cut-scene, leading to the next part of the encounter.
  4. After the cut scene, there will be pieces that a Master Builder can use to put together waiting on the platform. This will create a generator for lighting the Bat Signal light. Hop into the back of the light and shine it towards the center of the platform.
  5. Sauron will drop down and attack. After a bit, he will stop briefly where players can attack him. Do this until he jumps back to the center of the platform.
  6. When your character gets put into the magic beam, move that character to a different location on the pad.
  7. Destroy the enemies that come out. After the enemies are destroyed, a cart mysteriously drops out of the sky. Use a character with Magic on the cart. This will turn the cart into a fireworks launcher. Jump into the launcher, turn it towards the center of the platform, and attack.
  8. Repeat steps 5 and 6.
  9. An empty bus will mysteriously drop out of the sky. Use the pieces from the bus to put the front of the bus back together again. Use a character with Magic on the wires next to the partial bus to power the front of it. Jump into the back of it and shine it towards the center of the platform.
  10. Repeat step 5. After attacking him, he will be defeated.

Completion Abilities

Minikit Locations

City Streets- 6 Minikits

  • Destroy the Tower | Requires: None
    • After the first barrier gate, there is a turned over truck in the middle of the street. Destroy the truck to reveal an Accelerator Switch. Use a vehicle on the pad to destroy the tower across the street and reveal the minikit.


  • Repair the TV Van | Requires: Fix-It, Magic
    • Down the street to the right side of previous tower minikit is a broken down TV Van. Use a character with Magic on the van.
    • Inside the van are broken pieces that require a character with Fix-It to claim the minikit.


  • Portal to the Inside | Requires: Magic
    • In front of the second barrier gate is a truck requiring a character with Magic to release a Shift Keystone. Use the red portal to claim the minikit.

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  • The Crashed Bus | Requires: Laser
    • After passing through the second barrier, there is a crashed bus on the left side of the road. Use a character with Laser to open the door and claim the minikit.

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  • Fishing in the Sewer | Requires: Boomerang
    • In front of the third barrier is a dumpster next to a sewer hole. Destroy the dumpster and use the pieces to put a Boomerang Switch on the crane. Use a character with Boomerang activate the switch and pull up the minikit.


  • Rainbow Launcher | Requires: Rainbow Lego
    • During the Two-Face encounter, destroy the vehicle at the front left of the area to reveal rainbow pieces. Use a character with Rainbow Lego to put together a rainbow launcher pad. Step onto the pad to claim the minikit.
    • The minikit will not appear until the rainbow launcher pad is created.

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Atlantis – 3 Minikits

To reach the Atlantis area, a character with Dive is needed. During the encounter with Two-Face, the entrance to Atlantis is on the right side of the room.


  • The Power of Chi | Requires: Chi
    • Use a character with Dive and Chi combination on the Chi pedestal to gain the minikit.
    • To gain the chi underwater, defeat the enemies using a character with Dive and Chi combination.


  • Moving Statues | Requires: None
    • To the left of the Chi pedestal are two statues. Move the silver one to the left of the center statue. Move the gold one to the right of the center statue. Once both statues are in place, the minikit will be revealed.


  • Chest in the Cavern | Requires: Silver Lego Destroy
    • Swim out into the open water and dive down to a wall locked with silver lego blocks.
    • Use a piece with Dive and Silver Lego Destroy combination on the wall. Open the chest in the cavern to claim the minikit.

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Rescue Character

Location: City Streets

  • Rescue Lois Lane | Requires: Sonar Smash
    • After the second barrier, on the right side of the street is a door way that can be destroyed using a character with Sonar Smash to rescue Lois Lane.


Rule Breaker

Rule Breaker requires approximately 125,000 studs.

The Arcade Machine

During the Two-Face encounter, there is an Arcade Station for the Arcade Machine.

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