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Note: You’ll have a much easier time navigating this hub area if you activate the Johnny DC Map Point first.  Activating this point will show you the locations of all of the immediately available gold bricks, character quests, boss fights, and races!

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The Swamp is home to a treacherous array of dangerous fauna – both human and not.  The ultra-secure Belle Reve Penitentiary houses the deadly Task Force X, along with a host of various other felons.  Meanwhile, the elusive Hall of Doom is hidden below the Swamp’s surface, where dozens of different super villains hide and plot their treacherous plans.  Among all of that, snakes, alligators, and other deadly animals sneak below the murky waters of the Swamp.  Sneaky villains such as Chang Tzu, Parasite, the Ventriloquist, and Copperhead, and also a few heroes in the forms of Katana and Vixen.  This guide will show you how to unlock those characters, along with the 10 gold bricks and 2 vehicle tokens hidden in the Swamp’s thick fog.

The Swamp Map



Gold Bricks (10)


 1. The Golden Frog

Requirement: Already available.

1-the-golden-frog-1 1-the-golden-frog-2

1-the-golden-frog-3 1-the-golden-frog-4

1-the-golden-frog-5 1-the-golden-frog-6


For this gold brick, you will need to find six hidden frogs around the area and destroy them.  The first is right by the center pedastal, the second is right behind the pedestals in the corner, the third is in front of the pedestals, the fourth is on the large mushrooms at the end of the path, the fifth is right next to the third, and the sixth is located on one of the giant plant branches in the picture above.


 2. Hall of Gloom

Requirement: Already available.

Note: This Gold Brick is located inside the Hall of Doom.

2-hall-of-gloom-1 2-hall-of-gloom-2

2-hall-of-gloom-3 2-hall-of-gloom-4


This gold brick has three core objectives – the Wanted screens, the carnivorous plant, and the hot tub.  To start, let’s work on the Wanted screens.  On the left side of the upper level, recruit the two goons and pull the wall open to access the charging unit.  Charge this up and use a Tech character to enable the Technology panel.  This will bring up the first Wanted screen.  Head over to the right side of the upper level and use a Graffiti character to blow the wall open, revealing another charging unit.  Charge this up and use a Tech character to enable the Technology panel.  This will bring up the second Wanted screen, completing the objective.

For the carnivorous plant, use a character with Chlorokinesis to open up the plant’s weak spot.  Use a character with explosives to blow up the plant and complete the objective.

For the hot tub, use a character with Detective Mode to scan the environment and locate the hidden water valve.  Spin the valve and the hot tub will filter out the toxic waste, completing the objective and granting you your gold brick.


 3. Lost Gorilla Ruins

Requirement: Already available.



For this gold brick, you’re going to need to use a Super Strength character to lift the chunk of rock, revealing a dig pile underneath.  Use a character to dig up the pile, and build the resulting pieces into a Lantern Construct pad.  Using this pad will break open the ruins, accessing the gold brick.


 4. Bug Buzzer

Requirement: Already available.



Follow the prospectors directions to each dig spot.  Digging up the pile will give you one of the three objects.  Finding all three will build the bug zapper and grant you your gold brick.


 5. Pipe Dream

Requirement: Already available.



Pull open the pipe using a character with grapple.


 6. Belle Reve and the Beast

Requirement: Already available.

Note: This Gold Brick is located inside Belle Reve Penitentiary.

6-belle-reve-and-the-beast-1 6-belle-reve-and-the-beast-2

6-belle-reve-and-the-beast-3 6-belle-reve-and-the-beast-4



First off, melt the gold bars on the prison cell on the bottom floor, then shoot a mirror portal there.  Then, go up to the second level and shoot a mirror portal into the prisoner’s cell.  This will cause him to jump down to the bottom floor.  Fly over to the left of the prison and shoot another mirror portal into the second prisoner’s cell, then shoot a mirror portal back into the original prison cell (the one you melted the bars on).  If you don’t do this, the portals will just link between the two locked cells, preventing the prisoner from escaping.  Then, use Joker to recruit the goons and pull apart the block construction near the middle of the prison, then build the pieces into a bridge.  Go across the bridge, recruit the goons again, and pull open the drone hatch.  Then, use Joker’s drone and blow up the silver panel by Princess’ guard room.  Take the elevator up to the area to get your gold brick!


 7. Belle Reve Boogie

Requirement: Already available.




