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The city destroyed. Our heroes partially to blame. There’s nothing left but to go on the run. Well, that and begin a quest for the Ultimate Ultimate weapon. Oh, and finding their inner power along the way. Wow. That’s a lot to take on while crossing a jungle that is theoretically uncrossable.

DOJO – The Slithering Catacomb

pythorMaster Wu and Kai enter the domain of the serpentine and their leader, Pythor. This is one of the easier dojos, as the environment doesn’t crumble away between rounds and the enemies are spaced fairly evenly, making it easier to keep your attack count high throughout the entire fight. That’s not to say there aren’t threats, especially in the form of some pools of poison strewn about.


Gold Bricks – 24

The Uncrossable Jungle has 24 Gold Bricks that you can collect through various missions, races, and more! Here’s a quick guide on how to find all 24!

  1. You earn a gold brick for completing Chapter 7 of the storyline: “The Uncrossable Jungle”
  2. Race: The first race you encounter through free-play will take you back through the quicksand-laden parts of the zone. Be quick, but also be aware of where the quicksand appears in order to earn your gold brick.
  3. A tribesman is upset that Garmadon destroyed their throne. Help them out by building a new one (200,000 studs) and get a gold brick reward.
  4. brickNear the race starting point and the tribesman’s throne, there is a gold brick just sitting on the ground. Man, it’s like they’re not even trying anymore.
  5. Race: You’ll climb to the top of a series of platforms where you’ll find a golden door at the top. Use Fire Spinjitsu to reveal the race’s starting point, which will take you down water slides and water falls. Be careful with some of the race targets near drop offs. Miss one and you’re going to have to start over again, as there’s simply no way to get back up to the missed point. It may take a couple of tries before you get the gold brick for this one.
  6. Along the waterways the race leads you through, you’ll see a gold brick in a cavern to the right. You’ll probably have to backtrack to get it so you don’t ruin your race time, but it’s just a grab-and-go once you can.
  7. The race finishes out in the area with climbing towers and lily pads. There’s also a treasure hunter here who promises his findings to you if you help protect him as he digs. Fend off three waves of skeletons and he’ll find a gold brick. He may regret promising it to you, but he still hands it over.
  8. In the center of the ruins, one of the structures has water coming out of it. Use Ice Spinjitsu to freeze the ice, which will explode the building. There’s a gold brick inside.
  9. There’s a fisherman in the area who has lost his fishing rod. Use an underwater character (so you can knock out the next few bricks as well) and follow the blue arrow to a chamber in the nearby cave. Fight off the skeleton warriors who snagged his rod and take it back to him for your gold brick reward.
  10. Under the water in the section are underwater flowers. Destroy five of them to get a gold brick.
  11. Even easier than getting a gold brick by destroying flowers? There’s one laying on the watery floor off to the left as you head for the cavern with the fishing pole. Swim on by and pick it up.
  12. skullIn the cave above the water you’ll find a crypt with a floating, glowing skull. Destroy it 5 times to get a gold brick.
  13. Race: Toward the back wall of this area is a broken wall that needs Earth Spinjitsu to break open. Behind it is another race starting point. This race takes you through this area (with the ruins) and then up above the picnic area. It’s not an incredibly challenging race, although the quicksand at the beginning can prove to be a bit of an obstacle if you aren’t looking for it. As usual, finish with a high score and collect a gold brick.
  14. An Archaeologist stands near where the race ends. She’s trying to restore the ruins (150,000 studs). Restore them for a gold brick reward.
  15. Climb up the ruins and cross the water to discover a series of balance points that takes you to a new platform with new ruins. Ascend these ruins to find… a pilot who wants help building a radio beacon? Guess you really have to work for this gold brick. Pay 100,000 studs for the beacon and get a gold brick. But that’s not all…
  16. Hit the newly-created beacon with electricity and you’ll target a supply drop that just happens to be another gold brick.
  17. On the other side of this platform from where you arrived is another platform. Follow that path to get the zone’s highest (and hardest to reach) gold brick. As you get close you’ll notice a series of gymnastic poles with one missing. Use Wu’s staff to plug in the missing pole, then swing your way over to the brick!
  18. If you take the zip line down from this area, there is a gold brick in the water just below the cave you land in. Just use a swimmer to get to it.
  19. From the picnic area, jump across the chasm to a hand grip on the other side. Climb up and break the wall using Earth Spinjitsu. There’s a gold brick right behind it.
  20. On the backside of the old dojo, you can see students practicing karate. The door has two spinjitsu targets over it. Hit the targets and the door opens to reveal the students aren’t very good. Thankfully, you don’t have to fight them in order to get the gold brick kept within.
  21. pilotQuest: A co-pilot has lost his clothes during a recent plane crash and wants you to find them. Frankly, given his feminine voice and hearty mustache (a clear bug), I’d say he has other problems as well, but who am I to judge. Find his clothes by retracing your steps climbing up the old dojo and you’ll get a gold brick.
  22. In the area with plenty of quicksand, there’s a wall climb that takes you up to a ledge with vines nearby. Use Lloyd’s sword to cut the vines and get the gold brick hidden behind.
  23. There is a locked area here that requires x studs to open. The door appears as the door to the Great Devourer from Season One of Ninjago. Open the door and inside you’ll find a four-armed switch that requires a warlord to open. Pulling the switch opens the mouth of a serpent carving in the wall, which has a target on it. Switch characters to hit the target and you’ll get a gold brick.

