Sea-King Trouble – LEGO DC Super Villains Walkthrough Level 9

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Story & Location 


lego dc super villains walkthrough

The Hall of Doom is stolen and a few spare villains are off to try and save it!

Boss Encounter

Here’s a quick recap of the Boss encounters you faced during this level:

Sea King


Ability Requirements

Here are the Abilities you will need to 100% this level:

Minikit Ability Requirements

  • Sonar, Grow, Telekinesis, Electricity, Shrink, Grapple

 Other Collectible Ability Requirements

  • Grapple, Sonar, Harley Hammer

Minikit Locations

You will need to collect 5 hidden minikits in this level to earn the Gold Brick for this mission! Here’s where you find them:

Sea King Battle (Above Water) – Minikit x 2

lego dc super villains walkthrough

Glass Of Water

Destroy a glass pillar on the left side of the map revealing a GROW spot that when triggered will release a minikit.

lego dc super villains walkthrough

Cut The Rope

On the far right side of the map, use TELEKINESIS to lift a large knife and chop the rope, dropping the crate revealing a minikit.

Sea King Battle (Below Water) – Minikit x 2

lego dc super villains walkthrough

Anemone Attack

Use a character protected from ELECTRICITY to hop on top of an electrified sea anemone to snag the minikit!

lego dc super villains walkthrough

Shell Collector

Find and break open five shells located throughout the underground area.

  • Three in the main tunnel.
  • Two in the boss battle area.

lego dc super villains walkthrough

Tunnel Turbines

Use GRAPPLE to disable the tiny turbine at the bottom of the tube, then SHRINK down to a tiny size and swim up through the tube to snag the minkit.

Red Brick Location

Each level contains a hidden red brick waiting for you to find it! After you collect the red brick here, head back to the hub to purchase it, allowing you to use it’s special ability!

lego dc super villains walkthrough

Fast Interactions

In the final boss area, head to the far right to find a glass window. Shatter it with SONAR to reveal a pair of scary monster eyes. Wait and listen to the song played by the monster and repeat it through the flowers below the opening.

Character Unlock

Each level has one hidden Character Card for you to find and unlock! Plus you will unlock every character you play as (and possibly encounter) during the story mode for use during free play!

lego dc super villains walkthrough

Secret Character – Aqualad

Once you’re under water, head down the tunnel until you reach a wall of purple jelly fish. Use LANTERN CONSTRUCT to create a fan to blow the jellyfish away.

lego dc super villains walkthrough

Story Mode Character Unlocks:

  • Shark King
  • Black Manta
  • Sea King

Graffiti Tag Spot

Location: Sea King Underwater Battle


During the final underwater battle portion, swim to the far left to find a shell. To open it, GRAPPLE the barrel sitting next to it and assemble the pieces into a HARLEY HAMMER switch. Once the shell opens hop on up and tag away!

True Villain – 30,000

You will need to collect 30,000 studs to unlock the True Villain gold brick for this level!

Video Guide

Video guides provided by the wonderfully talented friends of Bricks to Life: PackAttack04082 & JayShockBlast

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