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Garmadon has a penchant for drama, both with his dramatic flair and with the way he handles his generals. While he’s been firing them… literally, from a volcano, he hasn’t given them much thought afterwards, which is why he’s as surprised as anyone to see that the fired generals have gathered together and formed their own city, complete with a replica of the volcano that led them here, with plans to “fire” Garmadon in return.

Dojo Battle: The Deadly Arena

shangMaster Chen is holding another deadly battle royale. Team up Master Wu and Kai to take down his soldiers, all while dealing with increasingly dangerous obstacles and traps of the Deadly Arena!

Gold Bricks – 24

The Lost City of the Generals has 24 Gold Bricks that you can collect through various missions, races, and more! Here’s a quick guide on how to find all 24!

Finishing Chapter 10 “The Lost City of the Generals” will net you your first (and easiest) gold brick.

Get a gold brick for completing “The Deadly Arena” (doesn’t count toward total).

When you return to the area for free play, the N-Pop Girl will be right in front of you, asking you to help the dance championship by building a dance floor (150,000 studs). She rewards your kindness with a gold brick.

When you first enter the complex, you’ll notice a tunnel to your right. Unfortunately, you can’t go into the tunnel, as it has a slope to it. You have to go to the far end of the complex from the volcano and open the locked door (which requires x gold bricks to unlock). Once the door is open, you can climb into a mine car and then use an archer to hit a target that sets it in motion. As you are riding it, you’ll need to hit three more targets held by skeletons in order to get a gold brick.

Quest: The IT Nerd is regretting his decision to side with Lord Garmadon and is now trying to escape the City. He’ll reward you with a gold brick if you can get him past three waves of General tormentors and to the gate of the city.

Quest: Student Green Shirt is confident that he’s seen a Sasquatch, complete with photo evidence. However (not surprisingly), he’s lost his camera. Help him find his camera and you get a gold brick in return.

Behind Student Green Shirt you’ll find General #1 asking for help in building a new watch tower (150,000 studs). Building the tower not only gets you a gold brick, but grants access to the higher levels of the complex, including some of the collectibles that were previously inaccessible.

On the topmost level, destroy the three bee hives you see on the buildings (this is easy to do with an archer). Destroy all three to earn another gold brick.

When you see the goat pen, your first instinct may be to ride the goat. What you probably don’t initially think about is taking the goat out of the pen, which you need to do to earn the gold brick. Take the goat out of the pen and ride it in a circle around the outside, jumping over the four hurdles, and you’ll get your prize… and the experience of riding a goat.

On the upper level, there’s a water wheel connected to a sluice. Use Nya’s Water Spinjitsu to fill the water container, which will push water down the sluice, raising it up to reveal a handhold. Use that handhold to jump onto the nearby fixture, which will cause the fixture to fall apart and drop a gold brick.

Above the water wheel, a Balloon Pilot wants you to create a Hot Air Balloon (100,000 studs). In return he gives you a gold brick.

Near the Balloon Pilot is a race that will take you down a lot of the area’s zip lines and then back up via wall runs. Get the best time and get your gold brick.

Near the Balloon Pilot is a zip line. Ride that down to crash open the doors of the building it runs into. Inside you’ll find a sword switch. Use Kai’s swords to open the compartment and grab your gold brick.

windmillThe windmill has a gold brick spinning around on it that may drive you batty trying to jump at. That’s because you aren’t supposed to get to it that way. At the base of the windmill, destroy a few bricks to reveal a set of gears. The remnants of those boxes can be assembled to become a crank that Jay can turn with his flail. Spin it and the windmill will go out of control, tossing the gold brick to an easy location for grabbing.

Behind the windmill you’ll find a chicken pen with a few chickens clucking around. Destroy their three coops and you’ll get a gold brick (what did the chickens do to deserve this???).

In the center of the complex you can see a gold brick sitting on top of one of the buildings. There’s a tightrope leading to that building from a nearby tower, but getting to that tower isn’t as simple as climbing it. You actually have to visually trace another tightrope back from a nearby cave, which has a rope you can climb to get up. Climb the rope, tightrope over to the tower, then from the tower to the building, and collect your spoils. Oh, and don’t fall, because that would be annoying.

zipSpeaking of annoying, there is a gold brick in almost the dead center of the zone. It’s clearly along a zip line, but how to get to it? It turns out, you need to go up the walls near the windmill, across a tightrope, and up to two frozen jump points. Use Kai’s Fire Spinjitsu to melt the jump points, then jump and swing to a little nook in the cave wall. From there, it’s up a few handholds to the ever-lovin’ zipline, maybe letting out some cheers along the way for finally getting this taunting brick.

