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Note: You’ll have a much easier time navigating this hub area if you activate the Johnny DC Map Point first.  Activating this point will show you the locations of all of the immediately available gold bricks, character quests, boss fights, and races!

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Smallville is a small, quaint, country town tucked away behind the busy and bustling city of Metropolis.  Many may know of Smallville as the place where Clark Kent, also known as the Superman, grew up.  It’s also a beautiful, simple town, with a large mine and a small airfield in the area.  All sorts of colorful and quirky characters reside here, from the forever-undying Gentleman Ghost, to the oddly hilarious Polka Dot Man, the sinister Psycho Pirate, and the squirrel crusader of the Green Lantern Corps, B’dg.  This guide will show you how to unlock these characters along with the 14 Gold Bricks and 4 Vehicle Tokens in the area.

Smallville Map



Gold Bricks (14)


1. Water Wealth

Requirement: Already available.

Smallville Water Wealth


First, destroy the bee hive hanging on the tree by the side of the river.  Then, melt the gold sign mining sign near the entrance to Smallville with a heat laser.  Then, head to the end of the river where your gold chunk is now resting.  Freeze the water at the end of the river and then build the gold pieces on top of the ice chunk into a gold brick.


2. Octangent

Requirement: Already available.

Smallville Octangent Smallville Octangent

Smallville Octangent


For this gold brick, you’ll need to disable the three gas pumps and then put out the fire.  Each gas pump has a release valve, which you’ll have to activate to shut it down.  The first release valve can be found on the roof of the gas station.  The second is next to the car wash, but it’s disabled initially.  First, you’ll have to jump in the car and drive it out of the wash so that the fuse box will open up and reveal a charging unit.  Charge it up to enable the release valve, then activate it to disable the second gas pump.  For the third pump, you’ll have to do a complicated twirl jump puzzle.

First, change both characters into a character with twirl jump (Nightwing, Robin, Red Robin, etc).  Then, use Player 1 and throw a pole at the right pole vault spot (the blue one on the right in the picture).  Then, swap to Player 2 and throw a pole at the middle spot (the red one).  Then, use Player 2 and swing onto the middle spot.  Swap back to Player 1, recall your pole, and then aim it at the left pole like in the picture above.  Swap back to Player 2 and swing onto the new pole until its powered up and the garage opens.

Then, jump in the car in the garage and drive it out of the garage so you can walk inside.  Activate the release valve inside to shut down the third gas pump.  Then, go to where the gas pumps are and snuff out the fire with an ice character.  Watch the cutscene and retrieve your gold brick.


3. Honey!  I’m Trapped On the Balcony

Requirement: Already available.

Smallville Honey! I'm Trapped on the Balcony

Smallville Honey! I'm Trapped on the Balcony


Go up to the balcony and destroy the table there.  Build the resulting pieces into an impact switch and trigger it with a character like Harley Quinn or Clayface.  Then go down below the building and use a character like Nightwing to illuminate the area and trigger the boomerang switch.  Build the resulting pieces from the inside chest into a trampoline.  Watch the cutscene and then get your gold brick.


4. Pigsty Problems

Requirement: Already available.

Smallville Pigsty Problems


First, blow open the pen with a graffiti character.  Destroy the barrel inside and build the pieces into some food for the trough.  Then, go into the pigsty the pig was blocking, and dig up the dirt pile in there.  Go inside the resulting vent and spin the valve in the area you end up at.  The chimney on the pigsty will spit out a bunch of bricks that you can build into an impact switch.  Trigger the impact switch to let the second pig loose!  Jump on the pig using Y/X/Triangle and let him crash into the silo to get your gold brick.


5. Happy Birthday to the Ground

Requirement: Already available.

Smallville Happy Birthday to the Ground Smallville Happy Birthday to the Ground

Smallville Happy Birthday to the Ground


You’ll have to distract both the mother and the father in this gold brick.  To distract the father, do the x-ray puzzle.  You’ll need to first move the vinyl disc off of the player, and then move the player to the bottom, where you can now move the bottom disc onto the player.  This will change the music and distract him.  For the mother, blow up the Silver LEGO lock on the horse stable at the end of the barn to let out the horse.  Then, go up to the rafters and use a character with Telekinesis to place the water barrel right over the cake.  Doing this will extinguish the cake, and the thief will fall off the rafter, taking the gold brick with him.


