Sakaar Completion Guide – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

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Note: We highly recommend you take a minute before exploring this hub area and activate the Map Console! You can find it on the map screen (should be one of the only icons that appears on the map in the area, will appear as a small computer icon).

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Sakaar Character Unlocks

You can unlock additional characters in this hub world by completing Boss Battles, Puzzles, Races & Missions as listed below. Here is a quick recap of all the characters you can unlock here, scroll down for more details!

  • Boss Battle
    • Red Hulk
    • General Ross – Unlocked when you buy Red Hulk
  • Missions
    • Black Widow – Crime Crisis
    • Skaar – Emotional Skaar
    • The Collector – Defector Collector
  • Races
    • Captain Britain – Taxi Race
    • Maestro – Foot Race

Sakaar Boss Battle

Some of the many hub areas in Chronopolis feature a secret boss battle! To unlock the hidden boss, complete all the quests, races, puzzles, ect! Boss Battles will appear as a BOOM! icon on your map.

Red Hulk

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Sakaar Bosses - Red Hulk

The Red Hulk is looking for revenge. Defeat him to unlock the Red Hulk.

Sakaar Missions

Quests will appear on your map screen as small text bubble icons. Some missions may appear as locked icons, these are missions that require you to complete other missions in the hub area, or elsewhere in Chronopolis to unlock.

Crime Crisis

  • Unlocks: Black Widow (150,000)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Crime Crisis

Black Widow and Hawkeye need your help to stop a crime wave in the city.  Follow the points of interest on your map to stop the criminals.  Defeat the two sets of criminals in Nueva York then hurry back to Sakaar to rescue Black Widow from the criminals and a symbiote.  Finally, rescue Hawkeye from the criminals and symbiote in Asgard.

F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F. & C.

  • Unlocks: Fin Fang Foom (500,000)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Sakaar Missions - F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.andC.

Fin Fang Foom is looking to open a new restaurant.  Talk to five citizens of Chronopolis to determine what they want to eat.  You will have to stop in Asgard, the Hydra Empire, Manhattan, Medieval England, and Nueva York before returning to Fin Fang Foom to deliver the information.

Defector Collector

  • Unlocks: The Collector (150,000)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Sakaar Missions - Defector Collector

The collector has lost four of his prize possessions.  Follow the map points to track them down in The Old West, Manhattan Noir, the Hydra Empire, and Man-Thing’s Swamp.

Emotional Skaar

  • Unlocks: Skaar (250,000)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Sakaar Missions - Emotional Skaar

Skaar is upset that is dad doesn’t want a picture with him.  Track down an alternate version of his dad and take a picture for him. Follow Skaar through several districts defeating enemies as you go.  After you catch up with his dad for the third time, take a picture of Skaar and his dad together.

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Sakaar Puzzles

Puzzles will appear on your map as green puzzle pieces. These puzzles require a whole host of abilities or characters to solve, and usually unlock Gold Bricks! Here is a recap of this area’s puzzles:

On The Rebound

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Sakaar Puzzle - On The Rebound

In the coliseum, there is a metal grate covering a pit with a gold brick.  Look around the coliseum for Shield Rebound spots.  You will have to create a few from objects in the area.  Use Doctor Strange to lift the rebound point off of the weight lifter onto a nearby base.  Destroy a nearby gumball machine and assemble the pieces to form another shield rebound point.  At the far end of the coliseum, there is a column of spikes with a rebound point.  Push the handle to rotate the shield point.  This will start a cut scene showing a throne.  Destroy the throne to reveal a pressure pad.  It will also provide pieces for the shield rebound pad.  Step on the pressure pad to open the hatch to reveal a shield switch. Target the various rebound pads until you find the one that completes the circuit and hits the shield switch.  This will open the grate revealing the gold brick.

Communication Breakdown

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Sakaar Puzzle - Communication Breakdown

Near the lake outside the coliseum, there is a crashed shield vehicle.  Use Black Panther to dig up pieces of the screen.  Destroy the two rocket boosters and assemble the pieces to create a computer interface. Finally, destroy the wing to reveal another dig spot and the final piece of the screen. Use the newly activated computer to enter the encryption key.  Use the key on the right of the screen as a guide.

