Super Supporter Challenge – LEGO The Incredibles

LEGO The Incredibles features many fun challenges for you to complete as you explore Municiberg. Once you complete each challenge you will be given a Gold Brick and a special reward!

Super Supporter Challenge

Super heroes are still illegal in Municiberg and someone has put anti Supers posters in every district.  Destroy the poster in each of the ten districts of Municiberg.

The poster is a bright white square with a crossed out super hero, pretty east to spot. All you have to do is smash it to clear it off the wall!

Prerequisite:  You must complete the crime wave in the Docks district to complete this challenge.


Outer Municiberg

The poster is hanging on the east side of the red barn

Financial District

Around a corner above a dumpster on the east side of a building on the south east side of the building.


Residential District

The poster is in an alley on the northern side of the buildings across the street from the park.  It is due east of the entrance to Edna Mode’s house.

Industrial District

Start at the building in the northeast corner of the district and destroy the two crates on the south side of the building.  Assemble the pieces to create an access hatch for Dash.  Entering the hatch will make you float out the top of the chimney for a Gold Brick.  Exit the air stream to the right to find the Super Supporter poster…

Or just fly up there!


Tourist District

Find the largest building in the south east corner of the district.  The poster is on the east end of the building.


Urbem Heights

Back wall of building in the empty lot below the overpass.

lego the incredibles super supporter


Building corner near the small garden opposite the Diamond building.

lego the incredibles super supporter

City Park

On the inside corner wall of City Park’s maze, near water’s edge.



Prerequisite:  Complete the Crime Wave on the docks.

Once the Fish Warehouse is open, it is on the inside wall near the doors.


Look underneath the Waterfront Footbridge.


Challenge Unlock:  Universal Man


Video Walkthrough:


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Written by: Paul Haan

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