The Final Battle – LEGO DC Super Villains Aquaman Level Pack 2 Walkthrough

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Table of Contents

Boss Encounter

Here’s a quick recap of the Boss encounters you faced during this level:


Ability Requirements

Here are the Abilities you will need to 100% this level:

Minikit Ability Requirements

  • Grow, Illumination, Drone Access, Boomerang, Fuse Box Access

Minikit Locations

You will need to collect 5 hidden minikits in this level to earn the Gold Brick for this mission! Here’s where you find them:

Starting Area: 5 Minikits



Statue Smash, Again!

Around the opening area, there are five statues that need to be destroyed.  The first two can be found in the middle level, by the large window overlooking the battle.  The third is on the top floor, and the final two are on the lower level. One of these two is near the left of the level, but the one on the right is hidden in a dark area (it doesn’t actually show up on the minikit detector).  Near the right, there are some rocks blocking a dark area.  Destroy them and use a character with illumination to reveal the statue inside.


Atlantis Gardener

On the top level, there is a plant that needs to be watered.  Use a character with Grow to grow the plant, causing a minikit to appear at the top.


Hello, Yes, We Need An Electrician

On the right side of the upper level, there is a Fuse Box.  Use a character with Fuse Box access to activate it, opening up the tank to the right, which has a minikit inside.


There’s Something In The Vents

Also on the right side of the upper level, there is a Drone Access Vent.  Use a drone character to access the lava lake below the castle, where you will find a minikit.  Use the drone to collect it.


Boomerang Bang-Bang

On the upper level, there is a panel on the left side.  Destroy it to reveal some building pieces.  Build these into a boomerang pad, then use it to activate the hatch in the middle of the room.  It will open up, revealing the final minikit.

Graffiti Tag Spot

Location: Opening Area


Right at the start of the level, swim up and to the left to find the graffiti tag spot.

True Villain – 110,000

You will need to collect 110,000 studs to unlock the True Villain gold brick for this level!

Video Guide

Video courtesy of the great JayShockBlast, friend of Bricks to Life!

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