Platform Puzzle

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Sakaar Puzzle - Platform Puzzle

Find a large stone building near the lava river.  There is a door with four red lights that need to be activated to open the door.  Use Doctor Strange to control the character inside the tower and step on the pressure pads inside. The pressure pad on the left will activate a platform on the back of the tower.  The pressure pad on the right will activate a platform on the right side of the tower. Fly up and press the buttons on the various platforms to open the door.  Use Miss Marvel on the machine inside the tower to unlock the gold brick.

The Fashionable Hulk

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Sakaar Puzzle - The Fashionable Hulk

Outside the coliseum is a store called the Fashionable HULK.  Inside the store, there is a crate to destroy.  Assemble the pieces to start the repairs on the rolling machine.  Use Iron Man to melt the gold on the front of the large machine. Use the pieces to finish the assembly of the rolling machine.  Rotate to machine using Groot to access each of the other sides of the machine. Rotate the machine so the grapple points are accessible.  Pull the grapple points then destroy the 9 spots revealed on the wall.  Rotate again until the webs are accessible.  Destroy the webs and assemble the pieces. Use Doctor Strange to move the blue pieces you knocked off the wall into the center receptacle. The cashier will reward you with a gold brick for turning on the machine.

Little Drummer Boy…or Girl

  • Unlocks: Mini-Game Master

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Sakaar Puzzles - Little Drummer Boy

Floating above the city, two citizens are playing music on a drum.  Join in the fun and keep the beat by pressing the right buttons.

Tired Turtle

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Sakaar Puzzles - Tired Turtle

Outside the coliseum, there is a turtle with a building for a shell.  Climb the ladder and destroy the three objects on the turtle’s back.  Assemble them to complete the floor. Jump up to the top floor and push the box down a level.  Push it over the edge one more time to knock it to the ground.  Assemble the pieces to create grapple points for Doctor Strange.  Pull the grapple point to open the back panel.  Use Iron Man to melt the gold object in the back of the opening to reveal a silver object. Destroy the silver object to reveal a glass block with the gold brick.  Black Bolt can make quick work of the glass so you can claim the gold brick.

Pole Vaulting

  • Unlocks: Gold Brick

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Sakaar Puzzles - Pole Vaulting

Locate a tower with a cage containing two characters.  There are five red lights on the top of the cage.  Climb the ladder to the left and jump on the pole as an acrobatic character.  This will activate a timer.  You have 45 seconds to make it through all 10 check points.

Note:  Do not use a character with super jump!

Sakaar Races

Races will appear on your map as a checkered flag icon. Some races require specific vehicles or abilities (like flight or web swing). Here is a full recap of this hubs races:


  • Unlocks: Caiptain Britain (150,000)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Sakaar Taxi Race

Grab a taxi and race from Sakaar to Medieval England.  Beat the course in under 1 minute and 40 seconds to unlock Captain Britain.

Foot Race

  • Unlocks: Maestro (500,000)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Sakaar Foot Race

Race around Sakaar and through the Coliseum in less than 95 seconds to unlock Maestro.  This race is unlocked by completing the Emotional Skaar mission.

Sakaar Stan Lee Rescue

Stan Lee is in trouble and he needs your help! Find him on the map by locating the Stan Lee icon. You can typically hear him crying out for help when you are close by! Here’s how to save Stan in this Chronopolis Hub area:

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Sakaar Stan Lee Rescue

Stan Lee is stuck under a huge jousting lance.  Use Iron Man to melt the gold object near by to reveal a gravity booster.  Change into StarLord and throw a grenade at it to free Stan Lee.

Sakaar Challenge Items

Chronopolis is packed with fun challenges that allow you to unlock vehicles. These challenges can be very difficult to complete! Here’s a list of all the Challenge items we’ve found in this Chronopolis hub:

  • Gold Brick Statue: To the right of the main walkway to the coliseum.
    • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Sakaar Gold Brick Statue
  • Mini-Game Master:  Two Drummers are floating high above the city.
  • People’s Hero:  Defeat two robotic demon cats near the coliseum.
  • Spore Or Less:  All ten of the Spores are located in Sakaar.

Secrets & Easter Eggs

  • Coming soon!

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