Ring of Fire – LEGO DC Super Villains Aquaman Level Pack Walkthrough

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Boss Encounter

Here’s a quick recap of the Boss encounters you faced during this level:

Orm (Gladiator)


Ability Requirements

Here are the Abilities you will need to 100% this level:

Minikit Ability Requirements

  • Lantern Constructs, Tracking, Grapple, Target, Silver LEGO Destroy

Minikit Locations

You will need to collect 5 hidden minikits in this level to earn the Gold Brick for this mission! Here’s where you find them:

Upper Area: 4 Minikits


Statue Smash

At the immediate beginning of the level, press the character swap button to swap over to where Player 2 is.  Now that you’re on the upper platform, go ahead and smash the glowing statue on the left shown in the picture, and then head over to the right and smash the matching glowing statue there.  These will drop bricks that you can build into Lantern Construct Pads.  Use these pads to break the statues on the walls, revealing piles of bricks.  Build these bricks into speakers on the wall.  After putting speakers on both walls, you will be rewarded with your minikit.




Torches Galore

In the hallway behind King Nereus, use the tracking spot and follow it to the right side of the throne chamber.  Build the resulting pieces into a lantern pad and use it to destroy the blockage near the grapple spot.  Then, after destroying the hanging anchor in Minikit #3, you’ll have access to the other grapple spot just to the left of the first one.  Use both of these grapple spots to activate the first two flames.  Then, over on the left side of the chamber, destroy the chest blocking the wall and build it into another grapple spot.  Activate these two grapple spots on the left side to activate the second set of flames.  Finally, destroy the throne in the middle of the chamber and build the pieces into a lantern construct.  This will bust open the wall in the back of the room, revealing the final grapple spot.  Activate this grapple to light the fifth flame, making the minikit appear.



Target Practice

Hit the target in the back of the chamber.  Build the resulting pieces into a minikit.





Silver Sailors

This minikit is broken up into three different Silver LEGO sailors to destroy, in three different areas.  The first is on the left side of the chamber near the treasure chest from Minikit #2, the second is slightly to the right of the volcanoes in the opening area of the level, and the third is on the right side of the final area of the level.  Destroy all three with a character that has Silver LEGO Destroy to get the minikit.


Gladiator Arena


Volcanic Panic

During the fight with Orm, after you blow up the volcano boulders around him, sharks will start to attack you.  During this phase, swap to a character that has flight and a target/beam and stay in the air.  Eventually, a minikit will come flying out of the right volcano.  Due to its position, you cannot collect it, you will have to shoot it to collect it.  If it disappears back into the volcano, wait a few seconds and it will reappear again.

Graffiti Tag Spot

Location: Upper Area


On the upper area where Minikits #1-4 are, the graffiti tag spot is on the right side of the hallway behind King Nereus’ throne.

True Villain – 150,000

You will need to collect 150,000 studs to unlock the True Villain gold brick for this level!

Video Guide

Video courtesy of the great JayShockBlast, friend of Bricks to Life!

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