The Unclimbable Mountain Collectible Walkthrough – LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game

You’ve survived the city, made it past Garmadon’s fired generals, and now you’re on the doorstep of finding the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon. But first you have to make your way up the Unclimbable Mountain. Make no mistake – that name is actually pretty astute, because the zone is a bit of a maze that wraps around itself. The more footpaths you open, the more confused you’re likely to get, as you return to areas you’ve been to before, certain that you took a left turn instead of a right one.

As a playable level, this is probably my favorite zone because you finally unlock the last of the spinjitsu powers and get some puzzles that reflect that. At the same time, the mazelike quality of the zone is a bit frustrating, especially playing it as an open world experience.

Dojo Battle: The Savage Skyship

Jay and Nya (a combination we rarely get through the levels) take on sky pirates. What’s that? You don’t remember sky pirates in The LEGO Ninjago Movie? Well, we are told the Unclimbable Mountain is hard on air vehicles, and in this case we see pirates from season five of the tv show (Jay even tells Nya not to marry a djinn this time – something that happened on the show). If pirates aren’t enough, the ship is constantly being covered with explosives that make it hard to keep sure footing, especially as parts of the ship get completely blown away. Eventually you’ll face Nadakhan, the leader of the pirates, and hopefully collect your reward.

Gold Bricks – 17

The Unclimbable Mountain has 17 Gold Bricks that you can collect through various missions, races, and more! Here’s a quick guide on how to find all 17!

Finishing Level 7 (“The Unclimbable Mountain”) will give you your easiest gold brick.

Completing the dojo battle “The Savage Skyship” with a high enough score will earn you a gold brick (doesn’t count towards total)

This zone has the most “find/hit x of y” methods of getting gold bricks. Throughout the zone you can earn bricks for…

  • knocking down four of the snowmen on the slope by the staircase of wisdom (see below for that)
  • using fire to melt the ice covering three altars
  • shooting five of the balloon vehicles flying around as you make your way through the area
  • using spinjago to spin five targets on gates on the platforms closest to the stairs to the temple.

Race: A short race takes you across one of the more precarious areas for wall running and jumping. Basically you are rewarded for being good at hitting your action button at the right time. Get the gold medal and win a gold brick.

raceRace: A substantially longer race takes you back through a lot of the earlier parts of the zone. Yet again, get your score in below the gold medal time and the gold brick is yours.

Quest: Samurai #1 is asleep when you approach her, so it’s no surprise she’s running late meeting her friend for a picnic. Help her find her missing picnic basket while fending off the other samurai who apparently want her food and she’ll reward you with a gold brick.

From the room where you had a miniboss fight during the level playthrough and then used Garmadon’s four arms to crack the ice slide on top of the stairs, there’s a serpentine access panel for an underground maze. Break all the targets and you win a gold brick.

From that same area, if you head to the upper level, to the left you’ll find an ice wall to melt for a gold brick reward.

On the top-most section of that same area (which you have to access from a different area), you can create the Ancient Bell (200,000 studs) for another gold brick.

Build the Staircase of Wisdom (?? studs). The old man, who now has to traverse the stairs instead of the slope, rewards you with a gold brick.

Quest: Up the Staircase of Wisdom, and to the right of where you find the Office Garmadon character pack (there are ghosts there) you’ll find Samurai #2, who needs a guide on his journey. It turns out you’re escorting him to Samurai #1 for the picnic luncheon (good thing you helped her earlier, eh?). For helping him fend off a few waves of attacking samurai, you get another gold brick. Must be one heck of a picnic!

Near the Ghost area, but up the hill this time, you’ll find another Serpentine hatch, requiring you to travel the underground maze and break the targets. This is probably the easiest one, as the targets are spread out and it’s not hard to feel your way along the track between them. That gold brick is yours!

In that same room, there’s a locked door that requires (?) gold bricks before you can open it. Going through reveals a place where Zane’s hacking skill is needed to fix the airplane there. Once you’ve repaired the airplane, jump on top of it and then use the repaired fans to push you into the air where you can reach the gold brick floating there.

On the upper levels of that same room are two braziers that need Kai’s Fire power to ignite. Once they are both lit, a gold brick will appear on the upper platform.

In the room with the Mega-Build, build the left option and get Zane to freeze the water spout. Jump up the balance points to reach an upper ledge that has need of Kai’s Fire Spinjago. He melts a roll that goes crashing down the ramp, breaking rocks below to reveal a now-attainable gold brick.

Character Unlock Packs – 5

There are 5 Ninjago Minifigure Blind Bags throughout The Unclimbable Mountain for you to find and unlock characters! Here’s a quick review on how to find all 5!

Nadakhan – Earned through “The Savage Skyship” dojo battle (doesn’t count toward total).

Cyren – Earned through “The Savage Skyship” dojo battle (doesn’t count toward total).

Flintlocke – Earned through “The Savage Skyship” dojo battle (doesn’t count toward total).

Zane (Classic) – From the room with the Mega-Build, look around for a hill you can go up. At the top is a switch that needs Wu’s staff to turn. It raises up a piece of a temple, complete with a character pack for Classic Zane.

Koko (Office) – Wall climb to the right and down. There you’ll find a locked door that requires Spinjitsu to open. Inside is Lloyd’s mother in her office attire.

the-lego-ninjago-movie-video-game_20170925192345Lord Garmadon (Office) – Past the switch puzzle head into the lower area. There you’ll find an area that requires ghost control to get past. Turn those ghosts into hand grips and you’ll be able to jump up and get your favorite bad guy ready to head for the office!

Slithraa – To the right and up the hill from the ghosts is a locked door that requires you to have gotten (?) gold bricks before you can unlock it. Toward the back of the locked chamber is a chest that requires explosives to open. Blow that sucker open and get another serpentine in your collection.

Postman – To the right and down the hill from the ghosts, you’ll find a long piece of wall for running. Run to the top and you’ll find what arguably may be the most mundane of the minifigures to play with.

Ancient Scroll – Master of Destruction

ancientThe ancient scroll for this area is easy to overlook. It is near a tunnel you probably go through a dozen times (including a race taking you through it) that includes wall running, grappling, and hopping on balance points. With all of those things, it’s easy to overlook a series of hand-holds on one side of the tunnel. Take those instead of the other options and you’ll climb up to discover the chest holding the Ancient Scroll: Master of Destruction. This allows you to destroy things on contact instead of actually having to hit them – good for accumulating lots of studs with minimal effort.

True Ninja

Collect enough studs to earn the True Ninja Gold Brick for this area!

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Written by: Rafe Telsch

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