The Harley And The Ivy – LEGO DC Super Villains Walkthrough Level 4

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Table of Contents

Story & Location 

Botanical Gardens


Harley goes to Poison Ivy for help exposing the Justice Syndicate as phony heroes.

Boss Encounter

Here’s a quick recap of the Boss encounters you faced during this level:

Poison Ivy


Ability Requirements

Here are the Abilities you will need to 100% this level:

Minikit Ability Requirements

  • Dig, Sonar, Detective Mode, Grapple, Mind Control

 Other Collectible Ability Requirements

  • Flight, Silver Lego Destroy, Lantern Construct

Minikit Locations

You will need to collect 5 hidden minikits in this level to earn the Gold Brick for this mission! Here’s where you find them:

Botanical Gardens – Minikit x 2


Pulling Weeds

Find and pull all five giant blue flowers during the three phases of the boss battle.


Riddle Me A Hand

At the end of the Poison Ivy boss battle head to the far right to find a small set of stair surrounded by hazardous goo. Use MIND CONTROL to use the person behind the gate to run down the hallway to collect the minikit.

Galaxy Communication Tower – Minikit x 3


Sending Signals

After you clear the giant fan blocking your path, find the small satellite dish on the corner of the building before crossing the plant bridge. Use DETECTIVE MODE to reveal a technology panel which will activate the radar dish, calling in the mini kit.


Breaking The Box

In the upper apartment area of the TV Set (above the green UFO) you will find a small TV set with a glass front. Use SONAR to destroy the tv and release the minikit pieces.


Potted Kits

Find the far left potted plants in the open gala party at the top of the tower. Destroy the center one to reveal a DIG spot, allowing you to dig up a minikit!

Red Brick Location

Each level contains a hidden red brick waiting for you to find it! After you collect the red brick here, head back to the hub to purchase it, allowing you to use it’s special ability!



Once you get to the top of the Communication Tower where the large party is being held, fly up to find a SILVER LEGO statue. Destroy it to drop it down into the party revealing bricks to build a LANTERN CONSTRUCT switch. Use your Lantern powers to create a small water fountain that will release the red brick!

Character Unlock

Each level has one hidden Character Card for you to find and unlock! Plus you will unlock every character you play as (and possibly encounter) during the story mode for use during free play!


Secret Character – Jinx

In the large party gala head to the back left part of the room to find a TELEKENISIS table. Use your powers to destroy the table releasing the character card.

Story Mode Character Unlocks:

  • Poison Ivy
  • Poison Ivy New 52

Graffiti Tag Spot

Location: Communication Tower Apartment


On the TV set, use FLIGHT to travel up above the green UFO to the small apartment above. On the wall there is a large portrait of Batgirl ready to be tagged!

True Villain – 110,000

You will need to collect 110,000 studs to unlock the True Villain gold brick for this level!

Video Guide

Video guides provided by the wonderfully talented friends of Bricks to Life: PackAttack04082 & JayShockBlast

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