On the Belle Reve roof prison yard, you’ll find two goons waiting around.  Recruit them with Joker and pull open the grapple wall to access a charging unit.  Charge this up with an electricity character to power up the dance floor.  Hop over there and get groovin’!  Completing the dance mini-game will grant you your gold brick.


 8. Hungry, Hungry, Crocodiles!

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #4 “Bug Buzzer”



After completing Bug Buzzer, if you head back to the swamp the prospector will have another task for you.  Shoot 10 crocodiles with the food cannon enough times to make them leave the swamp.  Note that after feeding each crocodile, it may take several seconds for the next one to appear.


 9. Belle Reve Breakout

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #7 “Belle Reve Boogie”



Around the Belle Reve parking lot, you’ll find various scraps and items on the ground.  Destroying this piles will give you flowers for Poison Ivy to mix up into poison.  After finding all three flowers, mix up the poison and spray it into the guard’s post.  The prisoners will escape and the guard will give you your gold brick!


 10. When Leeches Attack

Requirement: Requires Character File Quest #5 “Swamp Stylin'”



Around the swamp area, you’ll find three cages with Leeches in them.  One will be made out of Silver LEGO and will require explosives to destroy, one will be made out of Gold LEGO and will require heat vision to destroy, and one will be made out of regular bricks and can be destroyed by regular attacks.  Destroy all three cages to free the leeches and the henchman will give you a gold brick.

Character File Quests (6)


 1. Humpty Doomty (Chang Tzu)

Requirement: Already available.



For this quest, you’re going to have go around the Swamp and collect the five items Chang Tzu needs to build his Doomsday Device.  Go to the locations marked on the map/radar and destroy the pieces of scrap and garbage there to find the items.  Return to Chang Tzu, put the pieces in the machine, and talk to him to complete the quest.


 2. Katana Kombat (Katana)

Requirement: Complete Gold Brick #9 “Belle Reve Breakout.”



Boss fight!  After completing Belle Reve Breakout, Katana will appear in the Prison Yard.  Katana will dodge your ranged attacks, so characters like Polka Dot Man and Red Hood are less effective than usual.  Otherwise, most of her other attacks are similar to the other bosses.  She only has four hearts so this fight will be pretty quick.  Defeating her will complete the mission.


 3. Discomfort Blanket (Parasite)

Requirement: Complete Gold Brick #9 “Belle Reve Breakout.”



In this mission, you’ll have to follow Parasite across the bridge to Belle Reve while fending off guards and S.W.A.T. officers to get to his blanket.


 4. Snake Meeter (Copperhead)

Requirement: Complete Character File Quest #3 “Discomfort Blanket”



In this mission, you’ll have to go around the swamp looking for various red and green snakes.  When you find them, press B/A/Circle to return them to Copperhead.  The locations of the snakes are marked on your map/radar.  After finding all the snakes, return to Copperhead to complete the quest.


 5. Swamp Stylin’ (Vixen)

Requirement: Complete Character File Quest #3 “Discomfort Blanket”



In this mission, you will need to follow Vixen around and take photos of her around the Swamp.  Along the way you will have to face enemies.  Note that when you get to the swamp water after the second photo, Vixen will stop if you do not destroy the toxic waste barrels.  Make sure to get both Vixen and the environment in the picture!  You should have two green boxes around her and the environment as shown in the picture.


 6. Scar-ts and Crafts (Ventriloquist)

Requirement: Complete Character File Quest #3 “Discomfort Blanket”



After speaking to the Ventriloquist, he will give you locations to three different spots on the map/radar in Gotham.  Travel to each location and fight the enemies there.  After defeating an enemy, they will drop a part for Scarface.  Keep defeating enemies until you’ve earned four parts in each location and then travel back to Ventriloquist to complete the mission.

Vehicle Tokens (2)


1. Snap!  Growl! And Gooooooo! (Killer Croc’s Battle Chomper)

Requirement: Already Unlocked



This race is quite curious compared to the rest.  In this race, you’ll have to waddle along as an agonizingly slow crocodile to the finish line.  Make sure to travel direct lines to each objective as there’s little room for extra travel in this challenge.


2. Seeing Belle Reve Through The Trees (Killer Frost’s Ice Car)

Requirement: Requires Gold Brick #9 “Belle Reve Breakout”



This challenge is a simply flying race throughout The Swamp.  Make sure to boost to go faster whenever you can to cut down on your time.

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