6. Hangar Hijinks

Requirement: Already available.

Smallville Hangar Hijinks Smallville Hangar Hijinks

Smallville Hangar Hijinks Smallville Hangar Hijinks

Smallville Hangar Hijinks


Hangar Hijinks is a multi-objective gold brick.  You’ll need to start by cutting through the Gold LEGO door to gain access to the hangar.  Then, use a character with Detective Vision and Heat Laser to melt the hidden gold padlocks on each set of wheels.  There are three of these.  Then, use a technology character and activate the panel at the back of the hangar near the rear of the aircraft to power on the lights, then rotate the lights into position so that they’re pointing at the front of the plane.  Finally, use a character with toxic immunity like Superman to wade into the toxic goop and pull the lever that’s powering the green force field on the hangar.  Watch the cutscene and collect the gold brick!


7. Rooftop Robbery

Requirement: Already available.

Smallville Rooftop Robbery Gold Brick



This gold brick is quite simple.  Upon arriving at the roof, some anti-theft lasers will pop up, blocking access to the gold brick.  You’ll have to head to the back of the building on the bottom, where the security cameras are.  Use a stealth character and pull the lever shown in the picture above to disable the lasers, which means you can now collect the gold brick.


8. Kryptocurrency

Requirement: Already available.

Smallville Kryptocurrency Gold Brick

Smallville Kryptocurrency Gold Brick


First, destroy the highlighted barrow of boxes shown in the first picture.  Build the resulting pieces into a boomerang bumper.  Then, tear open the cargo container and build the pieces inside into a boomerang pad.  Use the boomerang pad to bounce a boomerang into the hidden switch, which will dispense your gold brick to you.


9. Tower Trouble

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #3 “Honey!  I’m Trapped on the Balcony”

Smallville Tower Trouble Gold Brick


Tower Trouble is very simple.  You’ll have to trigger five targets around the top of the tower to drain the water tank while fighting some enemies.  Three of the targets are on the top white dome, the other two are just below (one of those two is visible in the picture, the second one is just opposite to its location).  Hitting all five targets will drain the water tank and release the gold brick.


10. Chicknosis

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #5 “Happy Birthday to the Ground”

Smallville Chicknosis Gold Brick


Chicknosis is quite tricky due to the way mirror portals work.  You’re going to have to shoot at the portal walls through the chain link, which is very finicky.  First, start off by shooting a portal at the portal spot on the outside wall of the chicken pen. Then, position yourself at the exact spot in the photo above and shoot at the portal wall inside.  Then, jump through the portals to get inside the pen.  From there, you can use mind control on the chicken and navigate it through the maze.  Every once and a while, you will have to get a new chicken, so you’ll have to go back through the portals to go to the outside of the pen to orient yourself in range of the chicken.  Your goal is to get your chicken to the yellow arrow shown in the pen.  Once you’ve done so, shoot a portal at the newly-revealed wall inside and travel inside the pen to get your gold brick.


11. Something in the Airfield Tonight

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #6 “Hangar Hijinks”

Smallville Something in the Airfield Tonight Gold Brick


Start off by destroying the blue container next to all the buttons.  Build the resulting pieces into a statue of the signaler.  Then, you’ll have to step on various red buttons to move the statue’s arms into the same orientation as the signaler’s arms.  After doing this enough times, the signaler will throw his flags at the statue’s head, blowing it up and revealing your gold brick inside.


12. Dance Dance Retribution

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #7 “Rooftop Robbery”

Smallville Dance Dance Retribution Gold Brick Smallville Dance Dance Retribution Gold Brick

Smallville Dance Dance Retribution Gold Brick


First, we’ll need to make Joker’s laughing gas.  The first component is hidden in the barber pole to the right of the dancer’s area.  The second piece is hidden in a car that you will have to grapple apart that is around the corner to the left of the dancer.  Finally, you will have to head up to the roof of the restaurant and use a drone to go inside the drone area and get the third component.  Mix up the laughing gas and spray it in the vent that is on the stairs to the roof.  After waiting for a while, a prompt to play a dance minigame will show up next to the dancer.  Play it to get your well-deserved gold brick.