Don’t forget, you also earn a gold brick for completing “The Slithering Catacomb” Dojo battle (doesn’t count towards total).

Character Unlock Packs – 7

There are 7 Ninjago Minifigure Blind Bags throughout The Uncrossable Jungle for you to find and unlock characters! Here’s a quick review on how to find all 7!

Cole (Unmasked) – Earned by completing story mode (doesn’t count toward total).

Lloyd (Unmasked) – Earned by completing story mode (doesn’t count toward total).

Skalidor – Earned by getting a score of at least 50,000 on “The Slithering Catacomb” (doesn’t count toward total).

Skales – Earned by getting a score of at least 100,000 on “The Slithering Catacomb” (doesn’t count toward total).

Pythor – Earned by getting a score of at least 170,000 on “The Slithering Catacomb” (doesn’t count toward total).

the-lego-ninjago-movie-video-game_20170923091108Acidicus – On the upper level of the old dojo (you have to go through here during story mode) is a switch for Nya’s spear. Open the door and find the character pack for another Serpentine. This is easily acquirable during story mode as long as you have Nya while you’re making the frustrating climb up and over the dojo, so do yourself a favor and have her as your selected character the first time.

Bolobo – In the area with the ancient ruins there’s a wall with a few giant mushrooms and a wall to be broken by Earth. Forget about the wall – climb up the mushrooms. On the ledge above is the character pack for this grandson of the Master of Nature.

Shark Army Thug – After you help the Archaeologist rebuild ruins, climb up them to the area above the waterfall. Cross the water and jump the balance points to the next platform. From there you can take a zip line down to a cave just above the picnic area where you’ll find this character pack.

Skylor – Behind the Great Devourer seal is a small chamber. Destroy five spiderwebs in the chamber and this character pack holding Chen’s daughter will appear.

Fangtom – In the area with quicksand there’s a wall climb that leads to a gold brick. From that ledge there’s a tightrope walk to the left. Follow that. Behind a cage door is this character pack. Use some explosives to destroy the door and grab another character.

quicksandCole (Classic) – In one of the game’s more frustrating tasks, you have to leap over a series of platforms in the quicksand. On the far side you’ll construct a spring board (so you don’t have to make the jumps back) and then use your grapple to open a vault of bananas… and this classic appearance for Cole.

Snake Army Brute – The springboard takes you to the top of the ancient temple, where the next character pack is protected behind a Spinjago-locked gate. Use Spinjitsu magic to open the lock and collect more army fodder.

Ancient Scroll – Master of Time

the-lego-ninjago-movie-video-game_20170923085828The ancient scroll for this area unlocks the “Old Movie Mode” filter, which is possibly the least useful scroll in the game. But you still want to get it for the novelty and the 100% collection. You’ll find it near the quicksand (one of the characters even utters “more quicksand?” in story mode. You’ll make your way down the hallway by wall running. When you get to the end, there’s a wall climb spot to the right. From the upper level, grapple above where you crossed the quicksand and there’s the chest holding the scroll for Master of Time.

True Ninja

Collect enough studs to earn the True Ninja Gold Brick for this area!

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