The Dark Ravine Collectible Walkthrough – LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game

Garmadon may have defeated Master Wu, but at least you’ve taken the dark warlord prisoner as you make your way through the next step on the way to the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon. During the level play you’ll be accompanied by Garmadon trapped in a cage, which comes in surprisingly useful to help trigger pressure pads. Unfortunately, Garmadon in a cage never becomes an unlockable character, despite that being how a lot of us would prefer to keep the warlord.

Dojo Battle: The Dark Swamp


Access to this level’s Dojo Battle is hidden away down a hall to the right of where you start when you enter the zone in free play. Jump across some platforms in the water and enter The Dark Swamp, which sees Nya and Zane enter the smelly swamp to fight bad guys. As with the other Dojos, the setting becomes more dangerous as the fight progresses, but this one is a bit worse as the main platforms are the ones to crumble away. It’s also worth noting I kept encountering a bug during the fight. See, if you fall in the water, or the computer controlled second character falls in, the crocodiles (or are they alligators?) insta-kill you. However, once you’ve fallen in the water, they keep killing you over and over, even though you’ve respawned outside of the water. So, first of all, try not to fall in the water. If you do, you’ll need to try switching characters and hope that resolves the issue (it didn’t on one of my play-through attempts and I had to drop out). Nobody said proving you were the best was going to be easy, especially in a stinky dark swamp. Fight off the waves of bad guys to face Acronix and Krux, the Hands of Time!

Gold Bricks – 24

The Dark Ravine has 24 Gold Bricks that you can collect through various missions, races, and more! Here’s a quick guide on how to find all 24!

  1. You earn a gold brick for completing Chapter 9 of the storyline: “Ambush City”
  2. Quest: When you enter the game for free play, you’ll immediately hear a miner complaining about his missing gems. He wants you to fetch them for him, even though they are “totally useless.” Sure pal. See, we don’t care. We’ll get those for you as long as we get that gold brick in return.
  3. Within the mine you’ll see a Serpentine access panel to the left. Use a serpentine character to go under ground and destroy the targets. This unlocks pieces to build hand holds, which you can then use to jump over to a rail and get an adjacent golden brick.
  4. goldOn the upper level of the mine, there’s a golden lock over a four-arm switch. Use Fire Spinjitsu to melt the lock and then Garmadon to pull the switch, which activates hand holds in the waterfall to the left. At the top of that waterfall is a gold brick.
  5. Go through the door by this waterfall and down the short hall. To the right after the hall ends is a quick obstacle course (pole, balance point, and wall run). At the end will be your next gold brick. This is accessible during the standard level, so it may be your first gold brick of the zone.
  6. Race: In the next room there will be a race. Before you start, make sure you go freeze the waterfall further on in the room. The race will take you right there and you need to be able to wall run there in order to get the gold medal (and gold brick). Otherwise, it’s a lot of leaping along the balance points in the two rooms.
  7. Quest: To the right of the (hopefully, now frozen) waterfall is the Trapped Tourist, who has wandered too far into the caves. Help escort her out to get a gold brick. Oh, she might have a penchant for attracting spiders, but surely you can handle those, right?
  8. In the room you found the trapped tourist, to the right of the cage pad is a pole jump, balance point, and wall run, leading to a gold brick. It’s worth mentioning this one is accessible during standard play so you might get it before you know there’s going to be a trapped tourist there.
  9. In the second room of the race, you’ll find Gong Man, who wants your help building (what else?) a gong (150,000 studs). Build the gong and not only do you get a gold brick, but also a lot of blue studs drop as the gong rings.
  10. If you head back toward the path the race took you on, you’ll notice a grapple hook on the ceiling. Jump towards it and swing on the grapple and you’ll hit a wall run, then a few hand holds for jumping. Surprise! Instead of going back on the track you’re now at the top of the frozen waterfall, where a gold brick can be found.
  11. Race: In the next room from where the previous race ended, you’ll find another race. Like the last one, it’s beneficial to go ahead and freeze the waterfalls using Ice Spinjitsu. Or: run the race and freeze the waterfalls, knowing you won’t get the gold. Then run it again and the path will be ready for you this time. Either way, get the best time to get the gold brick.
  12. The race ends in a chamber behind a waterfall with another gold brick and a color-changing brick. This gold brick can be accessed as you play through the level too, so it may end up just being a purple stud by the time you run the race.
  13. Quest: In the middle of the room you’ll find an explorer looking for ancient snake weapons. The weapons are spread throughout the chamber, but for your trouble you’ll get a gold brick reward.
  14. chamberHead to the right of this chamber (near where the race began) and you’ll see a grapple point off to the side. Use that to cross over to a new chamber where you’ll be met by a couple of bats. At the back of this chamber is a wall that requires a Warlord to smash it. Get rid of it and get the gold brick.
  15. The second gold brick in this room is in the water, so grab one of your swimming-friendly characters and dive in. Once in the water, you’ll see debris along the bottom of the water. Head for the back wall and destroy the blocks back there, which will open a compartment where the brick is sitting.
  16. railIn the room with a series of balance point stepping stones, to one side of the stepping stones is part of a mine rail. Use a grapple point on the mine car to put in motion, crashing it and revealing a gold brick. Then double jump over to the rail to get your prize.
  17. Race: In this same room you’ll find another race challenge. Unlike the previous challenges, you don’t have to worry about freezing any waterfalls, but the timing is still tight. Pick up spare seconds on it with precise hits on your action button as it takes you through several obstacle courses (the aforementioned balance points and several acrobat poles) and get your gold brick.
  18. Near the starting point of the race you’ll find the Veteran Miner who wants you to contribute 200,000 studs to help Create a Big Drill to take down a large wall. Since that wall is keeping you from some collectibles, it’s in your best interest to help, especially since he’ll reward you with a gold brick for your trouble.
  19. With the big wall gone, it’s a simple matter of climbing over a small ledge to be able to get to the high ground in the chamber. Go higher until you see your next gold brick at the top of a wall piece you can run up. A color-changing brick for bonus studs is in the same area.
  20. Keep going along this pathway (making sure to grab your character pack along the way). At the end you’ll see a Ghost area. Use your friendly Ghost character to use the spirits to release the other mine car in the room, which comes crashing down and pays off with another gold brick. Guess these mines really were good for something at some point!
  21. The next chamber reveals a “Good Snake” who wants you to help restore his ancestor’s splendor by building an Ancient Totem (100,000 studs). Building the totem gets you another gold brick.
  22. In the room where you use Nya’s newfound water powers to fill drums and raise a bunch of chandeliers with balance points and bridge pieces, you’ll notice one water target off the path of the others. Hit it with her Spinjitsu powers and it will raise a bridge piece with a gold brick on it. Don’t try to get to it immediately if you first raise it during the story mode. Eventually the path will get close and it’s a simple double jump to get the gold brick.
  23. throneFrom where you start in free play, down the hall toward the dojo, there is a locked door that requires x bricks to open. Enter the skull-like door to a new chamber. Use both characters to grapple down the drawbridge in front of you and find a gold brick on the other side. Then go ahead and sit in the bone throne its in front of. You know you want to.
  24. To the left of that gold brick is a pile of Lego pieces to be destroyed and rebuilt. Assembling them puts a banner above the bone throne and gets you another gold brick.