Once you explore the other side of the zip line, return to those two walls you ran up. Go left this time and you’ll see a door sectioning off a hidden section of the zone. To the right of the doors is a pulley you’ll need to jump and hang on in order to get the doors to open. Once inside, head up the hill and you’ll find a pit. Jump down into the pit and take out the spiders that appear in order to get the gold brick. While you’re down there, you can use Earth Spinjitsu on a part of the wall to get another color-changing brick to add to your stud total.

On the other side of the pit where you fought the spiders is another race. This will take you through this little hidden area back to the beginning of the zone via a few slopes and some wall runs. Make use of jumping at the right time near ledges and make sure you hit those wall runs and zip lines without any mistake in order to get the gold.

On the front end of the volcano, once you get to the actual structure surrounding the volcano, you’ll want to drop down a level (you can see the platform just above the soccer goal drawn on the wall on the ground level). On this platform is a Warlord Alter that can be destroyed by Garmadon for a gold brick.

On the back side of the volcano, before you go over the lava, you can go back down to ground level. Nearby there is a gold brick held in a cage by a crane, surrounded by ghosts. Use the ghost ability to turn the crane, drop the cage, and get your prize.

Near the ghost gold brick is a race that will take you around the outside of the volcano heading back to the compound. Get the gold to get the gold brick. Make use of double jumps as you make your way up the stairs and crossing near the lava to pick up much-needed seconds.

Quest: Also near the ghost gold brick is a Rocker Dude who lost his drums. Help him by collecting the pieces of his drum kit and get a gold brick… and a sweet drum solo.

brickTo the right of the Rocker Dude is the entry for the Dojo Battle. To the right of that you’ll see a silver boulder stuck in the wall. Destroy that with explosives to open up a hidden cave with a gold brick in the center of it. Of course, those spiders may want to have a say in whether you get to it or not.

After crossing the balance points that take you over the lava flow, drop down a level and move around the corner. You’ll see a target for one of your archers to shoot at. Hitting it reveals another target, and then another one. Shoot all three and the wall opens up, revealing a gold brick.

Character Unlock Packs – 7

There are 7 Ninjago Minifigure Blind Bags throughout The Lost City of the Generals for you to find and unlock characters! Here’s a quick review on how to find all 7!

Master Chen – Earned by completing “The Deadly Arena” (doesn’t count toward total).

Griffin Turner – Earned by completing “The Deadly Arena” (doesn’t count toward total).

Karlof – Earned by completing “The Deadly Arena” (doesn’t count toward total).

Ray – Outside the gates to the city (where you start when you play through chapter ten), there is a building behind you to the right. Climb up and you’ll find a drone that needs Jay’s newly-acquired Lightning Spinjitsu to activate. Once it’s flying, it provides a grapple point that lets you swing over to a hidden character pack for Kai and Nya’s dad.

Maya – Continuing how you would move through the level, you zip line down to the upper platform of the gate. On the left side is another character pack that needs Fire. This won’t have been unlocked if you’re just playing the levels for the first time, but once you go back it’s easy to grab this pack for Kai and Nya’s mom.

Neuro – Behind the door locked by gold bricks, after you ride the mine car, you’ll end up in a dojo. Ready or not, here come the ninjas practicing there. Take out the competition and then a ladder will appear, allowing you to climb to the top level and snag this Elemental Master of the Mind.

Kai (Training) – Inside the compound, on the upper platform by the pig pen, use Nya’s Water Spinjitsu to unlock this alternate version of Kai.

Shark Army General #1 (Fired) – On the upper level, you’ll find a building with a latch that requires four arms to open. Use your favorite four-armed character to open it, opening a hidden grapple point then switch to another character to hook the grapple point and pull down the hidden character pack.

serpentineGeneral #1 (Fired) – After you’ve taken the big zip line for the gold brick, go up the hand holds to the upper ledge. There you’ll find a serpentine access point. Use the serpentine to break the targets and you’ll get pieces to create new hand holds. Climb up those to reach the character pack for another of Garmadon’s fired generals.

Tox – Approaching the volcano from the front side, you’ll see a silver chest on one of the lower sections. Drop down and use explosives to get the Elemental Master of Poison, Tox.

Ancient Scroll – Master of the Forbidden Dance

Right by the starting point for free play, you’ll notice a gigantic gold chest. Use Fire spinjago to break it apart, then rebuilt it into a mortar that requires Cole’s hammer. Smash it to set off the volcano, which spits out the chest for the Ancient Scroll: Master of the Forbidden Dance. This activates “Disco Mode” which follows your character around with a disco ball, spinning colored lights, and… hard rock music? I guess disco didn’t die, but boy did it change.

True Ninja

Collect enough studs to earn the True Ninja Gold Brick for this area!

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