13. Krypto the Super Dig

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #8 “Kryptocurrency”

Smallville Krypto the Super Dig Gold Brick

Smallville Krypto the Super Dig Gold Brick


First, destroy the dumbells and build them into a speed force treadmill.  Use the treadmill to build a drill.  Then, go to the top floor of the building and destroy the glass lock around the lever, then pull the lever to turn on the laser.  Destroy the white bikes to gain access to the deflector pad, then deflect the laser into the drill to power it up.  The drill will start to mine into the ground, pulling out your gold brick.


14. Kryptonite Krash!

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #13 “Krypto the Super Dig”

Smallville Kryptonite Krash Gold Brick


The third chapter in the kryptonite mining quest will require you to excavate some scattered stashes around the crash site of the truck.  Four stashes are in dig piles, one of which is hidden under a yellow dumpster that you’ll have to destroy.  The fifth is inside the crashed truck.  To access it you’ll have to tear open the back of the truck by attacking it, and then simply just walk inside to collect it.  Finding all five stashes will let you access the gold brick after a short cutscene.


Character File Quests (4)


1. Nth-formation (Gentleman Ghost)

Requirement: Already available.




This quest is a simple “seek information” quest.  For this, you’ll have to visit the five spots in Smallville and speak to the NPCs there to get information about the Nth metal being transported through Smallville.  Return to Gentleman Ghost, give him the info, and follow him to the location.  There, you will have to fight multiple police officers and guards.  After defeating all of them, destroy the box in the back of the carriage wagon to finish the quest.


2. Polka-Dot Panic (Polka-Dot Man)

Requirement: Already available.



In order to complete this quest, you’ll have to successfully step on the polka dots in the order indicated by Polka Dot Man.  Stepping on the wrong dot will damage you.  You’ll have to do this multiple different times, with it getting harder each and every time.  Completing all the challenges will finish the quest!


3. Poultry Patrol (B’dg)

Requirement: Complete Gold Brick #12 “Dance Dance Retribution”



In this quest, you’ll have to follow B’dg all the way through Smallville.  Along the way, you’ll encounter some nasty evil special agents that you’ll have to fight.  Once you get to your destination, you’ll have to fight through multiple waves of chickens in a desperate hair-raising battle.  Defeating all of them will complete the quest.



4.  Hysterical Homies (Psycho Pirate)

Requirement: Complete Gold Brick #15 “Gold Brick Here” in Metropolis.  This gold brick is locked behind the “Honey! I’m a Lexperiment” gold brick, also in Metropolis.



Go to the four locations marked on the map/radar by Psycho Pirate and get the NPCs there to return to him.  Return to Psycho Pirate to finish the quest.

Vehicle Tokens (4)


1. Escape to the Country (Tractor)

Requirement: Already available.



This race is a motorcycle race throughout Smallville.  It is quite easy but there are some tight corners to navigate and a fairly small time limit.


2. Up and Down the Mines (Supermobile)

Requirement: Already available.



This challenge is a foot race.  You can use a super speed character like Johnny Quick or Wally West, but I personally had an easier time with a character like Deathstroke.  I was much closer to the time limit than when I tried it with a super speed character, but it was much easier to control them, especially in the tight and limited area of the Mines.


3. Smallville Cycling Enthusiast’s Club (Batcycle)

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #2 “Octangent”



You’ll have to tone it down a bit in this race and take a ride throughout the alleys of Smallville on a bicycle!  This race is also very simple, but boost whenever available as the bike’s combined speed with the 90-degree turns make it difficult to hit the gold medal.


4. Ready for Take-Off (Javelin 7)

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #6 “Hangar Hijinks”



This race is a simple flying race throughout Smallville that will require some maneuvering through small areas close to the ground.


Video Guide

When we initially wrote this guide and recorded this video, we were not aware of the Psycho Pirate quest as it had not been unlocked yet.  As such, here is the unlock video for Psycho Pirate courtesy of our site partner JayShockblast.

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