The Battlefield Collectible Walkthrough – LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game

While making the trip to Garmadon’s estate, he entertains Lloyd with the story of how his parents met. Thankfully, this isn’t a nine-season story from Bob Saget, but instead the player gets to experience the battle firsthand that introduced Lloyd’s parents and inspired their love.

Dojo Battle – None

There is no dojo battle for this area.

Gold Bricks – 7

The Battlefield has 7 Gold Bricks that you can collect through various missions, races, and more! Here’s a quick guide on how to find all 7!

warriorQuest: The Bridge Warrior Leader is looking for some combat experience and you’re just his type. Defeat a few waves of troops and the gold brick is yours.

Build the Battlefield Blacksmith to help get weapons for the battle… which technically is over at this point. Oh well. For 150,000 studs, you get a gold brick for helping him out.

Quest: Once you’ve built the Blacksmith’s shop, he’ll give you a quest to find his missing steel ingots (this guy definitely does not have his act together). Find his steel and he’ll give you gold in return – a gold brick, that is.

One of the assault towers you had to take down during the level has the indicator on it that Cole’s Earth Spinjitsu can do some serious damage. Smash into it to reveal hand holds to let you climb up to the waiting gold brick above.

the-lego-ninjago-movie-video-game_20170925194814As you make your way up the ramp, past where the skeletons on barrels broke the door, head to the left. There’s a gold brick on the other side of a pool of lava. You have to time your jumps precisely to avoid falling in, making this one of the trickier bricks to get.

Race: This is a surprisingly long race for such a small zone, and lava crosses the path in several spots, meaning you have to be on your toes in order to get the best time and win the gold brick. I originally said this was one of the toughest races to make the qualifying time for, but then I realized there are horses right there by the starting point. Get on the horse. Start the race. Claim your gold brick.

Inside the enemy fortress is a ghost area. Use your ghost character to harness the spirits to help open the door behind them, unlocking a gold brick.

Character Unlock Packs – 2

There are 2 Ninjago Minifigure Blind Bags throughout The Unclimbable Mountain for you to find and unlock characters! Here’s a quick review on how to find all 2!

shadeShade – Along one of the uphill pathways you’ll see a tower with a sparkle to it. It needs some explosives to knock it down, revealing a lower ledge hidden behind it. Drop down to that ledge and there’s a chest also needing explosives. Inside is your character bag for Shade.

Master of Lightning – Inside the enemy stronghold, you have the chance to smash barrels of weapons. Find five to smash and unlock the second character pack for the area.

Ancient Scroll – None

There is no ancient scroll for this area.

True Ninja

Collect enough studs to earn the True Ninja Gold Brick for this area!

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Written by: Rafe Telsch

Rafe Telsch spent a decade writing and podcasting about movies but has more recently turned his pen towards video games. He has been a LEGO fan and video game nut since he was a kid, and fell in love with the irreverent LEGO adaptations of movies ever since LEGO Star Wars - a love he shares with his son. You can also read his work at Gruesome Magazine and Cheap is the New Classy.