Don’t forget, you also earn a gold brick for completing “The Dark Swamp” Dojo battle (doesn’t count towards total).

Character Unlock Packs – 7

There are 7 Ninjago Minifigure Blind Bags throughout The Dark Ravine for you to find and unlock characters! Here’s a quick review on how to find all 7!

Nya (Unmasked) – Completed by finishing Chapter 9 of the story, “Ambush City” (doesn’t count toward total).

Zane (Unmasked) – Completed by finishing Chapter 9 of the story, “Ambush City” (doesn’t count toward total).

Acronix – Earned by completing “The Deadly Arena” (doesn’t count toward total).

Krux – Earned by completing “The Deadly Arena” (doesn’t count toward total).

Samurai X – Earned by completing “The Deadly Arena” (doesn’t count toward total).

Lloyd (Classic) – In the back of the mine is a silver node that requires explosives. Blow that sucker up and find the character pack for Lloyd’s classic cartoon appearance.

Sensei Yang – To the right of where you found the trapped tourist (one of the rooms bones attack you in during the level play) is a section where Earth Spinjitsu can be used to break open the wall. Inside is the character pack for the ghostly leader character.

Snappa – While you are helping the Explorer look for her ancient snake weapons, you’ll climb to the top of the chamber to get to one of them. Along the back wall is a gate with two spinjago targets. Hit the targets and unlock one of the Serpentine.

Feng Suei – To the right of the waterfall chamber, just out of sight, is a handhold to jump onto. Get onto that and then proceed across the chasm jumping from point to point. On the other side is the character pack for Feng Suei, another of the cursed Serpentine.

Ronin – After you’ve helped the Veteran Miner build his giant drill, climb up past where the wall used to be. At the top is a gold brick (see above) but past it, as you make your way back down on the other side, you’ll find the character pack for Ronin.

serpentineLasha – Near where you helped the “Good Snake” build his totem you’ll see a wall to run up. At the top you’ll find a gold wall that needs Fire to break it. Behind that is the character pack for yet another Serpentine.

Lizaru – In the room with the two big statues there is a frozen wall that requires Fire Spinjitsu magic to melt. Behind that you’ll find your last Serpentine character.


Ancient Scroll – Master of Elements


I was thrown by this when I was playing through the zone in free play, because the big indicator is a giant green circle on the ground, which usually indicates a portal to another zone. In this case it’s an indicator for Lloyd’s power. In the first room you come to when you start free play, to the right, you’ll find the green indicator and can see a spike-laden hallway after it. Use Lloyd’s power to transform the spikes into a usable series of balance points. Jump from those to the wall-run, then at the end use Earth Spinjitsu power to break open the wall and find the Ancient Scroll of Master of Elements. With this, any ninja can access any of the elemental spinjitsu powers, so now you don’t have to jump from character to character to activate the right elemental power.

True Ninja

Collect enough studs to earn the True Ninja Gold Brick for this area!

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